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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview with author Kevin Hearne + giveaway

Today it brings the Sheep great pleasure to share with all of you our interview with UF author Kevin Hearne. His trilogy The Iron Druid Chronicles hit bookstores with a BANG earlier this year! You can find my review for book one Hounded here and book two Hexed here. The final novel comes out today so make sure to run out and grab a copy, you will not regret it. Or stay tuned till the end of this interview for your chance to win a copy of Hexed!

Tempe. Tony Cabin. 2 Sheep and 1 Druid Meet.

Katie: Thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with us Kevin, can you tell folks a little bit about your Iron Druid seres?

Kevin: It's an urban fantasy series steeped in mythology and earth magic, featuring a 2,100-year-old Druid who's been hiding for a very long time from some Irish gods; the series begins when he decides to stop hiding and realizes the years have made him much more powerful than he thought.

Katie: In total how long did it take you to write this series?

Kevin: Twenty-two months for the first three books. :)

Katie: Atticus and his Irish wolfhound are a great team throughout the series, was he based on a animal you have?

Kevin: Nope—he's based on the animal I wish I had! I've always wanted to be able to talk to dogs, so this whole relationship in the novel is kind of a wish fulfillment thing.

Katie: And what a sense of humor his dog has, the two seem to feed off each other at times.

Kevin: That's just me having conversations with my imaginary friends…

Sharon: Have you ever met an Irish Wolfhound? They are big dogs!

Kevin: Yes, my cousin had a wolfhound named Murphy. Sweetest doggie ever!

Katie: One of the many things I really love in your stories is the comic references, let's geek out a bit if you're ok with that. lol Where does all this nerd passion come from?

Kevin: I was raised on comic books and Hamburger Helper. That explains a lot, if you think about it. I was seven years old when Star Wars first came out, and so I'm part of that first generation of kids who grew up with light sabers and action figures. It's just who I am.

Katie: How did you personally feel about the latest 3 SW movies, or actually that would be the first 3 at a later date. Yikes! lol.

Kevin: I think Jar Jar Binks destroyed all the good karma of the first three films BY HIMSELF. I think Darth Maul looked like a total badass and I wanted to hate him, but because he NEVER FRICKIN' SPOKE I had to conclude that he was kind of cool. It was simply awful characterization. But you know that lizard thing that Obi-wan was riding around in the last movie? I totally want one of those.

Sharon: I was about 10 when the first SW came out! I had a lot of fried Spam sandwiches.

Kevin: My mom tried to shield me from Spam when I was young because she ate a lot of those Spam sandwiches too when she was growing up. I got fabulous casseroles instead. But sometimes they had tuna in them, and I think on those occasions I would have rather had Spam.

Sharon: When you are writing, what kind of atmosphere do you need?

Kevin: NO FRICKIN' DISNEY. Sorry, was that in caps lock? I can write almost anywhere and even with all kinds of distractions in the background, but when Disney is on in the background I tend to lose my mind and leave. The Disney happens sometimes because I have a young daughter and she actually likes some of that stuff. AUGGH! She's growing out of it, thank the gods of twenty pantheons.

Sharon: What? Not a Selena Gomez or Big Time fan


Katie: With all the different lore going on in your books, how much research did you have to do?

Kevin: Much of it was absorbed through years of reading and teaching bits and pieces of it to my classes, but the Irish stuff required some research because it's not widely taught in schools. If you want to irritate your teachers, ask why it is only the Greco-Roman myths and smidgens of the Norse get taught in school. Does the rest of the world not matter?

Katie: One of my favorite charters is the Icelandic Vampire Leif, where did you come up with idea for him and will he maybe get his own book at some point?

Kevin: Leif was born because I needed a character who believed in the Norse pantheon who could plausibly wind up in North America fairly early in its history; Iceland suggested itself because of their early exploration of the continent. You'll get quite a bit of Leif's backstory in HAMMERED—he actually narrates a chapter—but beyond that I have no plans to feature him on his own.

Katie: [pouts]

Sharon: I find there is a difference in how men vs women write UF. Do you find there is a difference?

Kevin: I have found the same thing. :) Figuring out why will probably get us into gender issues and sexual politics, and I'm incapable of making myself sound knowledgeable about that because I'm a nerd.

