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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sheep Interview with Linda Poitevin + Give Away

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Be sure to listen to one of Linda's favorite songs - Bittersweet by Apocalyptica

The Sheep have Canadian author Linda Poitevin in the house! And no, we didn’t have to use the Duct Tape like some of the others, er…moving on… Her debut Urban Fantasy/ Thriller novel Sins of the Angels released in September. You can check out my review here. Grab a Moon Pie and some Kool-Aid and sit a spell. At the end two copies of Sins of Angels will be bestowed on two of you. Winning!

Mortal Realm. Canada. 2 Sheep and 1 Homicide Detective meet…

Katie: Welcome Linda, thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. We hope you like the Grape flavored Kool-Aid we had Ben whip up. So for folks that don’t know about your series can you share a little about it?

Linda: Thanks so much for having me, Katie & Sharon – I’m thrilled to be here! And grape Kool-Aid is fine, thanks! As for the series, I like to call it a supernatural thriller, but because that genre doesn’t exist, readers can find it listed as a dark urban fantasy. ;) I draw heavily on Christian angel mythology for the world I’ve created…with a few twists to suit my own nefarious purposes, lol. God is a woman, the angelic world has a very defined hierarchy, and Heaven is not all fluffy and light. In Sins of the Angels, we meet Alexandra Jarvis, a homicide detective tracking a serial killer that is actually a Fallen Angel. Heaven, however, has sent its own hunter to find the Fallen One—an angel who is supposed to protect Alex but instead ends up precipitating a series of unthinkable events that could plunge the world into the Apolcalypse.
Sharon: One of the things I liked most about this story was the world of angels you created with their hierarchy and politics. I am especially interested in the character Seth and his role in what is coming in the next book Sins of the Son. The title alone has me all aquiver with anticipation! (pssst…Katie, aquiver is a real word, right?)
Katie: Uhh…well it is now!
Linda: Thank you, Sharon – I had a lot of fun building the angel world. And you’ll be pleased to know that Seth figures prominently in the next book. Oh, and aquiver is definitely a word…I looked it up!

Sharon: How did Sins of the Angels evolve? Is it the same story it was when you first came up with the idea?

Linda: When I first came up with the idea, it was supposed to be a single title paranormal romance, actually. The further I got into the story, however, the more obvious it became that there was way, way more going on than I’d anticipated (I’m more of a pantser than a plotter, can you tell?). While the basic storyline for Sins of the Angels is still there as I originally planned it, it’s now a part of something much bigger.
Sharon: you mean we were this close *holds index finger and thumb reeeeeally close* to seeing some…let’s call it “hot angel smex!” like most PNR? *sigh*
Linda: Well….not really. The characters were uncooperative about that angle from the start, I’m afraid. It just took me a while to clue in!

Sharon: How many books do you see for the series and can you give us any hint about the direction you will be taking the series?
Released March 27, 2012

Linda: I currently have four books planned for the series. The story arc I have in mind ends at that point. I’ve learned not to limit myself with definites, however, and so I’m open to the possibility that another book might evolve as I write the third and fourth ones. As for direction, I’ll be exploring the Heaven and Hell aspects more deeply, especially with regard to their impact on the mortal world, and Alex will face challenges and decisions no one should ever have to make (I’m evil that way).
Sharon: (doing that aquiver thing again) I get the feeling the lines between what Alex thinks of as good and evil will be challenged. Those torturous decisions are one of the reasons I love Dark UF.
Linda: Alex will definitely have her personal values challenged…as will most of the other characters.

Katie: As the big vamp lover that I am I always want to know what you, an author, think of vamps; love them or hate them? And what would you do if one day you actually meet one?
Linda: Kind of neutral on them at this point, I’m afraid. I still like a well-written vamp, but I think I’ve reached a bit of a saturation point.
Sharon: Do you have a favorite genre or sub-genre right now?
Linda: I read in a variety of genres—for me, it’s more about the appeal of an individual story than it is about what shelf I find it on.

Sharon: What kind of atmosphere or writing environment do you prefer?

Linda: I’ll take anything that doesn’t come with multiple interruptions from people looking for bus passes, dinner, laundry, or a multitude of other things, lol! Ideally, I’d like to have an office at home where I can close the door (and lock it) against the real world. In reality, I usually park myself in a corner of the local coffee shop and plug in my headphones to block out the noise.

