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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zombies Sold Separately...let's chop off some heads!

Zombies Sold Separately, by author Cheyenne McCray, is the fourth book in the Night Trackers series. I can't say there was anything earth-shatteringly amazing about this book, but it's a decent read even if it is smut free. :)


Nyx hates Zombies. Seriously. Hates. Zombies. Ever since she was a youngling, she’s been haunted by them. And even though she’s a big girl now—a half-human, half-Drow private eye, to be precise—Nyx bristles at the mere thought of the walking dead.

Meanwhile, the corpses of humans and paranorms alike are turning up all over New York City. Now it’s up to Nyx to find out who—or what—is behind this series of horrific attacks. But it’s only a matter of time before Nyx is drawn deeper into her darkest fears…and her worst nightmare about meeting a real, flesh-and-blood-hungry, body-snatching Zombie comes blindingly to life. Or death…

Nyx a half-Drow/half-human Night Tracker who also happens to be a princess and works as a private investigator with her BFF and partner Olivia. While Nyx doesn't act like a typical princess, she does lavish herself in expensive clothes and a swanky apartment in New York. Clothes and apartments aside, I did like Nyx's character but wished she was a bit more edgy. The book builds up a lot of talk about these tuff Trackers and apparently Nyx is one of the best, but when faced with some Zombies from another dimension she freezes up and almost gets herself and team members killed. A traumatic childhood event brought sudden flashes into her mind, but that event was not bloody or graphic in any way so it was a little unbelievable that she would have gone so far as to completely freeze up. A little edge in a character can go a long way when done right. That being said she was still on her game most of the time.

After getting dumped by her human boyfriend she gets closer to a new tracker on her team, Colin, a fiery hott dragon who seems to always be in the right place at the right time. A little cocky at times but all in good proportions, definitely a smexy man. Meanwhile zombies have come to our human world looking to take over and pull up some carpet. Their world is dying and they need to relocate or become extinct. Lead by a twisted madman with some serious control issues the zombies head to our earth looking to move in permanently. But these are not your typical zombies, and for the life of me I am still a little lost on how they become a zombie. Here's what I managed to figure out: take a stone, fill it with your host's essence, seal the stone, then you are all set till you want to leave said body, once you leave it the body then becomes a mindless zombie. Huh. yeah... One second Nyx is being told it's safe to touch a stone and the next she's about to be sucked into some kind of portal. Felt a bit disjointed in areas but if you forge through it gradually picks up.

An exiled sorcerer is Nyx's only hope of stopping the leader of the not-really zombies, and with the help of her team Nyx is faced with saving our world from a total take over. Things are wrapped up pretty tidy at the end, a little too tidy if you asked me. And again this book is smut free, so for those that don't need it as much as I do you will be more entertained. A few misspellings made the book a little hard to read at times, but the action sequences are good and Dragon man Colin is hott! More of his character would have REALLY helped.

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  1. Man! I so hoped this would be a cool book as I would almost buy it for the title alone.

  2. @McPig I have to admit that's exactly the reason I DID buy it. lol But really was a little disappointed in areas, overall it's not awful by any means just kinda low key with the romance and a little ho hum with the dialog. Colin is hott so maybe in the next book we will get some steamy scenes. ;)

  3. I have not read the series, but like the premise. Thank you for sharing today.