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Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Live Forever

Opens July 8, 2011.

Landmark’s Opera Plaza in San Francisco, please check your local theaters for showtimes outside of the San Francisco area.

HOW TO LIVE FOREVER chronicles Mark Wexler’s curious, lively, and sometimes troubling worldwide trek to investigate just what it means to grow old and what it could mean to really live forever. HOW TO LIVE FOREVER is a Variance Films release, runs for 94 minutes, is in English, and is not yet MPAA rated.

The death of filmmaker Wexler’s mother and the arrival of his AARP card led him to an examination the some of the most fundamental questions about life itself. Wexler begins by featuring some of the world's oldest people. But whose advice should he take? Does 94-year-old exercise guru Jack LaLanne have all the answers, or does Buster, a 101-year-old chain-smoking, beer-drinking marathoner? What about futurist Ray Kurzweil, a laughter yoga expert, or an elder porn star? Wexler explores the viewpoints of delightfully unusual characters alongside those of health, fitness and life-extension experts in this film, challenging our notions of youth and aging with comic poignancy. He contrasts the wisdom of centenarians, advice of longevity experts, and tips from exercise gurus against the surprising insights of funeral directors and food critics. Begun as a study in life-extension, HOW TO LIVE FOREVER evolves into a thought-provoking examination of what truly gives life meaning.

As someone who really and truly loves all things sci-fi and paranormal the question of can one live forever is always someplace in my mind. Vampires can do it, shifters and others of the lore have no problem, but can humans develop a drug or pill that would extends ones life 100 or possibly 500 years? And if so would YOU want to take that pill? Those are just a few of many questions that film maker Max Wexler asks an array of people from across the globe. Scientist may not be that far off from some incredible breakthroughs in modern medicine, and for those that may not make it until then there is always storing your body in a cryogenic storage tank until we can figure a way to thaw you out.

Not only was this documentary thought-provoking, it was emotional and completely heart warming. The movie also deals with some hard issues that we never really look at until death meets you or sickness sets in. I throughly enjoyed it. With a colorful range of people from famous actors to regular folks like you and I each with their own thoughts on how one can live a longer and healthier life. My favorite character throughout the whole film would have to be Buster, the 101 year old chain smoker, he would be the funniest guy to hang out with. Too bad he lives in the UK. This film is well shot and asks the tough questions about death and dying we so rarely face.

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  1. I love the sounds of this and hope for a chance to view it. The Changeling characters in my current series live past several human lifetimes, so the issue of longevity is fascinating to me.

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