Sharon: You’ve done a large book blog tour and worked with many different sites. As an author what do you look for in a review site? (we are always looking to improve what we offer readers and authors)

Linda: Excellent question! First of all, I’m looking for sites that review books in my genre, because they’re going to have the readers who would be most interested in my book. Second, I check to see how many followers the site has—the more followers, the more potential readers. Finally, I look at how responsive those followers have been to past reviews and/or guest posts/interviews. The more active the blog audience, the more likely they’ll engage in conversation with me during my visit there. Does that help?
Sharon: Yes, it does. I didn’t think about checking on the number of responses to posts. *looks to Katie, must increase follower participation…you know what that means*
Katie: Date with a vampire night to boost responses! Yes!! Wait what were you thinking?
Linda: Hm…now I’m all aquiver!
Sharon: Feels good, doesn't it?!

Sharon: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Or if you want to be accurate, on the point of a needle?
Katie: Say wha? (laughs)

Linda: Depends on the needle? Lol. Actually, because angels are beings of pure energy (they have to slow their vibrations down to become corporeal), I would think that thousand and thousand of them could dance there. But now you have me wondering if angels dance…*wanders off to ponder the possibility*
Sharon: Yes! I loved the vibrational energy angle you used. I think people who read my review were wondering if I was being naughty when I gave it 4 vibrating sheep <G> Now everyone knows what I was talking about! *wanders off to ponder dancing with an angel ;)*
Linda: So THAT’S what the vibrating sheep were all about! I’ll be sure to tell my husband…you really had him wondering!
Sharon: I was shooting for being clever, guess I missed the mark <G>

Sharon: If you could have a theme song play whenever you entered a room, what would it be?
Katie: And to follow up Sharon’s question what song do you rock out to while on a road trip?

Linda: I love the song Seize the Day by Carolyn Arends—when I was still in the struggling writer phase, a friend of mine told me about it and said it made her think of me. I’ve had a soft spot for it ever since. As for road trips, I love just about anything by Apocalyptica (who also head up my writing playlist). Bittersweet is my all-time favorite of theirs.
Sharon: I checked out Apocalyptica. Wow, good looking Finnish guys playing rock music on Cellos? Love it!
Linda: I know, right?

Sharon: You have a household full of critters (your three children would be included <G>)! How do you keep sane?

Linda: I’m a sucker for anything cute and furry…and for big brown/blue eyes pleading, “Please, Mom?” So really, I have no one to blame but myself for the three rabbits, two cats, and very large dog *sigh*. (The lizard doesn’t count because he doesn’t shed!) As for staying sane, as long as I can ignore the hair between vacuumings, I’m good. ;)

Sharon: You wanted to be in police enforcement. Why and what area were you interested in?

Linda: I’d wanted to be a cop for as long as I can remember. At the time I applied, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) still had a height restriction and because the recruiting officer mismeasured, I came in a half-inch too short. If I’d been accepted, I would have loved to apply for the dog section—see? I really am a sucker for furry things! As it was, I applied as a civilian member instead and worked as a dispatcher for the force for two and a half years before moving away with my fiancĂ©.
Sharon: This must have been handy for writing the police work portions of your book.
Linda: Even handier is the fact that the fiance—now my husband of 24 years—is a cop himself. He’s my built-in research system, lol.
*note to readers, I refrained from asking if he has ever read Linda her rights ;) cause that would be rude, at least that is what Ben keeps telling me...

Katie: If you had 24 hours left on this earth what would you do and why?

Linda: I’d want to spend the time with my family, talking and reminiscing and laughing. Why? Because they’re the most important part of my entire life and I’d want to make sure they were focused on all the good times we’ve had.
Katie: That's really sweet! My final 24 might be a bit more devious *evil laugh* but I'll leave it at that.
Linda: And I won’t ask…

Sharon: Finish this sentence: People think I am weird because I….

Linda: …often don’t know what’s going to happen in my stories until it appears on my computer screen! I can plan all I want, but if I’m honest, my characters are more in control than I am most days!
Katie: The voices in my head take the wheel most days too! They have such good ideas so I just roll with it.

It is time for the Sheep Rapid Fire Round! Take a deep breath and GO!

Sharon: Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dum
Linda: Dee. It just sounds better than Dum.

