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Thursday, September 8, 2011

'Forged' directed by William Wedig a Sheep Review

A film by William Wedig

Opens September 16
Opera Plaza in San Francisco
Check local listing for a theater near you.

An ex-thug and his son attempt to find a way to move past impossible circumstances to forge a bond that has been forever broken by the murder of the child's mother.

Set in the cold and rusty steel mill town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, FORGED follows ex-thug Jesus “Chuco” Barrera (Manny Perez) on his quest to redeem himself for committing a horrific sin-The murder of his wife. After Chuco's release from prison, his now 13-year-old, abused and homeless son, Machito (David Castro), seeks him out and simply mutters, “You killed my mother. Now I kill you.” As Chuco's guilt and Machito's need for a father take hold, they must both find a way to move past impossible circumstances to forge a bond that has been forever broken. Engulfed by a bleak and lonely air, FORGED tells a profound, introverted story that is both exhilarating and heartfelt-an exploration into the deep bonds of family when one man's search for redemption might beg for more than he can give.

After reading the premise you might be thinking "sounds intriguing", it is but I say that with a few reservations. I REALLY wanted to like this film more than I did. I loved the idea of it, the reconnection of father and son and the struggles of each others past. Drugs and lies, gangs holding you back with a lifestyle that gets you nowhere fast; all solid real life dilemmas that certainly sell to audiences across the globe. The acting from Perez and Castro are by far the best parts of movie. No question. But here's where the problems occur...

The script had so many holes throughout I found it hard to truly invest deeply. The overall feel for the movie is there but it's in the little things that you find yourself checking out for a while. **SPOILER ALERT** After serving 8 years in jail, getting released on parole and KNOWING you're dealing with some really scary ass drug dealers why would you then steal their money and go on the run? Hmm? After just being released. Why?! Err! Frustrating and unbelievable. **END OF SPOILER ALERT** The movie pushes the viewer too far in the belief that a man would take things to this extreme after spending so many years in jail.

Now aside from the plot issues and getting further into the story, I really started to wonder just how many times a person can get shot before they die? I mean really. Quiet a few bullets are flying around, and people are getting hit, but it's almost like Night of the Living Dead. They just keep going and going...maybe that's the Energizer bunny. Either way the continued bullets only added to my frustration of the movie.

I love supporting independent films and the people who all take part in making them, but I only ask that you give me something I can really invest in. It's all here but the movie felt like a jigsaw puzzle that couldn't get the pieces to quite fit. Still, worth a viewing but proceed with a bit of caution.

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  1. I don't think I would see it based on the blurb. Sounds so depressing! . I know what you mean by a puzzle pieces that just don't seem to fit. Great analogy (I might steal that one from you for one of my book reviews ;)

  2. lol steal away Sharon! I think the overall feel of the movie could be seen as depressing but this is where the script writers missed the mark. It was meant to be about two souls reconnecting and finding a way to move forward from an awful past. And how outside influences can get in the way, then the climatic ending was going to seal all that up...but it never fully came around. When the pieces don't fit the ending falls a little flat. But like I said, still worth a watch just not fangtastic. ;)