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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sheep Book Review: Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione

*Since it's 12-12-12, and the end of the world, thought it was the best day to post a review about the four horsemen!It's been real, world. Peace out peoples!(Pours some Kool-Aid out for the homies)* 

Rogue Rider, by Larissa Ione, is the fourth and final installment of her PNR series: Lords of Deliverance. With all the build up for the final Horseman I was very eager to find out how this would all come to an end, and while I wasn't disappointed I am tacking on a qualifying "much" on that statement. 

Jillian Cardiff came to this remote mountain town to forget the demon attack that almost killed her. Instead, she rescues-and falls for-a gorgeous stranger who has no memory of anything other than his name. Handsome, charming, and protective, Reseph seems like the kind of man whom Jillian can trust. But with hints of a troubling history of his own, he's also the kind of man who can be very dangerous . . . 

Reseph may not know why he mysteriously appeared in Jillian's life, but he knows he wants to stay. Yet when Jillian's neighbors are killed, and demon hunters arrive on the scene, Reseph fears that he's putting Jillian in danger. And once it's revealed that Reseph is also Pestilence, the Horseman responsible for ravaging the world, he and Jillian must face the greatest challenge of all: Can they forget the horrors of a chilling past to save the future they both desire?

First I just want to say that Larissa is one of those writers I can't help but love! Her Demonica series was one of the first PNR series I read that really grabbed me, so a soft spot in my heart will always be held for this talented writer. A lot of her books are the most diverse and well-written stories out there today, so truly you cannot go wrong with her titles. But, as the super fan that I am I wanted a little less fluff and a bit more emotion in the final leg of this journey. 

Second, Ares is still and will always be my man and his story will remain at the top of my list for this saga and all others. Hands down I am his, body and soul! However, this story focuses on Reseph, and while he did eventually win me over, I really hated this guy for a long time during the series. He was down right evil to the core and twisted beyond belief because he was being ruled by his evil half, Pestilence. Still you can't ignore assigning some blame for all he did, and trust me, he did a lot! As things get going we find Reseph with amnesia and dumped in the middle of nowhere snow country. 

Enter Jillian, the woman who's hiding out in the big bad woods to both escape and heal from mental and physical wounds. Jillian takes in a stranger she finds buried in the snow, completely naked, and makes him her famous chili! I can't say that I would do what she did but it's a story and so it goes. What I did find lacking was that bond that developed between other characters in previous stories. Jilly is surely a nice person and hard working on the farm she loves, but was she Reseph material...I don't know. 

For someone who has so many issues, Jilly also sure does overlook so much about Reseph. When he gets his memory back, they both find out that not only was he the guy who was leading demons on an attack across the globe but that he's been a huge man whore. For some reason Jillian can just look past all that and take him for who he is now, even if he doesn't know who he is.

As the story hits its stride and the drama builds, demons from all sides of the paranormal world want to take these pair down. The side of good needs Reseph to play a role in the biblical apocalypse while the side of evil needs him to let the bad loose again. The one major bone I have to pick here is that, if Jillian is the key to keeping him sane, why did no one think to plant some kind of protection around the farm and Jilly? Not even my War strategy-loving man Ares? Really? 

All in all the story was good, and you get a big dose of the Horsemen and their mates plus some of the Demonica folks that you can't help but love all over again. Great drama and several funny laugh out loud moments all set to adventure and action I've come to love from Ione.

You have to read this book to continue with the different series arcs but if you're a fan it will be well worth it! 

Getting 3 and 1/2 'Country Karaoke' Sheep 


  1. I have loved this series and plan to get it just as soon as I can. Thanks for the great review, now I'm even more excited to read this book.

    1. If you like Larissa, you will enjoy this one! :)

  2. Great review, thank you. Unfortunately, I have read one of her books, and decided it is not meant for me. Too much sex just for the sake of sex. I could not like the characters either. So, no more Larissa for me. But I am glad you love those books so much. And why Karaoke Sheep?

    1. Too much sex? Say wha??? lol Yeah, I do know what you mean, there have been a few authors that did that for me.

      I like Larissa and the world she builds but cup-o-tea wont be for everyone else. :)

      The Karaoke Sheep is a tease to something that happens in the book. I try to always add a little tease/spoiler in the review. But most of the time people have no clue! lol