Katie: Coke or Pepsi
Linda: Neither. I don’t touch the stuff.
Sharon: Next thing you will be telling us you don’t eat Moon Pies either!
Linda: And I’m thinking that means you won’t want to hear that I never eat anything where I can’t pronounce the ingredients…

Sharon: Picnic or restaurant
Linda: Depends on the occasion…and the weather.

Katie: Toast or Muffin
Linda: Toast. Homemade bread, toasted, with real butter and homemade strawberry jam. And now you’ve made me hungry. *heads for kitchen*
Sharon: right behind you!
Linda: Tea to go with that, or would you prefer coffee?

***we interrupt this interview so Katie and I can partake of Linda's hospitality***

***we now return you to the previously scheduled interview***

Sharon: Fall or Spring
Linda: Fall…except for the fact that winter follows.

Katie: Nessie or Big Foot
Linda: Big Foot.

Sharon: Pecans or almonds
Linda: Pecans.
Sharon: Okay, do you pronounce it “pe-can” or “pe-con”?
Linda: Pe-can.

Katie: Hot tub or Sauna
Linda: Ooh…hot tub!
Katie: With some sexy men!!
Linda: *looks at Sharon* She really is incorrigible, isn’t she?
Katie: You know it!
Sharon: *headdesk*

Sharon: Lake or ocean
Linda: Ocean.

Sharon: Merry-go-round or rollercoaster
Linda: Merry-go-round—roller coasters terrify me (including the kiddie ones!).

Katie: Thanks again for stopping by Linda, would you like to add anything be we wrap up?

Linda: Thank you, Katie—and Sharon! I had a great time…very cool questions. If readers have anything they’d like to ask as well, I’ll be happy to answer.

Linda stalking information: website, Facebook, Dark Central Station

Penguin has offered two copies of the book to US/Canada winners. International readers have to be willing to accept an e-book from NetGalley…or, if they would prefer a physical copy, they can have their names entered into a separate draw for three International copies at the end of the tour.
The Sheep will also be adding some cool Sheep swag with a moon pie and Kool-Aid. I know, right?

In the comments below please leave both things:

1. make sure there is a way to contact you
2. tell us "Who's your favorite cop/detective is and why".
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  1. My favorite detective of all time is Sherlock Holmes. But on television my favorite detective is Richard Castle partnered with Kate Beckett.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  2. Awesome giveaway! The book looks great! My favorite cop/detective is Booth from Bones :) I just love him to death! He's smart, sexy, strong and always gets the bad guy!
    Ashley A

  3. Awesome giveaway, this sounds like a great book :)

    Favorite cop would have to be Sara Pezzini from the Witchblade comic, very short run t.v. show. She just cool and kicks ass with a sentient artifact.

    also I'm a follower

  4. That was a fun interview to read. The books really sound great and I am definitely putting them on my TBR list.

    Favorite book cop/detective - Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly) He is a complicated guy - has problems with authority, loves the ladies and always gets the bad guy

    Favorite tv cop/detective - Jack Bauer, 24, always, always always gets the bad guys.

    Follower: Lori Zalewski

    knitrix29 at gmail dot com

  5. Awesome Interview, I so need to read this book especially since God is a woman - LOL totally love it and it is my kind of world.

    My favorite is CIS Miami because of Horatio - I love that guy, he is so kewl and he always solves his cases. Nice looking to boot. LOL There is just something sexy about him that I like. LOL

    Ronda Tutt

  6. My favourite detective would be Conan from the comic if he counts :P
    I mean, he's so cute whether he's a kid or a teenager right? xD

    I would like to be entered for the international giveaways please! ^^
    Thanks you~

    GFC name: chingz

  7. Barbara E. and EdgesAngel, you both chose my absolute favorite detectives, too...though I don't think I could choose between them, lol. I'd add a couple of others, too -- Olivia Dunham from Fringe and Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU...both of them are awesome k.a. heroines.

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by to meet me -- and glad you like the sound of SINS OF THE ANGELS! :)

  8. My favorite detective is Inspector Gadget from the movie. He's so strange but sweet.
    Email:bookandmoviedimensionblogger (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Great interview. I'd have to say my favorite detective is Gibbs from NCIS. Thanks for the giveaway shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net

  10. great answers guys! I am going to pick Benton Fraser. Now most of you probably have no idea who he is . There was a Canadian TV show years ago called Due South. I LOVED it, Benton Fraser was a by the rules Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and ended up in Chicago working cases with a police officer.

