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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*Interview with author Gini Koch 9/28/2010*

I Smell Sheep is proud to announce our next author interview! We will be throwing our battery of off kilter questions at talented Sci-Fi Princess, Gini Koch!

If you have not heard of this author (and really what planet are you from if you haven't?) you can check out her latest book Touched by an Alien, reviewed on this very blog by Amber!
Excellent piece of work people and a must read!

The Interview will be posted on Tuesday, September 28th. Amber and I have been known to uncover some juice…and let me just say the juices will be flowin! ;)

Did I mention a giveaway yet? No? Well lets fix that right now!

*in game show host voice* Ladies…lets show our contestants what they might win! Whats behind door number 1!
The winner of this contest will win a fabulous T-Shirt with our very own nerdy-but-oh-so-lovable Richard's design, "Sheeped by an Alien". You do NOT want to miss this.

Tune in next week folks for all the drama that happens when Gini is taken hostage by 2 crazy sheep. ;) same baaat-time, same baaat-place.

Fuzzy Sheep Love;
Amber, Katie and Richard


  1. I'll be there! You do manage to get all the cool authors to drop by I must say.

  2. Thanks McPig we are honored they take the time to chat with us. :) Maybe this time you will win the awesome shirt!!!