Sharon: Nice dodge there Kevin . I find the biggest difference in the romance parts. Men tend to write more action and women use more feelings.

Kevin: OK, that may be true. But I should probably say in my own defense that I will never write the hot stuff for a very good reason. I teach high school for my day job and some of my students might actually read my books, so, you know, just, NO. I'll never pretend that my characters don't have sex and of course they throw a few F-bombs around here and there, but I also don't feel that graphic, play-by-play, bow-chicka-bow-wow advances the plot of my novels, so that's why I don't linger on that and keep things moving.

Katie: *turns to Sharon* huh huh he just said bow-chicka-bow-wow. lol.

Sharon: snort!

Katie: This is a VERY important question Kevin. How many vampires are you acquainted with and are they single?

Kevin: All three of them are single and they're non-sparkly.

Katie: Sweet! *hands Kevin my personal info to pass along*

Sharon: (psst, Katie, ask about shifters too)

Katie: Oh right. So Kevin any hott shifters you may know?

Kevin: My buddy Nick says he can shift from sexy to smexy in three seconds. Does that count?

Sharon: Only if he is covered in fur and can growl.

Katie: Where can folks find you in the coming months?

Kevin: Best place to find me is on my website ( or Facebook author page, or even on Twitter @kevinhearne. On my website there's a page called Events and Appearances, and I'm scrupulous about keeping it updated. Coming up I'll be in NYC for the release date of HAMMERED, then I'll be at San Diego Comic Con.

Sharon: Where won’t people find you in the coming months ?

Kevin: Trinidad & Tobago.

Sharon: Don’t forget on a Disney Cruise line

Kevin: Right! Not there either.

Katie: Now we are going to move into our fun Rapid Fire round of questions. Please clear your mind and answer with the first thing that pops up. Ready?……Set……GO!

Katie: Batman or Spiderman

Kevin: Batman

Sharon: Bruce Lee or Jet Li

Kevin: Jet Li

Katie: Mad Max or Blade Runner

Kevin: Blade Runner

Sharon: Yessss! Time to die.

Katie: Soylent Green or Klingon Gagh

Kevin: I'm clueless.

Katie: Really? Wow I though for sure you would know this one….ok moving on. lol

Katie: Coke or Pepsi

Kevin: Either as long as it's cherry!

Katie: Huh…never had that happen before. Okay so a point for each side then?

Sharon: Yin or Yang

Kevin: Yin.

Katie: Red Sonja or She-Hulk

Kevin: Red Sonja.

Katie: Niiice.

Sharon: Pacman or Ms. Pacman

Kevin: Street Fighter

Katie: Twizzlers or Gummy Bears

Kevin: Are you trying to kill me? Goobers.

Sharon: I agree, that gummy stuff sucks!

Kevin: Totally. It's like they give your teeth uncomfortably long hugs.

Katie: Mulder or Scully

Kevin: Oh, damn, please God give me Scully!

Sharon: Polar Bear or Grizzly Bear

Kevin: Grizzly

Katie: Amazon or Desert

Kevin: Desert. Fewer bugs.

Katie: Mint Chip or Rocky Road

Kevin: Rocky Road. Marshmallows rule.

Sharon: Maleficent or Scar

Kevin: I have a scar on my elbow and sometimes it hurts.

Sharon: (wondering if Kevin knows what I am talking about? )

Kevin: I'm sticking to my answer. It's a nasty scar.

Katie: Lip singing or Karaoke

Kevin: Karaoke. Won a contest once.

Katie: Thanks again for chatting with us Kevin, would you like to add anything before we wrap?

Kevin: Since you have this cool sheep site, I'll share something with your readers: I think goats are funny. I can't explain why; they just make me laugh. But because of this odd quirk, you will find at least one goat in every one of my books. You probably wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't said anything, but now that I've mentioned it you won't be able to avoid noticing it. :)

Sharon: SNORT! Sheeps rule, goats drool!

Katie: Hear hear! *high fives* He does also write about sheep in Hounded just fyi….

While Sharon and I drag Kevin away to do a little Karaoke for us we will move on to the Giveaway. One lucky winner is going to get a signed copy of Hexed and some fun sheep swag items. To be automatically entered to win please list BOTH things in the comments below.

