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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Town, a big Boston hug!

The Town, directed by Ben Affleck is signed sealed delivered Boston love. For a reason, Ben (yummy cakes) is the beloved son of Boston. This movie leaves no doubts of his roots and love for that city. The whole cast sports shirts, hats, jogging suits….it's almost overkill but we get the idea. ;) Movie was beyond anything I expected, blew me away with its intensity and over all acting from cast.

Ben not only directed but starts in the film, along with Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm (Hamm and Bubble baby!) Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively. I loved Renner in Hurt Locker. LOVED him in that movie. Now? I have a new favorite for this fine man. He keeps surprising me with acting ability. In this film he's the BFF you want in your conner when things go down, but he's the wild card man. Never know what you're gonna get. mmmm sexy. lol

Blake Lively, again, shocked! I would never have thought her

capable of playing such a dirty part. I'll say this though, girlfriend worked it out! Major kudos to her.

Can you pass the Hamm please. Pass that man all the way down to me. ;) He's the cop you love to hate, got down in the trenches for this role. *you can catch him hosting SNL once again on Oct 30th*

This movie is packed to the brim with action. I am talking edge of your seat, nail biting action! Intense story plot building, so intense you almost want to close your eyes before the tenses explodes. (ask my gf Ceci she looked away several times! lol) Oh yes and I must say there is a definite "thats hot" moment. ;) Ceci knows. Ladies will know, and men please take notes. lol

Overall LOVED this film, keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Best action movie I have seen, hands down all year! Do not miss this one.



  1. Haven't heard about this movie before. sounds cool.

  2. Oh it is! really a good one to see. ;)

  3. I must say I completely agree with Katie -this is a must see movie and has all that an action movie should have for both men & women. The acting supports the well written script. You will also be impressed with Blake as she branched out with this role and the few unfamiliar actors as well & what they bring to this movie.

    I highly recommend you spend the ever growing price of a movie ticket & see it!

  4. @Ceci its always a blast with you woman. No matter what we do. ;) Wall Street here we come!