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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

34 New Releases in Speculative Fiction for October 8

It was a big release week for ebooks. Did you know they tend to release on Mondays? Well, now you do!

Okay, so this week I have some cover favorites as always:
Taste of Blood Red Wine, The Palace Job, and Moon Bound (because shoulders are Mmm, Mmm, good!)

This week I will also give out a WTF-ery award to two books:
Taken By Swarm: Seduced by the Werebees (yes, you read that right!) and Horny Ghost of Osama Bin Laden (yes, you read that right too!)

This has been your friendly Sheep kindle krack attack!

disclaimer: all these covers are links to our amazon affiliate pages. I Smell Sheep will get a small percentage of all sales through these links as an advertising fee. I Smell Sheep uses the money to pay for sheep s*** and shipping <G>


If I forgot one leave the title in the comments and I will add it!


  1. Some of these are already in my wish list.

  2. Well now we know what the bee allergy really is - the transformation into a werebee LOL Seriously - snigger.