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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Book Review: Jaws 5: The Meowing by Kitty Glitter

 Jaws 5: The Meowing
By Kitty Glitter
11 page short story

A thrilling tale of sharks, cats, and Krispy Kreme. 
From Kitty Glitter, the master of feline noir!

A title like this, free, and only eleven pages… how could I not read this? This is what is called bizarro fiction. I included the definition of the 
bizarro fiction at the end. The story is written in first person POV of Arn Sharcarnahan, a shark. At first I thought the story was written by someone who didn’t know English, but then I realized the author was writing the way they thought a shark would think. Arn and his friend Elio the eel are talking about getting some Krispy Kream doughnuts when they run into an acquaintance. A cat named Furry Cantag who is fishing. There is an oil rig near so Sharcarnahan and Elio take a closer look and find a young girl in trouble.

The story is alternates between the shark and eel’s attempt to help the girl and flashbacks of Shacarnahan’s life and how he met Elio. It is actually quite touching. There is a full story in these eleven pages. But be warned, this is 
bizarro which means sexually graphic, violence and a bittersweet ending. It is an interesting piece of fiction with quite a punch.If you are looking for something way out of your box give it a try. What do you have to lose? It’s free!

I tried to find information on Kitty Glitter online, but came up with so much crazy I am not sure what is real and what she made up. She has written many stories, some I can't even post on this site <G>. Here is a link to her amazon page with her titles. Sadly, it appears she committed suicide back in April 2013 (article).

*Bizarro fiction is a contemporary literary genre, which often uses elements of absurdism, satire, and the grotesque, along with pop-surrealism and genre fiction staples, in order to create subversive works that are as weird and entertaining as possible. The term was adopted in 2005 by the independent publishing companies Eraserhead Press, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and Afterbirth Books.- wikipedia

4 “best friend” Sheep


About the author:
Kitty Glitter grew up on the streets of East Orange, NJ. Her husband, Champagne, is doing 15 years upstate and she is trying to raise five kids by herself. On top of working three jobs Kitty is trying to sell some ebooks.

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