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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fear Itself: Deadpool

So, as those of you that actually read comics probably know, Marvel has a huge uber comic event called Fear Itself happening this summer. Now, as I have said I am no expert on comics and I haven't been following the event because I've been buried in Dance with Dragons. However I do know that Fear Itself involves some hammers falling from the sky or something and they superpower a bunch of heroes and villains like The Hulk and The Juggernaut. Something like that, anyway. "But Kalpar!" you are surely exclaiming, "If you aren't following the Fear Itself storyline, how can you possibly understand the Deadpool comic?" Fear not my two good and gentle readers. The Deadpool comic is tied into the Fear Itself event but is an independent story. You do not need to even know what's going on with Fear Itself to enjoy this story.

Now, I will readily admit I am a fan of Deadpool and love reading about his antics. There's something refreshing about his devil-may-care attitude and passion for violence. And explosions. We both like explosions. Explosions are fun. Furthermore I love the fact that Deadpool knows he's a comic book character and just has fun with it. However Deadpool's character alone is not why I picked up this particular comic. As I mentioned to the nerds about a month ago, this particular comic was written by Christopher Hastings, author of one of my favorite webcomics,
The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. For those of you who don't know, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is this truly awesome webcomic with dinosaurs and ninjas and a gorilla assistant (who's a professional) and all sorts of other neat stuff. In fact, why don't you go over there right now and look at this. Go ahead I'll wait.

Isn't that awesome? By the Emperor of Terra that has got to be one of the coolest things that has ever existed. EVER. So when you're finished reading this review you should go read his comic. However you should also go and pick up
Deadpool: Fear Itself. See, this is Chris Hastings's first opportunity as a writer for Marvel and he said if this comic sells really well Marvel would ask him to write more comics. And if you looked at the link you would know why this would be a very good and awesome thing. So all two of you who read my reviews are now required to go out and buy the comics. I'll be keeping tabs on you.

Oh yes, the plot, I should mention that. Okay so our good friend Wade Wilson discovers that magic hammers have been falling all over the place recently. As Deadpool is wont to do, he starts thinking about how he can cash in on this new threat. Stealing what he assumes to be an ordinary hammer Wade begins his master plan of chaos for fun and profit. Taking what he assumes to be an ordinary hammer Deadpool drops it on the utter failure of a villain known as the Walrus, whose idea of a fantastic plan is stealing the wallet of a monster truck driver. Ultimately the Walrus and our boy Wade head to Cimmaron, New Mexico to unleash the next part of Deadpool's master plan but certain unforeseen issues are going to make this no easy payday. There is more of a plot uncovered in the second issue which came out on 20th of July but I don't want to spoil the second third of the plot. The first issue came out on June 8th and is still widely available at your local comic shop so head on down and pick these two up while you can. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I eagerly await the release of the final issue of this story which comes out sometime in August.

Giving it a score of four and a half sheep.


Adventurer's Rule #9: When in doubt, use more explosives.


  1. Oh BAK you have hit the nail on the head with this story. I love Deadpool and really, who wouldn't? Who doesn't love a guy who solves everything with explosions or violence *sexface*. I can't wait to see what will happen in the final comic myself. Deadpool will be up to his trouble making shennanigans again and something is sure to explode *orgasmface*. Love the review keep them coming.

    Your #1 Fan


  2. Oh Nathan, how I've missed you! xoxooxox Always know just what to say. :)