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Saturday, November 26, 2011

'Comics: Men in Tights' feature piece + giveaway!

Don't you just LOVE a man that can pull off a nice set of skin-sucking tights? Thighs and calves just rippling with alpha male goodness yes, yes give me more! *shivers* Let's take a look at some of the best butt-hugging fabrics rocked by some of the toughest men in comics. You know them, and love them so here we go!

Wolverine- Claw me nightly, rip the sheets to shreds and have your mighty way with my willing body. This black haired blue eyed Canadian beauty can handle any sticky situation and then some. With pounds of raw masculine muscle those yellow tights could wrap around my body 24/7.

Spiderman- Web me baby, Peter Parker, the man with the scoop, also happens to rock a 5'10 figure clad in skin tight red and blue goodness. Swinging from the highest buildings has never looked so amazing; it's enough to make any ladies heart beat faster. You could tangle me in his web any day you please.

Magneto- Bad never looked sooo good and this tall drink of hunky German metal could seduce me to the darker side of life with open and willing arms. Red's the color of POWER and this human hater's got it going on. Talk about getting chained to the bed: chain me!

Captain America- Steve Rogers has the surfer boy good looks and a tall frame to carry all that man-cake goodness bringing it home to the good'ole US of A with his rock solid body and sexy shield. Action, power and tights. Let's hear it for the red what and blue. USA! USA! (sorry, had a sugar rush for a second there)

Gambit- Going down the bayou. This Ragin' Cajun beauty's one 6 foot tall drink of sweet tea, what do the cards say? Walking close to the edge this smex pot is just exuding "bad boy come get some". Bikers beware you can have your leather I'll take skin tight purple and be on my way!

Punisher- Frank Castle may have a long criminal record, but I'd be the first to holler out my window if I saw him doing weekend work on the side of a freeway. *makes cat calls* Welcome to NY baby, this 6'1 man is one hot apple weighting in at 200lbs of pure beef cake. Black never looked so good. I'm ready to take a bite out of crime.

Thor- Swing that hammer baby! This 6'6 Norse god of thunder and lighting packs a punch and I'm not just talking about the battle field here folks. With all the allure of Asgard and long luxurious locks on blond hair this silver-clad hottie with the naughty body can cook my goose.

[No Marvel Superheros were harmed while testing the beef cake validity of my claims. However Ben did have to wash his brain while editing. Repeatedly.]


Now it's time to keep the fun going! In the comments below list BOTH things to be entered to win a fun geeky prize pack which includes: an Iron Man comic, Nerds chapstick, Marvel Heros candy, Comic trading cards + Sheep swag items.

Double entries for followers plus this contest is open to International folks as well!

1. Who do you like in the comic world due to smexyness and why?

2. Your Email Address

Contest ends Dec 1st at midnight.

Good luck!


  1. 1. Who do you like in the comic world due to smexyness and why? Batman

    2. Your Email Address
    Email: bookandmoviedimensionblogger (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. OMG! THOOOOOOOOORRRRRRR! (excuse me...I got a little carried away) Gambit has my attention too ;) thanks for the smexy Katie

  3. Has to be BATMAN. I love the whole skulking in dark caves & don't get me started on the utility belt.


  4. I loved this post, omg you are funny.

    I have always had a thing for Batman, his face is always hidden behind the mask and all you can really see is his mouth...lips, yes I could definitely nibble that bottom lip of his. When he speaks it's always like a whisper, low and sexy.

  5. thats a toughie! i love me some gambit.. come on the looks, the trenchcoat and the accent... ohh yea.. Namor is awesome.. the little speedo?? and just think of how long he can hold his breath under water.. .ooohh and archangel (or angel).. hes rich, he has wings and blond curls! whooo!

    alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

    and i follow like a loyal sheep!

  6. Gambit and Thor get my votes. Why? That should be obvious, LOL! Gambit=bad boy hotness and Thor - um, long blonde hair, rippling muscles... ehem, ehem. ;) I was soooo relieved when the movies came out and they had hotties in the roles - i was really afraid the casting departments would fail me (They so often do!)

  7. Tough choice. Either Black Panther - the sexy, muscular predator with a Ph.D or Deadpool - the Merc with a Mouth who isn't pretty underneath that mask but has a sense of humor that I find both hilarious and incredibly sexy.

    Fun post. Thanks for the giveaway ;)
    Old follower

  8. Oh honey, no one can rock the tights like Batman and the Flash. Superman isn't that bad either, but give me tall dark and brooding or tall red and funny any day. *grin*

    I am sadden that the DC men did not make an appearance.

    jackie at literaryescapism

  9. I like Wolverine because he is just so
    Plus he can open cans with his claws...HAHA

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  10. Ow, it is so hard to choose! My top three are Superman, Batman and Wolverine.

    GFC follower-Jet

  11. GFC and Facebook follower ﺕ
    I am gong to say ϟ THOR is the absolute smexyest because I saw that movie and I never knew anyone could look like that in real life...i could only stare ♡


  12. Hawkeye. That's one sexy hunk!:o)

    GFC follower/international

  13. 1. Who do you like in the comic world due to smexyness and why?
    I have to go with Ian Nottingham from Witchblade [he just screams SMEXY!!!]

    2. Your Email Address

  14. @Jackie I get a hard time for this from my boys over at Bad Haven. ;) My personal dislike (ok I hate DC but I'll play nice) for all things DC *cough including Batman cough* is the reason why I went with Marvel men. BUT maybe Sharon, or someone else, would like to do another post about those guys. :)

    I'm all for everyone getting their fill of man candy. ;)

  15. My vote is for Spiderman. I've had hearts for him since I was young. I loved him as a child growing up, learned to read using his comic books, watched his TV show and was so jealous of Firestar. lol But now, I really see the smexy appeal of him as an adult. He's handsome, muscular, very agile, great stamina, has an awesome personality and definitely a romantic.

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  16. I'm a huge fan of Wolverine, Batman and Spiderman, all three are THE MEN!!! lol. Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

    GFC Follower: Candice

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. My personal comic book sexy hero is The Crow - what can be more sexy than a guy who turns vigilante even after death to avenge his love?

    GFC Follower: ilona
    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  19. Iron Man, because he's sexxy and smart. Plus I absolutely loved Robert Downy Jr as him in the movies.
    GFC - JessS

  20. This contest is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered and left comments on some hot men! ;)

    The winner is: addicted2heroines

    You have been emailed and will have 5 days to respond. Stay tuned folks more winning coming up! baaaaaa!

  21. O. M. G. You have a bright future writing hot taglines and blurbs for romance novels! Wish you'd written mine!

    Oh, and I've been a Batman fan since I was a kid.