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Monday, July 11, 2011

Interview with author Sherry Soule

The gang at I Smell Sheep are proud to present the first interview with a Young Adult author, Sherry Soule! We are so excited that she has taken the time to sit down and chat with us about her new paranormal YA book, Beautifully Broken.

Haunted Ravenhurst Manor. 2 Sheep. 1 Heritage witch meet.

Sharon: Tell us about your writing space/environment. What time of day or night are you most productive?
Sherry: Afternoon to evening. My workspace is surrounded by books and art. I write in a built-on family. Since it the extra room was built without a foundation, I get a lot of creepy-crawlers. Not to mention, there is a forest area behind my house. So far, I’ve had a bat, wolf spider (these spiders are HUGE), salamander, lizard, slugs, black widow spider, and a centipede. These creatures tend to entertain my cat, but totally freak me out. LOL

Amber: You provided an extraordinary amount of detail when describing Ravenhurst and the materials used for the spells. Was there a lot of research that was required to complete this book?
Sherry: Yes, I researched haunted houses, paranormal investigations, Shamanism and Wicca.

Sharon: If you thought there was a Shadow around you, what would you do!?
Sherry: Scream! Okay, seriously, after I screamed I would run from the room.

Amber: What is the wildest adventure you have ever been on?
Sherry: River rafting I guess. LOL

Sharon: There is a rumor you like to buy shoes and books . When was your last impulsive purchase and what was it?
Sherry: I have an addiction to online shopping on Amazon. I can’t go there without finding something I want to buy. On my last visit, I purchased Amanda Hocking’s HOLLOWLAND, the scary movie, “Let me In,” and JINX by Meg Cabot.

Amber: What is your favorite part of the writing process, from the first idea to the actual publication?
Sherry: Getting it out of my head and onto the computer screen is the toughest. Then trying to smooth out my jumbled thoughts into a story.

Sharon: Which State would you like to visit and why?
Sherry: New Orleans. The history. The culture. The architecture.

Amber: Without giving too many spoilers, can you tell us what we can expect in Shiloh’s next adventure?
Sherry: Here is the synopsis:
Shiloh Ravenwolf isn’t your typical teenager. Even though, she loves to shop, enjoys gossiping with her friends, and thinks her parents are totally uncool. Deep down, Shiloh knows she isn’t normal. There’s the gift of Sight (Yes, she can see dead people), the magical powers—oh!—and the demon slaying.
Let’s not forget her supernatural training with her uber cool mentor Evans, where Shiloh resolves to learn more about the dark curse inhabiting Whispering Pines. But when she embarks on a dangerous journey to seek out the town’s insidious origins, the mystery of her family’s past deepens, and she is again thrust into Ravenhurst Manor’s nightmare world.
To complicate things, she's torn between two hotties, Trent and Dante. And Shiloh must face her biggest challenge yet—and it’s not deciding which crush to take to the prom.
No, she must decide which boy will live and which one will die…

Amber: I can't wait for this book!

Sharon: Got ask this one for Katie. Since you live the San Francisco area, which she knows is heavily populated with vampires. Do you know any single vampires and could you get their names and numbers for her?
Sherry: You bet. I know some very hot vamps, Angelus and Draven. And occasionally, Spike stops in town for a bite—er—I mean visit.

Amber: The characters in this story are so complex. It’s one of the most intricate YA novels I’ve read in a long time. Are the characters based off people you know, or what is the inspiration behind them?
Sherry: No, not people I know. But in truth, a little of myself goes into every main character I write.

Sharon: Do you dream about your characters?
Sherry: No. that would be awesome! But I do have dreams that I’ve turned into stories.

Amber: If you could advice to your 20-year-old self, what would it be?
Sherry: The list is long. I was sorta wilder when I was younger and I wish I had more focus. So, I’d say, “Self, stay in college and follow your dream of writing!”

Sharon: OMG, you dropped this lottery ticket and it is worth $100 dollars…..what are you going to do with it!!?
Sherry: Well, I guess if I’d dropped it, then someone else would get my hundred bucks. But since I’m unemployed, it would suck, because I could really use the money! lol

Amber: The connection between Shiloh and Trent is almost magical in nature. Just like the connection between Trent’s parents. Is there really magic at work here or is it just a coincidence?
Sherry: Ah, good question. Not to give anything away, but emotions such as love, anger, or depression can linger in a place like Ravenhurst. A place that can feed off emotions…and transfer them…

Sharon: Where can fans find you in the next few months?
Sherry: Doing a blog tour through August. A list of my sdtpos can be found on my blog:

And now it's time for the ever entertaining round of Rapid Fire! Ready.. Set.. GO!

Sharon: Pizza or lasagna
Sherry: Pizza

Amber: Rocky Road or Chocolate Chip
Sherry: Rocky Road

Sharon: Goobers or Raisinettes
Sherry: Eww! Meither!

Amber: Forest or Desert
Sherry: Forest!

Sharon: Vampires or shifters
Sherry: Vamps

Amber: Football or Basketball
Sherry: Football

Sharon: Coke or Pepsi
Sherry: Pepsi

Amber: Yes!! Another win for Team Pepsi! Don't worry KD.. I'll let you hold my trophy, maybe even take a picture with it! :P

Amber: Manicure or Pedicure
Sherry: Pedi

Sharon: Scottish accent or Australian
Sherry: Ohhh, both are sexy. Australian

Amber: Flip flops or deck shoes
Sherry: Hel-lo! Flip flops

Sharon: Thor or Superman
Sherry: OMG—THOR!!!!!!!!!!!
Amber: Excellent answer. I think Sharon would have been majorly disappointed if you had answered differently. Lol.

Amber: Sherry thank you so much for taking this time to chat with us about your life and writing. I'm so excited for the next installment in Shiloh's story! Good luck and keep the romance and mystery coming my way!

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  1. Snort, You are so right about the Thor thing. And Yay! Pepsi rules, Coke drools...

    I should have made it clear, that I found the lottery ticket and gave it back to her. So, if you are checking comments today, Sherry. I gave the ticket to you! Cause this is WSWD (what sheep would do)

  2. Three hot vamps for me to hook up with?! LOVE this! lol Good looking out ladies, loved this interview. :)

    PS Coke rules Pepsi drools!

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  5. I would love to cast a spell to see who the persons truly are. Thank you for the giveaway and the interview.


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  8. Hello, the prize fairy here! The winner is....Mellainae!

    Yeah (throws confetti) You info has been sent to the author. You should hear from her soon :)