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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Events at I Smell Sheep

With November right around the corner...
*Katie shoves calender under Sharon's nose*
Oh, dear. With November already here I Smell Sheep wanted to let you know what we have coming up this month.


Linda Poitevin

Got Angels? I recently reviewed Linda's debut novel Sins of the Angels and if you are looking for a gritty thriller with angel bad asses then you need to check out how this lady knows so much about police work ;)

Gini Koch

Got Aliens? This is one of Katie's favorite series and with the release of the her next book Alien Proliferation coming December 11th we wanted to give you a chance to meet Gini and find out why her books rock.

Larissa Ione

Got Smex? Larissa is known for her smoking hot alphas and she doesn't disappoint with her newest series Lords of Deliverance. The next book in the series Immortal Rider comes out at the end of the month. We talk with her about....well, you will have to wait and see <G>

Robert Kroese

Got Angel Snark? Katie reviewed Robert's latest book Mercury Rises and we couldn't wait to interview this snarky author and I promise no puppies or naked mole rats were harmed in the making of this interview.

Renne Pawlish

Got Spirits? We haven't done this interview yet! Katie is reading Renne's novel Nephilm: Genesis of Evil and then we will be giving her the Sheep interview treatment. I hope she likes moonpies and Kool-Aid.

Give Away Features Coming up

Swagday on November 10th
Featured authors this month will be Kiki Howell, DB Reynolds, Lisa Renee Jones, Caris Roane and one more I am waiting to hear from. Will you be the one having a Swag-gasm?

Thankful Sheep on November 24
We want to say Thank You to all our followers by giving away 5 Sheep SwagPacks (which will include the new cool Sheep ornament I am making!). Entering will be a matter of commenting and being a follower. You might have to tell us your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid...

*I Smell Sheep is now selling ad space for authors, publishers and vendors. Know someone or a business that might be interested? Send them our way!

*If you are going to do any Christmas shopping at please do it through our website (you can use any amazon link on our site to get there) and amazon will gives us a little money to go towards shipping and prizes!

(Black Friday Deals from now until Nov. 25)

Isn't this the cutest :) Thanks to Karen over at Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Book Lovers Facebook page for finding this :)


  1. Looks like we have a month of fun coming up. Should I start baking cakes now?