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Monday, September 19, 2011

Author Interview with Michele Hauf + give away

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Today we have Paranormal Romance author Michele Hauf visiting the Flock. If you like demons, angels, vampires, shifters, smexy heroes and kick ass heroines then Michele has a book you will like. Visit her website to check out her extensive back list, The ultimate list of over 4500 Vampire stories, and 8 different blogs she is part of!

Stay around till the end because Michele is offering two books to a winner!

Sharon: After checking out your website, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you like vampires. Who was your first vampire, the one that sent you down this path?
Katie: Yes, yes! Let’s talk vamps!

MH: The first vampire I wrote was Sebastian DelaCourte. That was in the early 90s, and I was inspired by rock n'roll and the 18th century. The re-vamp of Dark Shadows was playing on TV at the time, and I started to see the vampire as a romantic figure, so the story just came to me.
Sharon: I remember watching that too. I had recently discovered Lestat at that point. He was my first vampire love.

MH: Barnabas Collins (as played by Ben Cross) was my first vamp crush.

Sharon: Tell our readers what they can expect with your books.

MH: A good story. Or so I hope! Lots of action and adventure, creatures they've never met before, and some good, sexy romance.
Sharon: Yes, the romance! Do you have a favorite romantic couple from your books? A least favorite?

Moon Kissed (Mb Nocturne)MH: Well, I have many favorite couples. Usually the ones I'm working on at the moment, but I have a very soft spot for Severo and Bella. He's such a lovable, cuddly hunk of werewolf. He would do anything for his woman. Anything.
Sharon: shifter, Mmmm

Katie: Have you ever wished you might actually find and or fall in love with a vamp?

MH: Erm, no. The whole biting thing kind of freaks me out. Some guy gnawing at your neck? Although, the immortality thing does sound appealing, but only if we can become perfect a la Anne Rice's vampires.
Sharon: Katie has a completely different take on the neck gnawing thing <G>
Katie: Oh Sharon knows me so well! Yes neck biting is top of my list with vamps! So what would you do if you ever did the chance to meet a vamp?

MH: I'd probably take notes. ;-) And carry a stake.

Sharon: Finish this sentence: “People think I am weird because…”

MH: I write about creatures. But seriously? I'm much less weird than most people expect, which I think also startles them upon first meeting me. Always fun to keep them guessing!
Sharon: I like to eat in the shower. I know, right?! Weird, but tasty.

MH: And efficient! No crumb clean up! I suppose it's weird that I currently have a dead butterfly pinned to a board on my desk right now.
Sharon: *backs slowly away* Er, no, not weird at all Ms. Hauf…<G>

Sharon: If you could have a theme song play when you entered a room, what would it be?

MH: A theme song for moi? Hmm, never thought about that. It would probably be some flamenco guitar tune.

Sharon: You’ve written so many stories! What kind of relationship do you have with your muse?

MH: It's pretty good actually. Lately, she's been stuffing me with ideas, so much so, that I don't have time to tend to all of them.
Sharon: Do you write them down and file them away for later?
MH: If I know I want to write about it, yes. I'll write the scene or whatever I have, then collect some info about the characters, find pics of them, so later I can recall who/what I was thinking about, then I'll file it. I keep a MASSIVE file on all my characters. It's is my bible.

Katie: Outside of vamps what other creatures of the lore do you like?

MH: I like werewolves and faeries. Would really like to explore my idea of faeries much more, so hope to do that in future books.
Sharon: :swoon: While I am Team Shifter in the whole Vamp vs Shifter debate, my secret fantasy dude is a Fae (guess it isn’t so secret anymore <G>).

MH: I LOVE a faery dude. I have a few in my arsenal but haven't been able to write about them yet. A guy with wings? How can you say no?
Sharon: you don’t say no, you jump on his back and scream “take me…”.Oh, damn…never mind ;)

Sharon: What type of writing environment do you prefer?

MH: I need quiet, so work at home, alone in my office. No music (unless I'm editing) and no distractions. The hubby is on unemployment lately, so he's home a lot. I find I can't even work if he's simply in the house.

Katie: If you could have a date with anyone from past or present real of fiction who would it be and why?

MH: Denis Diderot, the father of the encyclopedia. I just imagine he was a very smart, sexy, wicked Frenchman, and wouldn't mind getting to know him better. ;-)
Sharon: okay, that was unexpected and totally cool!
Katie: I think Ben just had a joygasim over this one. *winks*

MH: Hee. If you ever want to see an amazing movie, check out Le Libertin. Stars Vincent Perez as Diderot. Sexy, funny amazing actors. But I'm a sucker for a French movie, especially a costume drama. Name it, and I've seen it.

Sharon: We are always looking to improve our blog for readers and authors. What do you like/dislike about review blogs in general?

