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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paramore live in Concert--Video Review

My hysterical video review of Paramore for your viewing pleasure. ;)

BFF Mike helped me with some taping of the video (so I could dance my booty off) and chimed in with his thoughts of the show. Lost a little picture quality in the upload process, sorry but I had no control over this. (

The full length ending is also avaibale if you want to see it, and experience death by laughter, here is the link. (

***Yes ladies, Mike is single! Holla if you live in the Bay Area. ;)***



  1. the video review is choice :)

    We should do those whenever possible!!

  2. thanks ricky, i agree. when possible we should do it. was a ton of fun :)
    ur boss my friend ;)

  3. Oh, great way to review a concert. I don't know Paramore, but will check them out and I must say I really liked the voice of the singer of the second pre-show band.

  4. Sara and Tegan, they sounded good. :)