  11. I know who Benton Fraser is!!! Loved that show...and Paul Gross. ;)

  12. I have seen this book a few times and it has caught my eye. I didn't know Linda is a Canadian author but I do now and that is so great. :) I like Inspector Gadget. His shows were fun and educational.

    GFC follower

  13. And the setting is Canadian, too, Na! :)

  14. This book looks KILLER! ;) My favorite detective? Currently, it is probably Special Agent Olivia Dunham from Fringe. A very strong woman, who deals with some extraordinary things.

    GFC follower
    gamergirlconfessions at gmail dot com

  15. This book looks amazing, my favorite detective is Det. Calleigh Duquesne, from csi miami, she kicks major ass! and I'm a follower

  16. I really like Castle and Booth, but I've been reading the Abby Cooper psychic eye series so my favorite detective would be Dutch Rivers. I am a GFC follower from the U.S.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. My favorite detective/cop, if the title will fit is Patrick Jane from the TV series The Mentalist. I love the crazy way he does things. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
    GFC: LadyVampire2u

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  18. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort for this fun interview today Linda, Sharon, and Katie. As always you have made me smile and I am now all aquiver right along with you and wanting to read Sins of the Angels. We will have to work on Linda's reticence about the moon-pies, however, as some things are just better taken on faith (get it angels / faith / moon-pies in-pronouncable ingredients). My favorite literary cop (so far) has to be U.S. Marshall Anita Blake, necromancer extraordinaire, human servant to master of the city, and just all around bad-###. However, if we are moving on to the visual media - Raylan Givens - Justified I miss you and need to return soon . . . plzzzz! Well I am off to have a slice of uh-hum homemade beer bread with a pat of budda and some fresh brewed coffee, currently out of moon-pies. I appreciate the awesome giveaway opportunity and especially the giggles.
    GFC follower and stalker good reads extraordinaire.

  19. My favorite cop is Richard Castle because he's cute AND funny, and that, my friend, is a deadly combination :)
    GFC follower: Julie Witt

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  20. Wow...there are cops/detectives out there I haven't heard of before. I sense a longer TBR list coming up... ;)

    Thanks for the great suggestions, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview. I think Sharon and Katie outdid themselves on the great questions...but I'm still not eating moon-pies! ;)

  21. Wow. Does this book sound good! Great interview, Linda, Katie and Sharon. Yes, I am lusting after this book, but you guys don't need to count my comment as an entry.

    *must read this book soon*

  22. Oh, snap! Linda just threw down the challenge! Grab the duct tap....*Ben and Richard wrestle Sharon to the ground* Noooooooo! We must show her error of her waaaaaaaays moon pies are the food of the gods...

  23. My favourite is Colombo! Just love that guy! Thanks for the giveaway. Awesome! Wouldn't mind an e-copy. :o)

    international follower

  24. I love Booth and Bones. They make a great ying and yang couple.
    GFC follower

  25. @Merrie Destefano -- lusting is good, lol! Hope you enjoy. :)

  26. LMAO, really take those moon pies seriously, don't you? Tell you what...I'll try to find a recipe to recreate them with REAL ingredients. Feel better? ;)

  27. I just saw this book in Walmart yesterday and put it on my to read list. I would love to win it so I can read it somewhere in the near future (grin).

    There are so many good TV cops/detectives. Some of my favorites have already been listed: Becket, Bones, Ice T from Law & Order: SVU
    As for old school detectives: Columbo, Cagney & Lacey, Barney Miller, Kolshak - paranormal investigator for the newspaper.
    In Books - the Para Ops team by Virna DePaul is pretty cool!

    US GFC follower
    WildAboutBones (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. @WildAboutBones -- ooh, I forgot about Beckett...her, too! And thanks for adding me to your TBR list. :)

  29. @Linda - oh, need to make about 463 of them, cause we have to share with the rest of the followers ;)

  30., yeah...I'll get right on that... ;)

  31. Kate Beckett from the TV show Castle :-) Love that show!


  32. One of my favorite songs of all time AND an awesome interview! Talk about a two-fer :)

  33. Does the BAU on Criminal Minds count as a Detective? Cause I am in looooove with Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reid) :)

    Hilarious interview, I loved it.

    my email is


  34. @ Liz LOL, anyone or thing counts;) thanks, Linda has a sense of humor and was willing to play along with our silliness

    @Joleene - I am a new convert to Apocalyptica:)

  35. contest has ended! Winners will be emailed later today. Thanks for visiting:)