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Friday, June 10, 2011

Super 8, fantasy thriller!

Super 8 written and directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg the film stars Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney, Ron Eldard (who I love from Sleepers) and Noah Emmerich. Super 8 is not going to go down in history as a children's classic imo but what it will do is make for a fun night at the movies over the summer. :)

Writer/director J.J. Abrams teams with producer Steven Spielberg for this period sci-fi thriller set in the late '70s, and centers on a mysterious train crash in a small Ohio town. Summer, 1979: a group of young friends are filming a Super-8 movie when a pickup truck derails a speeding train. When the locals start to disappear and even the inquisitive deputy can't come up with answers, suspicions emerge that the incident was anything but an accident. As the truth finally begins to surface, no one is prepared to learn what now stalks the unsuspecting citizens of this once quiet community. is prepared to learn what now stalks the unsuspecting citizens of this once quiet community.
Super 8 takes place in the late 70's and starts out with our main character Joe, dealing with the loss of his mother after an accident at her work. Left to live with his distant father, played by Chandler who also happens to be the towns deputy, Joe and his buddies set out to film a zombie horror flick. Little do they know what is about to happen right before their eyes. A train carrying mysterious cargo is speeding down the tracks and the kids are accidentally thrown into a horrible wreck. My only big complaint about the opening here is; NO way would the train have caused this much damaged. You see it in the trailers so I'm not giving anything away here but really, a truck jumps on the tracks and the whole train just flies around everywhere? That was a little unbelievable. That being said the film is beautifully shot, a visual feast for the eyes without a doubt. And wonderfully acted by the younger characters.

I really enjoyed the dialog between Joe and his group of friends. The constant banter and shenanigans between these guys had me laughing out loud throughout the film. An audience should feel compassion for its characters and with these young boys, I really did. Attention to characters is a big plus in my book add to that the heavy Sci-Fi elements and you have yourself a really good film. With almost a thriller feel I will warn you that I did jump in my seat several times and a BIG caution to folks with little ones to please make sure you view this with care. It's PG-13 for a reason, as some of the scenes may be disturbing.

This film is being compared not only to ET but also Stand By Me. I can't say I agree with those statements, but I'll let you be the judge. It's a really good film but not on that level. This is what a summer popcorn movie should be and I recommend everyone go check this film out. If not for anything else but the Epic guy who works at the camera shop, a gem of a part. Make sure to stay through the credits to watch the final film you see the kids working on throughout the story called The Case.

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  1. i keep hearing the ET comparison but my hope is this film will be different and stand on its own. worth a look from the review you just wrote. thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a film I've been dying to see. Thanks for the review. I'm hoping the film is a little more Stand By Me than ET but I'll just have to wait. (Aaaaaaand wait. My little island town is playing Kung Fu Panda for a second week....)

  3. Really great review! Very well written, also. I'm going to see the movie tonight. Here's my blog, let me know what you think.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I will check your blog out sNix, great to hear from you. :)

    As always let me know what YOU all think of the movie after you give it a go.

  5. I think it will be worth seeing. Thanks for the review Katie!!

  6. I think I may just have to go check out ET's dark and twisted brother :) Thanks for sharing today.

  7. I can't wait to see this one. Hopefully I'll get to see it this weekend. Thanks so much the review!