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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sheep Interview author Gini Koch + giveaway!

Once again we welcome friend and author Gini Koch to I Smell Sheep! If you've yet to check out her amazing books make sure to get out and grab your copies today. It's not too late! And stay tuned till the very end of our interview where you can win a signed book and T-Shirt.

Arizona. Super Secret Government Facility. 2 Sheep and 1 AC Agent meet.

Katie: Welcome back Gini, how have things been since we last spoke earlier this year?

Gini: Insane. In. Sane. Completely and utterly insane. But in a good way! Just try not to be thrown by the way my eyes twitch.

You get used to the rhythm after a while.

Sharon: Psst…Katie, I think I see the beat to “We Will Rock You”.

Katie: Knowing Gini it's an Aerosmith song haha.

Gini: It’s actually to the beat of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. But that’s not important now.

Sharon: Hey Gini, I am the newest, but oldest member of I Smell Sheep. I just checked out your website and it seems we have the same taste in music! What was the last concert you went to with your daughter? (I went to see Black Veil Bride with my teenage daughter)

Gini: Gosh, it’s been a while, honestly, deadlines being what they are. I think the last one we went to was Flogging Molly on St. Patrick’s Day. AWESOME band, btw, I heartily recommend them.

Katie: For those that live in a cave and don't know a thing about your books can you give them a little idea?

Gini: They’re the best books in the world and a deal at twice the price! (Hey, you still cannot blame a girl for trying.)

The series follows Katherine “Kitty” Katt, the world’s best accidental badass, as she first

discovers that the Roswell rumors are true and that there are not only aliens living on Earth, but they’re here to help, have what humans consider superpowers, and are all drop dead gorgeous. As the series progresses, so does Kitty’s involvement with the Alpha Centaurions, Earth governments, and interstellar governments.

The books are science fiction with a lot of romance, action and humor. A lot of humor. Kitty’s a fun, funny girl with a quirky worldview, and she deals with politics, conspiracy theories, and big, bad fuglies of all types and planets of origin in her own style. It’s not always a pretty or smooth style, but it tends to do the job…eventually.

Katie: SO much humor, I laugh so hard sometimes I almost pee my pants! TMI?

Gini: Maybe for others, but it makes ME happy to know.

Sharon: I think I am going to let this one go ;)

Katie: In your latest book Kitty is expecting, and from what I know of Kitty I bet the "birthing scenes" are going to be entertaining! Am I Right? Any hints?

Gini: Well, if there’s an author out there who says that any part of their book is boring, they should be shot, or edited better. I think every part of the book is exciting, but I can absolutely guarantee some unexpected things to happen during the birth, some of which is a set up for something I’ll be expanding in a future book in the series.

And that’s all the hints you’re going to get. You know I live spoiler free.

Katie: Damn!!!! I knew it and I can't WAIT!!!! Hurry release date, hurry!!!

Gini: Time flies when you’re waiting, right? Right?

Katie: With so many characters in your book are you going to do any spin off stories at some point?

Gini: LOL, you know, my editor and I were talking about that a couple of weeks ago. At this juncture, we’re not looking into in any kind of serious way, but I do know which ones I’d be interested in spinning off.

However, before his fan girls and boys start clamoring for it, Christopher will not now, nor ever, get his own spinoff. Sorry, it’s just never going to happen, and I rarely say never, but I can promise you, in this case, never is never. Christopher is part of what I consider the core of this series, and he’s not leaving to run his own show.

Katie: Maybe Chuckie?

Gini: Maybe; the idea has merit and possibilities. Ask me again, though, after you’ve read both Alien Proliferation and Alien Diplomacy.

Sharon: I have been asking authors what they like and dislike in a review blog. Got any advice for us and other bloggers?

Gini: I really find it upsetting when a book reviewer gives away spoilers for the current book. I

get why, when you’re reviewing, say, Book 4, that you’re going to mention things that happened in prior books. But to share key plot points for the current release, things that I’ve done my best to keep under wraps so they can be a surprise for every reader, and many times to do it WITHOUT saying “Spoiler Alert“…that really bothers me on all kinds of levels. I realize everyone has their own style, and some people do like the Full Monty, so to speak, but as an author who’s making a point to have some surprises for readers in store, it’s not something I enjoy running across.

Sharon: I agree!

Gini: I knew I liked you.

Otherwise, and this is a really simple thing that comes from my (many long) days in advertising and marketing, but -- make your blog legible for everyone. I don’t care how freaking pretty or cool it may be, and many out there are really pretty and cool, but if only Superman can read your tiny white type on a light background or your neon type on black background, then no one’s going to read those reviews. I don’t want to send someone to your site and cause a migraine or a seizure.

Sharon: I know exactly what you mean! Cursive scripts are probably the worst to read and I have run across a few…

Gini: Tiny type is painful. White type on black background is great if you’re using a giant font

size, but for regular reading, it’s painful. Pretty much, books are black ink on white paper because that’s easiest for our eyes to read. And we only get older, not younger, so take pity and make the font big enough to be read without eye strain.

Katie: What most people may not know about you is that you're a pretty hard core comic gal. When did this start for you?

