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Monday, September 13, 2010

Interview with author Amber Scott

Amber C. and I were recently invited to sit down and have an interview with the author of Play Fling, Amber Scott. As everyone will notice, we have two Ambers in this interview, so to save everyone a headache, we will be using our wonderful author as just Scott. This is our first interview folks we hope you like it! :)

Above Nevada. Floating on a Cloud. 2 Sheep and 1 Cupid meet.

Katie: What was your inspiration for this book and how did you come up with a fallen Cupid idea?

Scott: Brooke and Elliott's story came to me first but the longer I daydreamed, the more I saw, someone was missing. Then Millie was born. It happened shortly after having a conversation about how much I used to love Quantum Leap. I loved the premise of the show. The hero 'leaped' through time, righting what once went wrong. But...what if he'd been terrible at it. Bam. Millie was born. And while she gets some very strong reactions in readers and in me, I have faith that when she ultimately must match AJ, we will all forgive her stupid cupid ways.

Katie: Ok I think I love you lol that was my favorite show growing up!

Scott: How Kismet! I miss that show. Sometimes I catch a re-run. "Oh boy!"

Amber: Who or what is your biggest inspiration for your writing? A muse, if you will. lol

Scott: So, technically my muse is Milla. She's the goth chick who puts my persnickity internal editor Charles in his place. But, my muse as a writer? I have a few. Gini Koch blew me away with Touched By An Alien and I learned so much from her. Rachel Gibson has amazing love scenes. Maggie Stiefvater writes brilliant, turn them over in your mouth and savor kinds of lines. But my all time ultimate writing hero is Save the Cat! series writer Blake Snyder.

Amber: I completely agree with your choice of authors. I love all of them! You have good taste ;)

Scott: Why, thank you Amber. Ditto. :)

Katie: I really truly dig that Brooke is older then Elliot, you don't see that often in books. Why did you decide to have that age difference?

Brooke came to me first and when I asked myself who would be the most difficult, but most rewarding match for her, Elliott came to mind. I love the idea of second chances turning out to be better than first chances and that people aren't always what they first seem. I think Elliott embodies that.

Amber: What’s a poem or saying that you like/try to live by?

Scott: My favorite quote is "Be the change you want to see in the world." I like to substitute "world" with lots of things. Be the change you want to see in your writing. Be the change you want to see in your friendships. Be the change you want to see in your dishes. It's very Zen for me.

Katie: Elliot is a sexy-nerd, I love that you gave him glasses btw, was there any real life inspiration for his character or maybe movie actor?

Scott: I so love his glasses, too! I love that he comes from rough beginnings, too. Elliott is a blend of Adrian Grenier, who I ADORE and pant heavily over, with a few personal favorite aspects from my past loves thrown in.

Katie: I think that first kiss with Brooke won me over, was that one from um personal experience? And can I get a number after this? lol

Scott: Oh, man, don't I wish! When I find that line, I'll get both of us numbers for it.

Amber: Have you always wanted to be a writer? Or was there something else you wanted to be when you “grew up” ?

Scott: Always. Since I can remember. My mother asked us often and she always took me so seriously. She is my first fan, to be sure. I didn't know the romance novel part though until I read A Gentle Feuding by Johanna Lindsey and went head over toes with a sigh.

Katie: Brooke's bff Mille is such a misguided friend, but her heart's in the right place. Its hard to read at times because certain things are so obvious! Will she ever get it together?

Scott: LOL. The cupid you love to hate, right? I promise, she will. Millie just has to learn to love, learn to give, learn to be brave. Love takes those things and, once she does over the course of the series, the last book wherein she matches AJ will win your heart and forgiveness.

Katie: Thank heaven, I cant wait for that day! But will she ever find a match for herself?

Scott: Well, I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler. AJ is her final match. He won't remember her and she'll have to come to terms with her love for him and ultimately match herself to him. Love takes courage is this one's theme.

Amber: What was your favorite series or book to read as kid?

Scott: The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. It was so She-ra princess of power to me, but in such a new, more real way. I also always brought Nancy Drew mysteries home but rarely got very far. Not enough kissing, maybe?

Katie: What can we look forward to in the next installment of this series?