1. Your Email Address

2. If you could be any character from the lore who would you be and why?

Contest will run until July 10th at midnight!

Double your chances to win by following our blog.

Good luck!


  1. This series sounds really interesting and I loved the interview - I to dislike gummies. Okay now I am a bit confused about what you mean by a character from lore, so I will have to choose a big purple dinosaur - you see this last time I colored my hair it came out purple, so I already have the color and I can sing the song real good :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity and sharing today. You made me smile.


  2. You so silly DeniseZ. :sets up microphone in front of Denise: Okay, sing.....

    I think I would want to be Fey.

  3. Thanks for a cool, fun interview! Went great with my early morning coffee :)

    If I had to choose a character from lore...a banshee! (I'm totally into Erin Kellison's Shadow world right now :)

    Appreciate the giveaway! You can tweet at me [at]SpiceBites

  4. Thank you for doing the interview, Kevin. I've just gotten my copy of Hounded based on the Sheep review and I can hardly wait to sit down with it. Wonderful premise! By the way, I'm with you on Jar Jar Binks AND the cool lizard. Katie, Klingon Gagh for me. But maybe not live. Psst Sharon - I have shifters! See me later... If I had to be a creature from lore, I'd be a Phouka because I love shapeshifters AND horses (it commonly takes the form of a great black horse, NOT a 7-foot rabbit)

  5. This series sounds incredibly intriguing! I know what I want to read after I finish my current books.

  6. Oh I dunno Atticus has some great snark, but I might have to be Rachel Morgan from the Hallows for a day. That was a great interview! I cannot wait to tread hammered.

    terilhack at gmail dot com

  7. I loved the questions that you asked Kevin! That was great and a good tie to read. Thank you for the giveaway!
    I would love to be Mercy Thompson for a day.
    kasuranna at yahoo dot com

  8. Okay I can't win this one but I did want to answer the question.

    If I could be any person from the lore it would have to be one week as Cat Crawford (from Jeanine Frost series) and then one week as Mac (from Karen Monning series).

    LOVE those chicks and would want to taste those sexy men they keep around. ;)

    Thanks for the comments everyone, keep them coming!

  9. A fairy, 'cuz I'm a big fan of Tinkerbell :-)


  10. I heard so many good things about these books and OMG I agree about the cherry thing. Every drink is better that way. I love my cherry beer. Okay perhaps coffee isn't better with cherry. But nevermind.

    And you can all keep the Gagh. *shudders*

    Wonderful interview btw- made me giggle like a teen.

    thegeekybookworm @ gmail . com

  11. And I have to choose a character. LOL

    Ahemm....nothing Disney cuz seriously they sing too much LOL Okay I go for Kate Daniels.She has Curran. *purrs*

  12. Soylent Green is People! lol LOVED that part.

    great interview, I will have to check these books out. thanks ladies

  13. I gotta go with Kate Daniels too because I'm an ATL native. And definitely Klingon Gagh!

    rwschwarz11 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I'd have to go with Leif. He seems to have lived quite the life, and Vikings are just plan bad-ass.


  15. @dustinbishop.....mmmm Leif. Good pick! ;)

  16. I'm ba-aaaack! Now look what you made me do... I sat down to start Hounded this morning and NINE CHAPTERS LATER came up for air. Love the characters, the mythology and the writing. Very smooth in spite of having to deliver a lot of world-building info. Well done!

  17. Brighid. I've always been fascinated by her and how she was "borrowed" by Christianity.


  18. This book was recommended to me at the bookstore and I can't wait to read it! Great interview. I really hope I win (crosses fingers)!

    Lore character - Vampire! Or maybe a coyote shape shifter with a really hot alpha werewolf husband. Decisions, decisions.


  19. I would choose to be a bean-sidhe.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  20. Thank you to everyone who left a comment on our interview with Kevin, it means a lot to us and to him. And now the winner of the contest is....

    Rebecca WS! Congrats to you. :) Please respond to the email I just sent you within 7 days or I will have to pick a new winner. Hurry! lol

    Big hugs to everyone and stick around for all the winning coming up!