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Friday, June 3, 2011

Intersections, Protector Corps, and Prize Giveaway

Recently, K sent me some comics drawn by a Bay Area artist. It's encouraging to see local artists get their stuff out there and try to make a name for themselves. Well, okay, not local to me, obviously, I live in Ohio. Yeah, not a cool state at all. But that's really besides the point. Anyway so she asked me to read these comics and talk a little about them so here goes.

I got issue one and two of a series called
Intersections, written by Rich Boutell with art by Gene Guilmette. That would be the picture you see over there to your right. Now, as you can probably tell, it's in black and white but there are plenty of comics done in black and white, especially in the old days. Intersections follows the conflict between hero Arik and his evil sister. I didn't catch her name in the second issue when she appears, but I suppose that will be revealed in due time. Point is, battle between good and evil, Bay Area involved.

The other comic I got was
the Protector Corps, with art and story done by Gene Guilmette. I only got one issue of that comic, so I have less of an idea about the plot but this is what I got so far. Superheroes emerged across the world in the 1930's, much like they historically did in comics in our own world. Anyway, World War II breaks out and because superheroes are available to fight in the war the war ends up lasting more than seventy years. Now, I would have imagined Captain America would have just gone over and punched Hitler in the face. I'm pretty sure that happened at some point. Apparently that wasn't part of the Allied strategy *shrug* maybe there's a reason explained later. Oh, except it isn't Hitler, it's the evil lord Hister. Parallel world shenanigans? I don't know. Point is, bad guys, good guys, they fight, fate of the world on their shoulders.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, the...I'm going to assume they're the Axis Powers because I'm
pretty sure the Allies wouldn't do this. (well Winston Churchill was kind of a nutter, as was Stalin. Actually, now that I think about it.) Anyway, the bad guys are sucking the very life out of the land somehow. Apparently it was a desperate gambit except now it's working? I don't know, it's probably explained more. Oh, and they can turn good superheroes eeeeeeevil, with extra e's. As you can probably tell, it's in color so if you like pretty colors that's a bonus. Truly I have not read a comic quite like this.

Oh, right prizes. Okay so for the two people that read my insane ramblings here, we've got an opportunity for you to win. K put together this lovely prize pack which will be shipped to a singular fortunate reader whose name is picked out of my hat. Yes, my super awesome hat. The one I'm wearing in my biography post. Go ahead and look, I'll wait.

See? I told you it was a cool hat.
Where were we? Oh yes, prizes.

Now, I should warn you that this contest is limited to the United States only because we have American postage. So I'm sure all those Nigerian princes reading are now very sad. But for those of you still eligible the prize pack includes the following.

-Signed copies of the comics I just talked about!
- An official I Smell Sheep postcard
- Official I Smell Sheep stickers
- And an official I Smell Sheep bookmark with our new slogan "Entertaining ewe, one Monster at a time."

Actually the stickers look kind of cool, I might keep those. What's that, Katie? I'm not allowed to keep the stickers? Awwwwww, that's bogus. Okay, I'll put them back in the prize pack.

Anyway, to be eligible to win this lovely prize pack all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with the following.

- An e-mail address at which Sheep representatives can reach you.
- What power you'd have as a superhero.

Again, a reminder that only US residents can win due to postage. Sorry, Nigerian princes. Polling will close at 11:59 PM on 10 June 2011 and the winner will be announced on 12 June 2011. Thanks to my two readers.


Adventurer's Rule #18: Being Lawful Good doesn't mean being Lawful Stupid


  1. What a fun blog post.
    I think I would have the ability to freeze time and teleport if I was a super hero.

  2. lol, great post. You have at least 3 readers Ben! Next time I order stickers I will send you some :) I like them too.

  3. I will make sure get stickers Ben. lol. Great job on this btw, as always your humor is top shelf! :)

  4. I would like to have telekinesis. thanks for the giveaway

  5. Those both look very cool!

    Hmmmm. Some kind of super strength, probably. And be able to fly just because superheroes look silly walking everywhere ;)

    Joleene (at) joleenenaylor (dot) com

  6. Sounds like an interesting series, and what a funny article. Well written and very witty. To bad I live out of the country.

  7. I have to admit, telekinesis is my favorite ability. Getting locked outside of buildings as an undergraduate taught me the utility of such a power.

  8. Hey, great prizes. I would chose the ability to be able stop time. Every time I'm bored in a class or sitting on a bus this is the first ting that comes to mind, "Imagine all the crazy stuff I could get up to right now if I could stop time". Even just standing on the street and turning someone around while they're walking, over and over again would give you endless hours of joy. Also you could fight crime and save people I guess...

    I am le European, so no prize for me. :(