Gini: From when I was a little girl. I started, as most girls do, with the Disney digest mags (that may not even exist any more, LOL) and Archie Comics. But I quickly branched into Marvel, DC and many horror comics. I’m a really fast reader, so I could go through an entire rack of comics while my grandmother was buying groceries. I started buying them, or asking for them to be bought for me, when I realized I wanted to reread them and really enjoy not only the story but the artwork that went along with them. I’ve been collecting ever since.

Sharon: Which comic art work is your favorite?

Gini: Oh, I think I’m gonna play a major favorite and say anything that Daniel Dos Santos does. :-D (And yes, I know, they’re covers, but hey, Dan’s MY cover artist, ergo, everything Dan does is golden as far as I’m concerned. Biased? Totally. LOL) Honestly, I like a lot of different styles. I could probably name those I dislike easier than like, because there are fewer of them. But I’m not gonna.

Sharon: got to admit, your covers ROCK!

Katie: Earlier this year you attended Comic Con in San Diego how was that experience and what would be some of your personal highlights?

Gini: Well, Comic-Con holds a special place in my heart. I’d never been before last year (because I couldn’t get tix or time) and it was my first con as a published author. My first panel as a published author was at that Comic-Con, which was really thrilling. So, this was my second Comic-Con, and it was still great. Had another great panel and an even better signing than the year before, and the hubs and I were able to enjoy more of the con this time around, because we were no longer Comic-Con virgins.

I had so many personal highlights it’s hard to choose, but here are a few of them: getting to be front row center in Hall H (thanks to the awesome Shelley - *smootchies*!) for almost a full day, including the Kevin Smith panel, which was beyond great; getting to sit between Vernor Vinge and Timothy Zahn for my panel, and between Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt for our signing; having a fan whose luggage had been lost on the way buy, in addition to a new wardrobe, another full set of my books so he could get them signed; and seeing old friends and making new ones.

Katie: WOW! Jealous doesn't even begin to cover how I feel right now.

Gini: It was really great. I love going to Comic-Con (as a professional, baby!)

Sharon: What is under you bed?

Gini: Drawers and cats. We have a Captain’s Bed, but the headboard area has no drawers and makes a lovely hiding cave for the Killer Kitties.

Katie: Where can folks find you in the coming months?

Gini: Everywhere. LOL. I just got back from World Fantasy Con in San Diego, CA, and am heading to TusCon in Tuscon, AZ tomorrow, then have the Free Fall Writer‘s Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego in December, and I’m all over the place next year, starting in March (including NOLA for the Jambalaya Conference!). My Datebook page at my website ( has my mostly up-to-date information, and I keep my Hook Me Up! subscribers in the loop at all times.

Sharon: *head spinning* my goodness you are busy! When things get too crazy how do you regroup, besides banging your head against a wall ?

Gini: You mean there’s something I could do besides bang my head against a wall? Who knew? Actually, I find alcohol, chocolate, Coca-Cola, and Castle (starring Nathan Fillion) to be excellent stress reducers.

Sharon: Well, there’s your problem! You need Pepsi ;)

Katie: WO! Hey now! We don't talk about "Pepsi" in the same room as Gini! Shame on you Sharon! lol

Katie: Any word on WonderCon 2012?

Gini: I actually got an invitation from them, and I just sent in my paperwork. This doesn’t make it a done deal because there are a variety of factors that have to happen for me to go, but it’s definitely on the table.

We move along now to our world famous Rapid Fire Round! Gini will get two options to choose from but she'll end up picking her own responses! Ready? Set. GO!

Katie: Rogue or Kitty Pride

Gini: Wolverine

Katie: Damn again! You never play by the rules but I can't be mad at you for this one. hehe

Gini: Rules are, point of fact, made to be broken. And I’m a rule breaker of the highest order.

Katie: Buffy or Angel

Gini: Spike

Sharon: Hubba hubba ;)

Gini: I like where your head’s at, Sharon.

Sharon: Paper or plastic

Gini: Visa and $100 bills

Katie: Hot kiss or Hot touch

Gini: Hot Sex

Katie: This is why I LOVE Gini, it's like we were separated at birth.

Gini: LOL, I know how to choose wisely.

Katie: Toga or Chiton

Gini: Catsuit

Katie: I don't know why we bother hahaha we should just let you pick anything! Lmao

Gini: Oh, but I couldn’t come up with the right answer without the question, now, could I?

Sharon: Krispy Kream or Dunkin Doughnut

Gini: Krispy Kreme, all the way

Sharon: Hot and Now!!!

Gini: You know it…just like sex. (And see? I can and will occasionally follow the rules. Occasionally.)

Katie: Viking or Highlander

Gini: Alien or Superhero

Katie: *throws interview papers in the air*

Gini: Oh, like you didn’t see that answer coming?

Katie: Walk this way or Love in an Elevator

Gini: Both, and all the rest of Aerosmith’s oeuvre too, while we’re at it

Katie: Ok, at least you stayed with the question!

Gini: I stayed with the other questions, too. I just picked what I would pick, versus the choices shown on the menu. I prefer to get special orders whenever possible.