MH: The most important thing in a review is that the reviewer includes a usable 'blurb' somewhere in the review. We writers love to have our books reviewed, but we also like to be able to use those reviews in promotion. If there's not a 'quote' or good line, the review isn't usable. And I hate to have the reviewer's hard work go unused! So give us good 'blurb', ladies, that's all we ask. ;-) [That's a general suggestion, it certainly does not apply to this awesome blog.]
Sharon: never thought about that, thanks for the advice. I will pay closer attention from now on.
Sharon: What do you have coming out right now or in the future that you would like to tell readers about?

MH: Right now my novella THIS GLAMOROUS EVIL is out, and it's getting some great reviews. I'm pretty pleased with the story about a dark witch and a cat-shifting familiar. For all the details, stop by my website. Also next month I have two anthologies out, CRAVE THE NIGHT and A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, so watch for those, which include stories also set in my Beautiful Creatures world.
Sharon: I reviewed that one and loved it! Check it out here

A Vampire for Christmas: Enchanted by Blood\Monsters Don't Do Christmas\When Herald Angels Sing\All I Want for Christmas (Hqn) This Glamorous Evil

Time for our Infamous Rapid Fire Round

Sharon: Fresh water or Salt Water
MH: Salt

Katie: KFC or Popeyes
Sharon: lol, should have asked fruit or veggies?
Katie: Or she just ate so much chicken the burps are comin!
MH: Veggies!

Sharon: Cowboy hat or baseball hat
Sharon: again with the French. ;)
MH: are you sensing a theme here? ;-)

Katie: Naked Cowboy or Naked Baseball player
Naked baseball player
Katie: In gear or no?
MH: yeah, a little gear will make things interesting. :-)

Sharon: Yogi or BooBoo
MH: BooBoo

Katie: Pinky or The Brain
The Brain (he so rocks)
Katie: What would you like to do today?
MH: Try to take over the world!

Sharon: Pepsi or Coke
MH: I don't do pop
Sharon: oh snap! But if you had to pick
Katie: We have a Coke/Pepsi war going on....
MH: Oh heck, well, my mother brought us up on Pepsi, so I'll go with that. But seriously, the sugar will KILL you. ;-) (And I think I recall it tastes sweeter than Coke?)
Sharon: BOO-YAH! That just happened, Katie! <G> sorry, got carried away…

Katie: Horror or Comedy
MH: comedy

Sharon: Demon or Angel
MH: demon
Sharon: got to agree with you on that one ;)

Katie: Ice Cream Truck or Taco Truck
MH: taco truck

Sharon: Lambs or fawns
MH: fawns

Katie: Older Brother or Younger Brother
MH: younger
Katie: someone to beat up...niiiice.
MH: hee. I don't know that I ever beat up my younger brother, but I was a master at switching the blame to him for everything. ;-)

Thanks to Michele for visiting with us! She is offering a winner a copy of Forever Vampire (one of my favorites) and a copy of The Other Crowd (Alex Archer story) and we are throwing in some Sheep Swag!

The Other Crowd (Rogue Angel)Forever Vampire

To Enter:
1. Tell us your favorite kind of supernatural hottie
2. Leave a name and email
*double entry if you are a follower of the Flock

Contest ends: Sept 26 at Midnight

Sheep Swag: sticky notes, tattoos, skeleton bookmark, postcard


  1. Gah i totally thought this interview was during the upcoming week! Bah! *waves to Michele Hauf* Hey there, i have two of your ebooks, "Kiss me Deadly" and "The Devil to Pay". Ive finished "..Deadly" and will be starting the other one after i finish another book im immersed in. LOVED what i read in the first one and am looking forward to reading "The Devil" and will more then likely be stalking your books from here on in. Now.. back to the entry lol:

    1. My favorite kind of supernatural hottie is without question a biter *grins at Katie* Be he vampire or werewolf or a big cat hybrid, it matters not as long as he has nice sharp teeth. *looks around suddenly self concious then shrugs and laughs* ...well you asked! lol The Fae men are vaguely interesting, but they dont really make this kitten purr lol.

    I follow you guys on FB and Twitter, and Katie and Sharon are aware of my slightly, yes slightly, twisted ways so i make no apologies for being a baaaaaaaad girl lol. Name and email are below - have a good night ladies!!

    Tina Clare -

  2. LOL!Oh, Tina don't be self conscious. You fit in just fine around here ;) but I will have to pretend I didn't here that Fae comment

  3. MH: I'd probably take notes. ;-) And carry a stake. LOL

    Great interview!

    Favorite supernatural hottie? Angels win with me...but they must be warriors who drink Coke!:) You know, totally "drop you dead" if you cross them types.

