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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sheep Interview: PNR Author Dani Harper

Last time we interviewed Dani we told her we would be coming to her house! She doesn't know we are coming. 

*Katie and Sharon high five, giggling like little girls while Baaart holds the wrapped box of moonpies*


Katie and Sharon: Surprise! 
*shoves present into Dani’s hands*
Dani: “Holy sheepdip – what a great surprise!” *kisses Baaart with a loud smack, hugs Katie and Sharon*
Toby the Pug: “Snort, snort!” (Translation: One of those moonpies is mine, right?)
Sharon: Wow, it has been 2 years since we interviewed you. What have you been doing?
Dani: “I started writing two new paranormal romance series. And my hubby and I moved back to civilization. After ten years on an Alaskan island, I needed roads. And big box stores to get lost in. And most of all, access to dirt.”
Katie: “Dirt? I can give you dirt on anything you want! You only had to call!”
Dani: “Not that kind of dirt – I’m a farmer at heart and addicted to gardening, and our Alaskan island was mostly rock. I’ve had a blast this summer growing everything I can think of.” 
*presents Katie, Sharon and Baaart with a giant green zucchini each*
Katie*regards the 2-foot-long squash dubiously* “I guess I can use it for a doorstop.”
*Sharon laughs uncontrollably because… then remembers this is a PG-13 website and shuts her mouth*

Sharon: *picks up TV remote and turns it on to see what Dani was watching* “Hey, it’s The Avengers!”
Dani: “Just studying the storyline and the directing.” 
*stealthily drops an afghan over a stack of magazine clippings of Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr *
“Joss Whedon rules, you know. As an author, I feel I can learn a lot from his work.”
Toby the Pug: “Snort, snort!” (Translation: Give me a moonpie or I’m SO going to tug that afghan off that pile of hunky heroes!)
 Dani: *drops a chocolate moonpie on the floor* “Oops! Um – no five-second rule in this house, sorry. Too much pug hair you know.”

Sharon: “Nice place you have here though – Katie! Katie, wait, we talked about this!”
Katie: *runs to Dani’s bedroom and looks under the bed* “You’re kidding, right?”
Dani: “How was I to know that six hills of spaghetti-squash was too much? I had to store them SOMEwhere. I ran out of room in the pantry.” 

Toby the Pug: “Snort, snort!” (Translation: I need another moonpie here.)

Sharon: So, tell us about your new book, First Bite?
Dani: It was just released and I think my readers will be pleased. It’s a whole new world of Changelings to love. And it’s a story that surprised me – I didn’t plan to write it, but you know how characters are. Sometimes they just show up and start talking. I was in the Seattle airport during a long layover, working on a whole different project, and suddenly there they were—
Katie: “Homeland Security?”
Dani: “Um – actually, no, not this time... The main characters of First Bite, Travis and Neva, just popped up in my brain. And they wouldn’t leave me alone. So I had to quit what I was doing and write what they were saying. I had the whole first chapter done before I got home.”

Sharon: *reads description of book* 

“Geneva “Neva” Ross doesn’t want to die. But now that she’s been turned into a werewolf against her will, she’ll do anything to protect her family and friends…even if that means taking her own life. Enter Travis Williamson, a shape-shifter with a dark past, who saves Neva’s life the night she throws herself from a ledge. Soon, the two Changelings—endlessly bickering to hide their intensifying attraction—go on the run, desperate to hide from the police. But someone truly evil hunts the pair. Someone willing to murder to satisfy her own cruel desires. Someone with minions dying to kill for her. She is Meredith de la Ronde, Neva’s sinister sire.”
Baaart: *Eyes go very wide.*
Dani: “That’s exactly right, Baaart, it’s an epic battle between good and evil. That’s why it’s going to take more than one book to finish the story. I’m working on Ties That Bind, Book 2, right now.”

Toby the Pug: “Snort, snort!” (Translation: Hey! Gimme another moonpie or I’m gonna have to take a hostage here.)