Scott: In The Sweetest Fling Millie and AJ find themselves in Bellingham, WA and Millie faces helping her first guy friend clean up a very sticky situation before the one that got away runs away again.

Katie: anymore scenes like in the campus office? hehehe

Scott: Oh yeah! In a wine cellar. Yum!

Amber: If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab 1 item, what would it be?

Scott: Ooooh. That's a tough one. I'm assuming the family is already safe outside. If so, I'm torn between a wooden box my father gave my mother and she passed along to me or my computer. So many of my babies' pics are on my computer that I might have to go with that one.

Katie: Being a CA girl myself; the Sierras are a big part of this story- will the locations be moving around in future books?

Scott: Yes. I like Millie being a fish out of water not only in matchmaking but in setting, too. I think once she can navigate both well, it will be time for her to face her own heart.

Amber: What is your most embarrassing moment from high school?

Scott: Oh, man. Okay. First, please imagine my spindly legs and bony ass, rocking a snug cotton skirt and that morning, staring at my last pair of undies, the ugly ones and thinking, "If I get pantsed, I'll die." Being pantsed was the hot new rage for boys at lunch break. They'd run by and yank 'em down to your ankles. So, being that I had nothing else to wear, I told myself I'd just keep a grip on that waistband. Plus, there's always security in numbers as a girl. Yeah. Right. I can still remember the feel of the breeze on my thighs, the hot sting in my cheeks and those God-awful camo-animal print granny panties staring every staring kid in the face as I bent to retrieve my yanked skirt. My friends? Did they rush to cover my ass? Nope. They scattered.

Katie: I love that Brooke's into antiques, my dad has an antique store in S. Lake Tahoe (S. Lake Tahoe Thrift and Antique located on Lake Tahoe Blvd. across from Motel 6, a shameless plug I know lol) so for me it was very surreal reading about her business and what I myself grew up around. Do you have any first hand experience in this field?

Scott: I love antiquing and yard sales and thrift shops! That part of me snuck into both characters. And I grew up in Reno/Sparks. LOVE Tahoe. There's no place like Tahoe, right?

Katie: Keep Tahoe Blue! lol Plan the day Scott and we will ravage his store!

Scott: Awesome! I'm in!

Amber: If you could live any place in the world, in any era, when and where would it be?

Scott: I would live now because I love flushing toilets and the digital age and I'd live in Hawaii. Soaking up the sun and waves and balmy air, getting all artistic. Eating Giovanni's Shrimp every day. It's a whole other world there. I don't know how much I'd get done on island time but it would definitely feel well spent.

Katie: Were can I get that love potion from your book? Any hook-ups?

Scott: Hehe. Yes. As a matter of fact, I have AJ's number. I'll just need a postage paid envelope, nail clippings, a strand of hair....

Katie: Oh yes! You got it! Come to mama love potion. lol

Amber: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Scott: I'd be a well fed cat. You know the kind that lays around, looking all snotty and imperious, waiting for you to rub it's belly so it can purr its thanks then leave a pile of hair on your ever-lovin lap. I'd do my part and kill the creepy crawlies, too.

And now its time for our infamous rapid fire question round, please clear your mind Amber and get ready to answer with the first response that comes to mind……ready….and go!

Katie: Pepsi or Coke

Pepsi, all the way and none of that diet crapola

Katie: oh nooooooo! I will NEVER hear the end of this!

Amber: YEESSSSS!!! Boo-yah! Scott you just rocked my world! Thank You!!

Katie: It's all about Coke ladies!

Amber: Whatever. Pepsi Rocks!

Amber: Snickers or Milky Way

Milky Way

Katie: Italian or Chinese


Amber: Flats or high heels

high heels give a girl that extra umpf

Katie: Rain or Sun

rain, I love a loud thunderstorm

Amber: Ditto! I love me a good storm. lol

Amber: Chick Flicks or Action

chick flicks, I'm a total romantic

Katie: Cotton or Satin


Amber: Purple or Green- These are my two favorites and I can never choose one or the other. Good Luck! lol


Katie: Run or Walk

Walk, with a strut

Katie*-snaps fingers 3 times and does a sassy head shake*

Amber: Walmart or Target

Target (Tar-jay)

Katie: Bath or Shower


Amber: Apples or Oranges


Katie: Wine or Beer


Amber: Chocolate or Vanilla

Chocolate. More, chocolate.

