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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eat Pray Love

This movie was amazing. There is nothing I can critique about it. The acting was phenomenal, the scenes were beautiful and the story was inspiring. As I was driving home from the theater I was seriously trying to figure out what I could sell to make enough money so I could move to Italy and travel and find my own word (gotta see movie to get this! Do IT!).

Julie Roberts was the perfect pick for this character. She is a brilliant actress who captures audiences and draws them. She really made me feel the emotions she was portraying. The people she met on her journey to self discovery were amazing. I can only hope that someday I get to meet as many influential people in my life as Elizabeth was able to. If this hadn't been based on a true story I would say it was fun, with a good storyline but slightly predictable. But knowing that these things actually happened just takes this movie to the next level.

It made me laugh, cry and seriously evaluate everything in my life. It's a movie that is going to change lives. Not from the stellar acting or the beautiful countries it was filmed in, but from the message behind it. I wouldn't be surprised if ticket sales for Bali, Italy and Indian go up after all is said and done. The critics who gave this movie a poor review had to be smoking crack. Yes, the movie does have a happy ending so if that makes it predictable then every movie Hollywood makes could be considered 'predictable'. Whoever gave these guys (the critics) a job should demote them to the mail room. Clearly they have no idea what makes a good movie.
There's nothing else to say except GO SEE IT! If you want to wait until it comes out on DVD that's cool too. But either way, you MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!! I loved it!



  1. wow! 5 sheep?! You did like this movie. I will admit it was NOT on my to see list, but now I am going to check it out. Nice job sis

  2. I must confess I'm one of the rare few who don't like Julia Roberts. She totally has no charisma to me. So I think I'll skip and read the book.

  3. @Katie- thanks for love sis! xoxoxox
    P.s. Pepsi is the STILL the drink of SuperStars!

    @Piggy- She's definitely an actress that you love or hate.. Kinda like Angelina Jolie (who I Love!)lol. Have I ever told you how much you rock for all your comments? No? Well you do! Thanks for all the supporT :)

    @David- Wow. Thanks. I think you would enjoy it. Although I have heard that if you love the movie then you'll die over the book. It's supposed to blow the movie out of the water. But isn't that the case with EVERY book turned movie? lol

  4. I read the book and have wanted to see the movie. According to this it is a must. Will do. BTW my word is Mercurial. Got to check my "Book Club" page to see what I went thru reading the book.

  5. @David- I have to agree (shocking I know) that Fight Club is definitely better than the book. I think it all has to do with Brad Pitt... you can't really capture him with words. He is man who must be seen! lol

    @Lily- Love your word! I still haven't found mine yet. But I'm defnitely working on it. It's hard to find just one that encompasses everything that I want. lol. Maybe I'm just high maintenance. :)