Katie: *goes through Dani’s DVD collection* “Hey, you’ve got some classic stuff here – all the Batmans, all the Ironmans, every X-Men movie there is, Thor, Hellboy – am I detecting a theme?”
Dani: “I grew up reading all the superhero comics I could find. I read Thor before he finally got a cooler costume. I still enjoy comics, and there are so many great new ones coming out all the time. I continue to follow Buffy the Vampire Slayer of course. And Hellboy totally rocks – both on paper and on the big screen. In fact, that leads me to my biggest squeeeeeeeee moment in a long time. My daughter worked security for a Comic Con in Canada recently and she got her photo taken with Ron Perlman – and he KISSED her! Talk about vicarious thrills! I’m still fanning myself.” 

Toby the Pug: “Snort, snort!” (Translation: Less talk about thrills, more talk about moonpies!)

Sharon: “So what would your superhero theme song/music be?”

Dani: “Oooo, tough choice. So many great songs --- I like “Unbroken” by the Black Veil Brides, but I think I like “I’m Alive” by Shinedown even more. Both are on the Avengers Assemble CD.” 

Sharon: “So, going back to shapeshifters, what type of grooming products do your Changelings use?” 

Dani: “In wolf form, they don’t use anything. As humans, they like most of the hair care products that we do but they tend to buy the unscented versions. Their senses are very acute even when –
Toby the Pug: *grabs Baaart and runs for the hills* “Snort, snort!” (Translation: “Gimme all your moonpies or you’ll never see your little woolly pal again!”

*Dani, Sharon and Katie give chase. Fortunately pugs aren’t very athletic and Toby’s 100-yard dash finishes at about 22 and a half feet. Whereupon he is apprehended, Baaart is saved, and moonpies are had by all. Even Toby, who isn’t really evil. Usually.*

Rapid Fire

Sharon: “Basket of fruit or basket of cookies?”
Dani: “Actually, I have a big basket of assorted squashes for each of you to take home. *Waves at hubby through the window. He’s closing the trunk of the visitors’ car with difficulty.* You don’t even have to lift a finger, they’re already loaded for you.”
Sharon: “Er, thanks. I think.” 

Katie: “George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?”

Dani: “Lincoln, of course. He’s worth five times as much as George.” 

Sharon: “Hawaii or Mexico?”

Dani: “Mexico, definitely. *sighs* There’s a little village called Barra de Navidad on the west coast near Manzanillo. I could see my hubby and I living there. Although where we are now is providing all the sunshine we could possibly want, and we love this little town, so maybe we’ll just stay here.”
Katie: “Back patio or front porch?”
Dani: “The front porch is cooler in the evening. And you can watch the stars much better from there.”

Sharon: “Sunflowers or roses?”

Dani: “I have both. I lean towards roses – my hubby is partial to them too, and we’ve decided to plant a new one every year. This year we chose a bright yellow climbing rose.”

Katie: “Toilet papering or egging?”

Dani: “Egging is much more satisfying. Only did it once, when I was fourteen – egged the high school principal’s house, and ran like crazy. (The statute of limitations has run out on that, right?)”

Sharon: “Thanks for letting us stay and visit! Got anything you want to let our readers know before you make us dinner and put in a movie for us?”

Dani: “I’m so glad you’re staying. I’ve got a zucchini casserole in the oven with spaghetti squash on the side, with zucchini bread and zucchini muffins for dessert. I was planning a Hellboy marathon (hmmm – is it still a marathon if they only made two movies?). Oh, and I probably should tell your readers where to find my website --- all my links are on there and where to find my books:

NOTE – No vegetables were harmed in the making of this interview.

About the Author:
Dani Harper is a newspaper editor turned paranormal author. There isn’t anything she likes better than exploring the supernatural — unless it’s writing sizzling and suspenseful romance. Of course, all of her stories have at least one foot in the netherworld!

Dani is the author of the Changeling series. CHANGELING MOON was chosen as a 2012 RITA Award Finalist in the Paranormal Romance Category by Romance Writers of America.

TWO brand new paranormal romance series begin this year. The Grim Series kicks off on August 6, 2013 with STORM WARRIOR. The Dark Wolf series is slated to begin October 15 with FIRST BITE.


  1. What a fun interview. I love squash!

  2. Really enjoyed your visit Sharon and Katie -- come anytime! We can have a Firefly marathon! All the squash is gone, but we just harvested the last few buckets of onions from the garden....

  3. LOL.. loved the interview ladies.. always informative and entertaining.. though this is the first hostage taking situation we've had to my knowledge lol

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  5. That interview was so much fun! I love Toby the pug..awww