    Nora Weston

  4. Vampire... Definitely a vampire....


  5. Is this open to just the US? or....?

  6. Vamps are still #1, but wolf or cat shifters are coming close.

  7. Hmmm, I love shape shifters! Vamps are awesome too. Fae are creepy...just my opinion.

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction

  8. what a hilarious interview! thanks!
    my fav is gonna be a cat type shifter.. or any non wolfy shifter (dragons are awesome too)

    im a follower!

    alainala@hotmail DOT ca

  9. I want that vamp sticker!!!! lol

    Always the vamps for me (as you all know) great comments so far, thanks everyone and keep'em comin! :)

  10. Great interview. I also would like to see a naked baseball player, with some equipment on. Michelle is a new author for me and am always looking for new reads. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.
    GFC follower: Chris Bails. also follower of this blog, but posting anonymous. something wrong with blogger

  11. I am still stuck on that tall blond fae that gets toasted in LRT Two Towers, I can never remember his name but he was the ultimate (sorry went off in a little daydream there). Thank you for the fun today and for the awesome giveaway opportunity. I am a follower stalking the fun where ever it goes:)


  12. I love Vampires. I am a crazy vamp fan..seriously.
    So I would totally pick vampires for this there really any other choice?

    You eat in the shower? bwahahaha lol Doesn't your food get wet? That's ok all my friends and family think I'm weird for letting my rats eats off my plate at dinner time. a bite for you...and bite for me. LOL

    GFC follower..

  13. My favorite type of supernatural hottie is a vampire.

  14. very close call....Wamp?...okok...Vamp closely followed by a werewolf...*sigh*

    lOve that MH's entrance music is flamenco guitar tune.:):)

    GFC follower

  15. Thank you for the giveaway! There are so many to choose from. I have a thing for mermaids, gargoyles, or angels at this time. This is usually changing as soon as I find another great paranormal romance.

    jbronderblogs at aol dot com

  16. My favorite type of supernatural hottie is a shifter. I have a thing for bear, tiger, and panther shifters. Hear me roarrrr! Lol. I also like sexy demons.
    GFC Follower: TinaBuriedUnderBooks

    Tina B. Wheatley

  17. Give me a fallen angel - dark & dirty - & I am happy.

    I follow.


  18. Thanks to all for stopping by today! Someone asked if contest is US only, and no, it's worldwide. ;-)

  19. Oh good, worldwide, yay :)

    I always love a vampire, good or bad, it's all fun ;P A tattooed vampire is even better!

    I'm a follower- Jet


  20. Vampires are my favourite supernatural hotties. They are an intoxicating bunch of creatures!

    I'm a Sheep follower.
    Cambonified (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. @Nora, I will also ignore that Coke comment! You all are going to be the death of me!

    @Escape by Fiction, not you too!!!!! Y'all leave my Fae dudes alone.

    @DeniseZ - thank goodness you are here. let's go have some Kool Aid and talk Fae...

    @Mary- my husband won't let my daughter bring the rat to the table . I used her Drake the rat to pick the latest Swagday winner! I eat with my back to the shower stream until I am done :)

    @Barbara - WAMP!!! Bwahahaha! Best of both worlds ;)

  22. Awesome post and interview! I'd have to say that I'm not picky... as long as it's a story I get lost in w/ good dialog... I don' care if he's a shapeshifting tortoise who is turned into a vampire as long as the author makes me believe it's possible :)

  23. Dang..I hate to sound like everyone else but I like vampires the best. I just have never gotten tired of them. I like demons and faeries too, but vampires have always been the best for me. I love, LOVE, Michele's vampires. I've read almost all her stuff. Her Beautiful Creatures rock! I've never read a bad book from she has a lot ;) I have not read Forever Vampire yet but I would love to. Please count me in.

    GFC follow as Tanyaw1224


  24. Terrific interview!! I love vamps, but I'm really liking the new paranormals out now: were-creatures of all times and sizes, other shape shifters, fairies, demons, etc.!! I think my fave right now is the Fae!
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  25. I forgot to mention that I am definitely a follower :)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  26. My very fave kind is shape shifters..the kind that can turn into anything :) I am a follower

  27. Toss up, vamp or shifter or other great creature, Give us a great story with suspension of disbelief !


  28. awesome interview, ladies :D

  29. 1. Vampires, of course!
    2. I'm a follower of the Flock.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  30. Hmm probably would have to be a vampire.
    I'm a follower.

    ticklebear2 at yahoo dot com

  31. My vote is for the vampires of course. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    +1 GFC: LadyVampire2u

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  32. I love vampires, but angels have to come in second especially the fallen type that are gorgeous and broody. I follow GFC Lisa and yea I want to win. lisapeters at yahoo dot com thanks Lisa

  33. Vampires are always at the top of the list. Shapeshifters are quickly closing the gap, though.
    I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  34. lol.. awww thanks Sharon! They like me! they really really like meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!.. lol

    and i adore you back but i'll ALWAYS take a biter over a fae.. no offense to the pointy eared fangirls (and boys? lol) out there.. just my own personal tastes.. mmmm... taste..nibble.. bite.. *eyes glaze over*

  35. contest is closed and I will be picking the winner today and sending that info to Michele. Thanks for playing to figure out a creatvive way to pick a winner....

  36. The winner is TinaBuriedUnderBooks! Congrats!! :)