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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from I Smell Sheep 2 spooky giveaways

update: throwing in a box of moonpies with the shirt giveaway! Cause, duh!

We know what you're thinking. What amazingly funny thing does the flock have planned for their Halloween post and what really unusual giveaway will they have?

We made a fun matching game with Baaart's costumes! Couldn't embed the game in this post so you will have to click on the link and go play. It is pretty freaking awesome! Once you are done playing, come back here and enter how many moves and the time it took for you to complete it.

Also don't forget to come back late this evening (6:00pm EST) there will be a review of Jaws 5: The Meowing by Kitty Glitter.

what the game looks like

It isn't a party without music poison!

Here are some fun top 10 lists!

After you play you can enter to win some Halloween-y stuff! 

Prize Pack #1 one of only three (Katie and I have the others) zombie Baaart t-shirts (XL) signed by the amazing comic book writer/artist himself... Brockton McKinny! + a mouse pad 
*Brockton is the author of one of my favorite comics Ehmm Theory (review)
prize pack #`1

For our readers who love us, but not "wearing a dead Baaart" love, we have a spooky book pack for the whole family! All three books are by Scott Nicholson (and signed!).
prize pack #2
Grade school kid
(you have no idea how hard it was to part with this one! LOVE IT)
Young adult
Crystal & Bones - October Girls (the original cover)
Thank You for the Flowers: Stories of Suspense & Imagination

You can enter one or both giveaways. There are two different raffledudes. Due to mailing cost this is US/CAN Only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love memory games. My time: 1:33 moves: 34 flips. I like his pig costume the best.

  2. Zombies of course... I SUCK ... my brain is melted because of all the Pretty Little Liars I have been watching. I found all the matches on Baaart's Costume Matching Game in 02:36 and 50 flips! And of course... ZOMBIES! Actually I think I liked the PIG!

  3. well I took a while because I was thinking one match! Oh well, my time was 4:16 and 46 flips.

  4. So cute! I did it in 1:11 and 30 flips!

  5. Cards Flipped : 47 Time : 01:05 I was distracted by a Freaky Beak!

    1. I loved him as a bat and I upgraded my computer and couldn't get the game to work. this is the first rafflecopter that has worked(YAY).

  6. I did 1:26 in 30 flips and I loved the Moonpie bunny. Also, how could you leave out the monster tomatoes from Attack of the Killers Tomatoes, one of my all time favorite terrible movies.

  7. Yay! I got to play the game! I did it in 1:45 and 44 flips and I loved Baart as a bat. Thanks for the game.

  8. Here are my results: Cards Flipped : 40 Time : 01:30

    Very cute!

  9. That was fun - reminds me of when the kids were little - 1:10 and 38 flips. I liked all the costumes but am partial to the bat ;). Thank you.

  10. 18 Flips in 18 seconds. How can this be? Because she is the Kwisatz Haderach!

    Fine, I'm not really the Kwisatz Haderach : ( But it's Halloween and I'm allowed to pretend.

  11. 0.47 34 flips. I also really liked the bat costume.

  12. Love the winning message I got...
    "Message from Sharon Stogner for the winner!
    Holy Crap on a Cracker! You won, now go eat moonpies and drink some Kool Aid.
    Game Results
    You found all the matches in 02:02 and 34 flips!
    That's 6.78 seconds and 1.89 flips per card."

    LOL Shouldn't that have been, Holy sheep on a cracker? Either way, I loved bunny bart. ;)

  13. I have to say I loved the green bat bart and the king bart :)

    Cards Flipped : 28 Time : 00:43

  14. I did it in 01:33 and 36 flips. I like angel and the bunny costume.

  15. My time was 1:05 and 43 flips! I like the piggy sheep!

  16. I love the game, I finished in 01:06 and 30 flips!
    I think I love the zombies and Bunnys the most. Awesome :D

  17. My time was not that great. I did it in 1:38 with 32 moves. I liked the one with glasses.

  18. 01:07 and 45 flips; like the bunny one

  19. I did it in 1.29 with 42 flips - that was so fun. My fave is Incogsheepo! Thank you for making me smile :)

  20. Found all the matches in 01:34 and 46 flips. My favorite is the Spy!!