Katie: Haha.

Sharon: Evil eye or stink eye

Gini: Evil

Katie: Alien possession or Alien invasion

Gini: Alien Tango

Sharon: Snort! You’re good ;)

Katie: She's incorrigible! I love you Gini *smiles*

Gini: Thanks, Sharon! And, Katie, I do have a reputation to maintain, now, don’t I? LOL

Katie: Slide or Swing

Gini: Swing

Katie: Thanks again for stopping by Gini, we know you're super busy right now. Anything you'd like to add before we wrap?

Sharon: Thanks Gini, Katie gushes over your books all the time. I can’t wait to give them a try

Gini: I’ll try not to be hurt that you haven’t started them yet, Sharon. *sniff* But, anyway, DON’T be like Sharon. DO be like Katie. LOL And please do your girl a solid and preorder Alien Proliferation and Alien Diplomacy now. Yes, preorders really do matter, especially these days.

Katie: YES! You heard the lady get out your credit cards and preorder today people!

Gini: Please AND thank you!


Gini has been kind enough to give away a signed copy of Alien Tango, open internationally. In addition we are adding a one of a kind T-Shirt done by our very

own Richard Lee! (See picture ->) You can also purchase the same shirt at our Sheep Store HERE. Make sure to list BOTH things in the comments below to be entered to win plus double entires for followers.

1. Your Email Address

2. If you were Kitty what would you name your baby?

Contest ends November 13th at midnight.

Good Luck!


  1. Hooray for another side-splitting alien encounter with the sheep. Curious about what to expect next (looking around, leaning close and whispering) perhaps some crop circles in the shape of sheep in the wilds of Griffith Park - huuummm - threw ya there for a moment huh. I have decided that Kitty is too cool to allow her child to be named after some obscure alien-in-law and that her child's name will be more mainstream in efforts to avoid teasing and the necessity of Kitty mom having to kick the schoolyard bully's mom in the ### for allowing her kid to pick on Kitty's kid over an oddball name. I am going to pick a unisex name that is applicable for a boy or girl; Martine, which I personally think rolls well off the tongue, will not be confused with Martini, and yet still have a namesake resemblance without being too green LOL Then again, I have always liked the name Spock (hopeful grin seeking approval). Thank you for sharing the fun with us today and Gini I wish you well on your whirlwind of a ride with this awesome series.
    I am of course a sheeply follower, who else would come up with a crop-circle in the shape of a sheep or any of these silly moments of baaaaaad jocularity :) Live long and prosper; no wait that was a different alien


  2. Great interview!
    As for names:
    I'd chose Maida for a girl and Wallace for a boy.


  3. Wow, these books sound great. I love this type of book. This interview was so much fun to read, loved it. You guys are funny as all get out.

    I would love to win teh t-shirt *how cool is that?* and the book.

  4. Awesome interview, i would love the chance to win!

    hmm.. Mortimer or Abigail are good names i think.. or Jasmine..

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  5. Lisa(dot)k(dot)mann@gmail(dot)com

    I think Astra would be a lovely name.

  6. Fantastic, super fun interview! Gina...your books sound amazing. :)

    Names: Girl-Chausie...a cat also known as the Jungle Curl or Stone Cougar.
    Boy: Devon Rex...a beautiful cat from England.

  7. Great interview and I love the shirt! Hmmm.... well for a boy kitty baby I'd go with Puck cause we all know boys are full of mischief and mayhem :)and for a girl kitty baby Tasey.

  8. If I were Kitty I would name the baby...
    Boy: Tristan
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  9. Great interview and I don't think she could name all of my 5 kids I would suggest

    Loki and Puck or Logan
    Rogue Kitty

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  10. So much fun here today. I love it.

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    Great comments so far everyone keep them comin! xoxox

  13. YAYAH!!!

    I am already a follower on GFC and FACEBOOK.

    I wanna win the signed copy of Alien Tango, and a one of a kind T-Shirt by Richard Lee!

    Kitty should def name her baby girl a cool name like Daia or Caysen, something that's not very common. For a boy, one of my fave characters from Sunny's "Monere, Children of The Moon Series" is named Dante...LOVE HIM!


  14. I would have to say that I have always loved the name Alice for a girl and Shawn or Scott for a boy.

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  15. Great interview! Lots of fun reading it.

    Baby name: Sam (short for Samantha if a girl)


  16. love this series and can't wait for thsi book. If it was a girl I name her Aurora and for a boy Gator would be cool.
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  19. OMG!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I WORSHIP the ground Gini walks on!!!!! I never thought I would love Sci-Fi so much but GINI is the FREAKIN BOMB!!!!

    I would have named her Apple.. Get it Apple Martini... BWWHAHAHAH Just I will be here all day..

    Thanks for the giveaway my Smelly Sheepy friends.

    Kelly M

  20. This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who came and entered and a big thank you to Gini for coming back to the Sheep and being an amazing woman. xoxoxo

    Now on to the winner! *drum roll please*

    Denise Z YOU are the big winner. You have been emailed and will have 5 days to respond.

    More winning to come everyone so stay tuned!