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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

About the Cover Model for Paranormal Flash Fiction: 13 Stories: Angel C. Tallent + giveaway

About the Cover Model for Paranormal Flash Fiction: 13 Stories: Angel C. Tallent

I was very lucky finding just the right model for the cover of Paranormal Flash Fiction: 13 Stories. My actress/model daughter, Angel Tallent, became my alter-ego as I moved through my writing process. I’d seen one of her photo shoots and had fallen in love with a few of the images. I decided to ask her to be my cover model for this book after seeing her in full zombie makeup (which she did herself I might add)!
When I asked her why she said yes to being a zombie on a book cover for the world to see, she let me know pretty quickly that this was just the right way for her to look. She was a natural. It wasn’t the planned result of her photo shoots that brought her to the cover, though, because the shoot happened before the book was conceived. Initially, she would go into a session with an open mind and no expectations. Then something miraculous would always happen: There would be a connection between model and photographer that would take over the shoot. When the two bonded over the horror of these dreaded creatures, it was like the magic of shock—and why so many spectacular fearful scenes find voice on the covers of books.

It was pretty evident how such a connection translated to my book, though: mood, location, circumstance, and of course the general disgust of zombies… When this particular shoot was happening, the feeling was all about horror and intrigue. But none of these things were spoken between us at that time. There was, however, a link between us that held the feelings as part of the shoot—with both our love for the paranormal, we always remained connected. And she looked terrifying in her zombie apocalypse demeanor.

I asked her whether she had similar connections like this with all her camera people. She felt very lucky in that way. As part of all kinds of interesting and associated emotions, she’s been in a zombie apocalypse as a zombie and also sported an assault rifle chasing them through the woods, as the photo here shows—all sides of a family woman you might say! Some of that is surely her acting ability, some is the connection, and much involves the ability of the photographer to have an open mind and to see what no one else can see: the zombie, or hunter of zombies, at that moment.

All that to say that there couldn’t be a better zombie on my cover that inspires the stories inside the book!

Angel’s website is
July 2023
Genre: Horror/Paranormal flash
Date of Publication: 
Number of pages: 65
Word Count: approx. 12,000 words
Cover Artist: D. P. Roseberry
 Don’t worry. Sleep is over-rated …
 This collection of flash fiction is strictly paranormal ... and creepy.

Flash Paranormal Fiction will send your flesh crawling with ghosts, witches, aliens, cryptids, and creatures of all kinds.

These 13 Flash stories are for those readers (just like us) who love quick and fun ghostly gatherings!

Still ... maybe you shouldn't read it at night...

But don't worry. Sleep is overrated...
Book Trailer:

Excerpt - Zombie Love
It was a beautiful morning, just gorgeous. I was sitting back in my no-gravity lounge chair holding a cup of hot coffee and sipping away the sunrise. The temperature was just right and the plants along the front screen of the porch seemed to reach toward the warm glow of the sun. This was a day that made all the other days’ worth dealing with. It whispered relaxation and creativity.

The only thing I couldn’t get my mind around on this glorious day was the zombie that was trying to open the latch on the screen door. I’d been watching it for a good ten minutes or so, just as it was watching me drink my coffee. My question: Where the hell had this thing come from? And why was it ruining my perfectly quiet morning?

This one I was looking at was none too bright. It could easily punch through the screen, but instead, it fiddled with the sliding lock. I’d heard about these things. A bit short on brains. But then again, who knew? Maybe it thought I was stupid for drinking coffee. I’d thought that one or two times myself.

Just then I heard a voice. “Hey man, what’s that you got there trying to get into your house?”

It was my neighbor, Monroe. We were pretty close on most days. “Gots me a zombie, me thinks,” I replied after a nice long coffee swig.

Monroe, standing back from the door but still close enough to talk through the screen continued. “What’s ya gonna do when it figures out the door?” He yawned.

“Hmmm. Good point,” I said with a nod. “Guess I better go get the gun so I can take care of business if I need to.”

Monroe was nodding as well. “Terrible way to spend this beautiful morning, though. Still, zombies are nothin’ to mess with. So I heard.”

“Maybe wait a little while, though,” I said. “It’s too nice out to make things all blood and guts. We got time.”

“I hear ya,” answered Monroe.

Then suddenly, another voice erupted through the morning. “Outta the way, boys!”

At that point a woman and a teenage girl raised rifles and blew holes in the zombie’s head. The thing fell like a rock.

Both Monroe and I jumped back to keep from getting muck on our clothes. I’d had to roll out of my chair, and I spilled my coffee.

“Dam women!” I yelled out. “Know just how to ruin a morning!”

About the Author:

D. P. ROSEBERRY has been writing about the imagined world for many years. She dabbles in paranormal flash and romantic intrigue (her most recent paranormal romance is Three Months to Change), sci fi, fantasy, horror, and many kinds of speculative fiction. With a special interest in UFOs, she is the founder of the UFO Management Group. Roseberry is also a practicing certified hypnotist with her practice centering on past-life regression, alien abductions, and other paranormal topics. She reads the Tarot and varied oracles as well and finds that divination brings sharp interpretation to daily living and uses it as a method in her writing. Her latest Tarot decks are First Light Tarot and A Christmas Tarot: Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future, both with a paranormal twist. Writing paranormal flash is a guilty pleasure and she finds herself in the middle of these quick and ghosty stories more often than she likes to admit. Flash Paranormal Fiction is her first attempt at putting them from mind to media for you to read.

Flash Paranormal Fiction is strictly paranormal. You’ll find ghosts and aliens and witches and creatures and weirdness that only those like us (who love it) will appreciate! Caution: don’t read at night…
#paranormal #flash #flashparanormal #ghosts #witches #creatures # BigFoot #aliens

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  2. The book cover is awesome and I appreciate you sharing the info on the cover model. I am looking forward to reading all of the stories and to meeting all of the characters

  3. Hi Bea! Thank you so much and I will look for your other comment. I had trouble with two stops like that. It was really fun to write this one and I'm well into the next one!