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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Excerpt: Three Meant to Be (Branches of Past and Future #1) by M.N. Bennet

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Three Meant to Be (Branches of Past and Future #1)
by M.N. Bennet
July 10th, 2023
Genre: Adult Fantast/ MM Romance between MC
⚡Grumpy/ Sunshine x 2
⚡Teacher/ Celebrity
⚡(Un)chosen One/ Cinnamon Roll
⚡Second Chance Romance
⚡Angsty Teens

Telepathic high school teacher Dorian prepares teen witches for professional casting because going in unprepared is what killed one of his partners. But new state mandates on magical proficiency make it nearly impossible, and Dorian worries he can’t give his students the education they really need. Seeking a distraction from work, Dorian kisses his still-living on-again off-again clairvoyant boyfriend, Milo. Instead of a distraction, Dorian glimpses Milo’s vague vision involving the murder of Caleb—one of Dorian’s new students. 
Already devastated by the loss of his partner, Dorian refuses to stand aside and let Caleb die. He searches for clues by delving into Caleb’s mind. Rooting through Caleb’s memories alongside teaching classes leads Dorian to two more students: Caleb’s ex-best friend turned rival and the prodigy with connections to dangerous warlocks. However, each step further into his students’ minds forces Dorian to confront his deteriorating relationship with Milo. 
After discovering a link involving illegal casting, Dorian resolves to work with Milo to prevent the impending vision. To succeed, Dorian will have to explore the potential of a future with Milo and find closure on their third partner, whose loss looms between them. But meddling with fate to save Caleb inadvertently draws the warlocks near, putting all his students in danger. Dorian will have to risk his life and gamble his second chance with Milo to keep his students alive.
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“If you want me to leave, I will,” Milo said, backing away from the protection of the awning. “It’s just…we had fun over the summer. And then Finn’s birthday rolled around, and you ghosted me—which I allowed because it’s Dorian fashion—but I missed you. I miss us. Sometimes I think you work up how much—”

Fuck it.

I’d already made a thousand mistakes opening the box of emotions between us. What was one more?

I yanked his tie, pulling him into a kiss.

His soft lips met mine, and his tongue eased its way into my mouth. I found myself lost in his embrace, excited and eager but reminded this happiness wasn’t meant to be.

I dropped my drink, the glass clinking and cracking against the concrete. I couldn’t even feign care for the lost screwdriver. I knew I shouldn’t be kissing him. This would only further complicate things—for him, for me—but I didn’t care. Right then, all I wanted was the sweet taste of his mouth and the firm press of his muscles as I pulled him closer.

He ran his hand through my hair, tilting my head in a passionate, all-consuming kiss. The sort of thing I couldn’t handle. Surrendering myself to another person, their desires, their dreams, their life—I wasn’t made for it. I wasn’t meant to co-exist with another person. It involved a type of effort I’d never quite fathomed.

Yet I lost myself in the smack of his lips, the grind of his hips against mine, the lust oozing from every pore of his body filling my mind with infinite flashes of every time we’d spent together.

Milo’s lips broke away from mine, and I craved their supple touch again. A breathy chuckle escaped his mouth, and he smiled. A coy smile that curled into a minxy grin. “You know, I really did come here to talk.”

“What could you possibly want to talk to me about?” I asked, unable to quell the arousal filling each of our minds.

“Figured today was rough for you, back to work and all.”

“It was nothing.” Even the break in physical contact didn’t sever my magic linking his mind to mine, and he knew it, too. Years of connection made Milo’s mind the easiest to latch onto in a sea of thoughts. “And since when do you care how teaching’s going?”

“To be clear, I’ve always cared.” Milo trailed his fingertips down my arm, sending goosebumps from his sensual touch. “But I figured the big changes they’re throwing your way… Maybe you weren’t too happy.”

“You speaking as a guild member who was informed about academy policies before the actual teachers were or as a clairvoyant who caught a sneak peek of admins’ plans?”

Milo grabbed my wrist, ignoring my question. The touch strengthened the bond of our thoughts. His thoughts. I skirted through his mind toward his current passing notions, attempting to understand where this fascination or curiosity for my workday came from, yet I stood in front of him, lost in his sparkling blue eyes.

I kissed him again, this time leading with my tongue. He released my wrist and wrapped his arms around my waist. I focused on the now, keeping my mind locked here, but it didn’t matter how much I tried—I became entranced with images Milo held close to the surface of his mind, flashes through his perspective from our last encounter. His hand pressed to the small of my back, arching it further and pushing my knees deeper into the mattress. His other hand wrapped around my shoulder, fingers outstretched and lightly gripping my throat. A primal urge to pull my shaggy brown hair. Then or now? Perhaps both.

I attempted to shake it off, but the sensation of his memories spiraled in the now, turning the world into a foggy mix of the rainy alley and my bedroom. His body had pulsed with ecstasy the moment he tugged my hair, and he replayed the moan I released on a loop until he silenced me by shoving his tongue into my mouth. Fiery kisses as his hips thrusted harder and faster, and electricity surged into my body

About the Author:
MN Bennet loves reading and writing about magical worlds, sweet romances, and snarky characters. When not writing, buried in a stack of TBR books, or binge watching something captivating, he can be found working on lesson plans.

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