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Friday, August 25, 2023

5 Sheep Book Reveiw: Haunted Inns and Hotels of Virginia by Susan Schwartz + giveaway

Virginia's long history and many beauties attract millions of visitors each year; however, some never leave.

Haunted Inns and Hotels of Virginia

by Susan Schwartz
August 21, 2023
Genre: Paranormal, Ghost Stories, Travel
Virginia's long history and many beauties attract millions of visitors each year--and some never leave.

With some of the oldest inns in the country, Virginia has a multitude of options for travelers to sleep among the spirits. The historic Cavalier Hotel is haunted by the ghost of Adolph Coors, the beer magnate. Market Square Tavern is one of the original buildings in Williamsburg, and has some of the oldest haunts--including, possibly, Thomas Jefferson. The spirit of Mary Hooker still watches over her beloved home at King George's Bell Grove Plantation. The family of the former owner of Natural Bridge Hotel are said to still walk the halls of historic building--after he killed them.

Plan a ghostly journey along Virginia's byways with author and paranormal expert Susan Schwartz.

Besides having some of the oldest inns in the country, there are also bed and breakfasts and hotels in Virginia. Plus, many have a bonus—they’re haunted! They covered the Cavalier Hotel, which began in the 20s, and where many well-known people have stayed there then, in modern times, all that has developed into many spirits. Many others included the Natural Bridge Hotel, Market Square Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg, Bell Grove Plantation B&B in King George, Edgewood Plantation B&B (I can attest to this place’s haunts-I investigated there twice), Linden Row Inn in Richmond, Mary Washington Inn and Spa, and so many more. If you enjoy ghost stories as an armchair investigator or want to find places to stay and experience some chills for yourself, this book will give it to you.

Fall is coming, and Halloween not far behind, with Christmas and winter waiting in the wings, this is a good time of the year to dig into some true ghost tales, maybe even find a place for you to stay the next time you are in any part of Virginia. Just be sure to read with the light on…

I gave Haunted Inns and Hotels of Virginia 5 haunted sheep.

Reviewed by Pamela Kinney

Starting in Virginia Beach, Adolph Coors still checks on weddings at the Cavalier Hotel to make sure they are using his beverages. Down the street from one of the B&Bs, there is a building with a tombstone step. One mother decided to linger after death to watch over her daughter’s B&B. Fort Monroe is filled with many tales of spooky happenings, involving Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln, and Edgar Allan Poe. Colonial Williamsburg ghosts like to turn on faucets, knock clothes off hangers, and strip the sheets off the beds. A deceased owner is still giving decorating advice in Mineral. There is a little boy named Jacob at Belle Grove Plantation who loves to play with balls and hide spoons from the owners. Hessian soldiers still go through their paces in Charlottesville. An orb was spotted on a staircase in Nelson. A called off wedding left one bride to die of heartbreak. Beautiful violin music is heard at the The Martha Washington Inn. Take a trip with me across Virginia and maybe discover an extra guest you didn’t realize was present.

About the Author:

I have been an avid writer for around 25+ years doing everything from writing freelance articles to editing manuscripts for other authors. I also love to write horror stories that have a twist at the end.

My alter ego is an Operating Room Nurse/Nurse Educator who loves creating tales from the interesting and weird things I have seen. I am a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Virginia Writers Club where I have served as President of the Richmond Chapter and 1st Vice-President of the state organization. I have two novels in the works, a paranormal romance and a medical thriller. My non-fiction book, Haunted Charlottesville, was released in May 2019. Another paranormal book, Haunted Inns and Hotels in Virginia, will be released August 2023.

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  1. I am checking this book out for sure.

  2. Thank you for sharing your review of Haunted Inns and Hotels of Virginia, this sounds like a must read for me

    1. Bea, thanks, I say that same thing whenever I see a new ghost book myself.

  3. Thanks so much for helping to promote my new book, and thanks to Pamela Kinney for the awesome review.

  4. Looks like a fun read for the Halloween season