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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's happening at the Sheep this month!

September Swagday is coming on the 10th. This is your chance to try something new. There will be new featured authors, a new game to play and lots of swag to win!

*Is there an author you want to try. Let me know and I will try to get them involved. If you are an author and want to be part of Swagday drop us an email.

We are going to start adding Amazon links to the books we review. Did you know that if you use an amazon link from our page to buy a book, or anything within 15 minutes of clicking one of our links, we get a small percentage of the sale? I know, right! This is a way for us to earn some money to pay for mailings and prizes from something you were going to buy anyway. So, if you are going to buy anything from use one of our links (you don't have to buy the thing on the link, it will just get you to the site and then you can search for what you want).
We are also going to keep a wheel of cool stuff (in right hand side bar) filled with neat things. I bought the severed leg purse. Not sure if I will keep it or give it to my daughter for Christmas <G>.

Scott Nicholson is a talented horror/ghost story writer and he wants you to share in his success. The whole month of September Scott is running lots of contests on his website and 25 other blogs. Prizes will be in the form of gift cards and ebooks.

I Smell Sheep is the sponsor of his short story collection Head Cases
We will get 5% of the total sales of this book for the month of September. So, if you have been wanting to try Scott's work here is a great chance for only $.99!!! Stay tuned for a review of Head Cases.

Please spread the word about Scott's contest, because the more people that participate, the more money he makes and the more we can win!

We will leave you with a little something the Sheep created for your pleasure ;)


  1. Okay, I just took some names of authors off my wishlist :)
    Merrie Destefano
    Kelly Meding
    Mark Del Franco
    Allyson James
    Hey a girl can dream, especially when she does not have cake :)

  2. @DeniseZ - huh? I think I missed something here! Why did you take them off your list?

  3. Looking foward to another month with the flock :) looks like you have come up with some great ideas for giveaways, and games.

  4. jennifer estep?? i would love to have her!! (and she just had a new book come out!)

  5. Got some of cool things going on this month!!! I'm looking forward to Swag Day!!! I've been eyeing Felicity Heaton's books. Never read her work before. Luv the grand finale video!!! A lot of intriguing reads in there!!! Look forward to all the awesome surprises during the month!!! :-)

  6. The Goblin King by Shona Husk is on my list, as is The Big Bad Wolf Compendium by Heather Killough-Walden and
    Trinity (The Brethren Series)
    by Deena Remiel. By the way, I've been eyeing that leg purse for my own zombie-loving daughter!

    PS - that is SUCH a great vid. Sigh.

  7. @Dani, I read Goblin King :) loved it. And I also have Trinity on my ereader.

    the leg purse came this week ;) so gross and so cool...