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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays Dance from I Smell Sheep

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday
I Smell Sheep
Katie, Sharon, Ben, Bunni and Baaart
(we practiced all day for this!)

This funky card is created by I Smell Sheep.
Create your own funky card at CardFunk.


  1. So cute --- love the falling asteroids in the background, LOL!

  2. Thank you! I wish you all a happy Christmas and an awesome 2013, filled with the best of books and movies.

  3. Thanks for that! The sound didn't work for me :( but I get the idea. Merry Christmas and thanks for such a fun filled and fabulous blog!

    1. aww! Yeah, it hasn't been very reliable. the music wasn't very good anyway

  4. Happy Happy Holidays!!!! Love the holiday cheer and the little hip action going on - definitely sheeply rockin!!!

  5. Quite mix of dance steps - did I detect some Irish Jig, Gangnam style & Texas in there? LOL! Merry Christmas!