Amber: I knew we were destined to be friends! Yum

Katie: Anything you would like to add before we wrap?

Just how cool it is to be here and how much I appreciate your taking a stroll through Millie's world. You two are very cool chicks.

Amber: And you m'lady, are even cooler then we could have expected, thank YOU for taking time out of your day to give us this interview.

Scott: Aw! I blush. Any time.

We can't thank Amber Scott enough for taking the time to sit down with us. It's been an honor and we really appreciate it. We look forward to reading her upcoming book The Sweetest Fling, and of course, posting our reviews here. :)

Now on to the book giveaway contest. In the comments below, leave two things to be automatically entered to win a signed copy of Play Fling.

1. Your email address
2. Someone you think is a sexy nerd. Real or fiction, famous or not.
Contest ends Sunday September 19th at Midnight.
Good luck everyone!


  1. Don't enter me, I already have and love Play Fling, but my fave sexy nerd is my husband. Looks like Tom Cruise, awesome husband and father, beyond awesome in bed. (Yes, I AM TMI Girl, why do you ask?)

    In terms of actors, my current fave sexy nerds are Nathan Fillion and Christopher Gorham.

  2. Alrighty. So I'm obviously not eligible to win this contest either but I have to give a shoutout of love to IronMan. Robert Downey Jr is the Hottest nerd ever! I realize it's only a character for him, but MmMmMm!

    My second choice would have to be Clark Kent. He's quiet, smart, a writer and then BAM! He rips off his clothing and reveals a sexy body covered in Spandex. Seriously? What more could a girl ask for? :)

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!
    The biggest nerd is my old boss!

    Please count me in.

  4. Great interview! Voodoo Bride asked me to tell Amber S. that she loves the spoiler that got posted. It will save her some worrying about Millie's HEA.

    As for sexy nerd....... Hmmm, I'm not good at this so will ask my back-up:
    Voodoo Bride says: John Malkovich in his double role of Jekkyl/Hide in the movie 'Mary Reilly' does that count?


  5. Thank you, Amber for letting us 3rd degree you with questions!

    I can't win the contest... but as far as sexy nerds? I think as far as guys go ... you gotta go with Jeff Goldblum. Gotta respect the guy who plays mathematicians in action movies! For women? Hmm. Jodie Foster! Contact = Love. :)

  6. I have Amber's Awesome book too! Sexy Nerd? Hmmmmmm. There are so many of them out there! Do I have to choose only one?

  7. What a great interview! Thanks, all of you! As for sexy nerd, well, in real-life, my husband :) And for fantasy, Chuck amuses me to no end! And I have to agree with you, Jodie Foster rocks the sexy geek thing!

    Geeks rule!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  8. Loved the interview. I think my favorite nerd is Fargo on Eureka. I think he is sexy in his own way.

  9. Oh, man! These are really hot nerds!
    Thanks so much to Katie and Amber for such a fun blog and day, too. Thanks, too, for all of you readers coming to say hello. It means the world to me.
    So, does John Cusack in Say Anything count as nerderific? LOVE him.

  10. =D for the record!!! Amber knows about Maggie because of me!!!! And now she cant stop reading her books!!

  11. @Alyssa: That is true. Uber cool chick does get all credit there. Still waiting on my t-shirt, though!

  12. Haha! it wouldn't let me make them without buying one!!

  13. I am joining the giveaway >:) I've actually never won a giveaway before, but here it goes~

    Hmm, my favorite hot nerd would probably be hands down Cory Monteith from Glee! Hsha he just looks all cute,geeky, innocent and young at the samne time! (even though he is like 30 ._.

    YOU GUYS GOTTA WATCH this link here.
    you'll convert into a Monteith fan as well.
    nuff' said.


    And thanks for the giveaway~

  14. LOVE the interview! Lively questions - rapid fire question segment is especially entertaining. Really fun to watch your blog as it morphs and grows!

    My favorite sexy nerd: Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series!!! (I'm Katie's Mom so I can't enter for the prize - but thought she would get a kick out of knowing my sexy nerd choice!)

  15. @Felicia: Thanks so much for coming by and best of luck!
    @Katie's mom: How cool of you to come and show support! Thank you!