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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Play Fling Book Giveaway Contest Winner!

When it fell upon me to devise a way of drawing a winner from our group of most worthy finalists, the burden felt as heavy as seeing the One Ring back to the fires from whence it came. How? How can I be the one to divine who the most worthy recipient of this tome; a great modern allegory of truth and wisdom (signed by the author non the less!)

Since I'm a computer programmer by trade, I immediately fell into my comfort zone and programmed a means of choosing the one worthy enough of our prize. To this end, I created a simulation.

In the simulation, we have 20 people. 10 men. 10 women. 4 are from the north east. 4 are from the north west. 4 are from the south east. 4 are from the south west. Finally, each of the 20 voters is classified as young, middle aged, or "tenured".

Each voter gets one vote and any candidate getting a simple majority (>50%) of the votes wins! Since we have 20 voters, a simple majority means 11 votes.

If nobody wins after a round of voting, each candidate gets championed by one of the voters who likes them. After all champions have made their case, another vote is taken. This repeats until we finally have a winner.

Here is the result of the voting:

Round 1.

Vote Count
Lucy: 5
McPig: 4
flchen1: 6
felicia: 5

No Winner.

Round 2.

Jennifer championed Lucy, calling upon the female voters to consider Lucy's awesomeness.
Nick championed McPig, calling upon voters from the South West to consider McPig's worthyness.
Fortunado championed flchen1, calling upon middle aged voters to consider flchen1's sweetness.
Donna championed felicia, calling upon voters from the North East to consider felicia's mettle.

Vote Count
Lucy: 3
McPig: 8
flchen1: 4
felicia: 5

No Winner.

Round 3.

Peter championed Lucy, calling upon male voters to consider Lucy's worthyness.
Vauhn championed McPig, calling upon young voters to consider McPig's mettle.
Nicole championed flchen1, calling upon voters from the North West to consider flchen1's awesomeness.
Chris championed felicia, calling upon female voters to consider felicia's greatness.

Vote Count
Lucy: 2
McPig: 3
flchen1: 12
felicia: 3

Winner! flchen1

So after 3 rounds of deliberation, flchen1 is the winner! Thank you all for participating!


  1. congrats f1chen1!!!!!! :)

    Nice system Ricky....very nerdy lol Love it!

  2. ROFL! That is quite a thorough process, and I'm thankful that in this case, the thoroughness benefited me ;) Thank you, all!

  3. Yay Flchen1! Congrats! Piggy we have another drawing at the end of the month so don't worry! you'll get your chance! :)

    Ricky- you are a geek. This is why I love you. lol. I would have thrown all the names in a hat and drawn one. lol. Your way is much more sophisticated. hahahaha

  4. @flchen1
    I sent you an email but just in case can you email me your address please.
    thanks :)