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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Vampire Slayer Christmas Tree tutorial

Most of you know how my brain works so this will make total sense. I saw a small white Christmas tree at the store and thought "wow, that would look cool with blood all over it." That brought me to vampires. I had some left over vamp teeth from Halloween and wouldn't painting them silver be fun? Then I thought stakes...but a vampire wouldn't put stakes on their tree, but a vampire slayer would! And voila! My tree :)

1. used these supplies: fishing line, silver spray paint, sharp object, plastic vamp teeth, a balsa wood paint stick and some red beaded garland, white tree, small skulls from Halloween.
2. I cut the paint stick with the sharp knife into very crude stakes and painted them with my daughter's brown water color paint (you know the one Crayola makes) I glued 1 strand of floss to the back to hang them.

3. I had some sparkly skulls and hot glued them together for a tree topper. I thought about making a star out of a bunch of stakes... you can make what ever you want!

4. I sprayed the vampire teeth silver. Now they wouldn't stay closed so I used the fishing line to tie them shut and make a way to hang them. I also used some red paint to add blood to the fangs. The silver teeth don't show up great in the pictures, but it looks way cool in real life...real undead life. I used the red bead garland to look like blood. Notice how I have it pooling at the bottom of the tree? I plan on getting some red satin material and cut it to look like a blood puddle as a tree skirt, just ran out of time.

My tree came prelit. I got it for $10. I wanted to add some flair to my tree topper to make it "pop" and bought some black curling ribbon to thread through it. I am not completely happy with the look and will probably experiment some more, but the black adds a nice touch.

 Here is am trying to take a picture.
I love my tree, but I don't need any more decorations. I am going to donate it to the charity auction at Concarolinas 2014. Guess who their guest of honor is? George RR Martin! I know, right?! UF author Faith Hunter agreed this would be a tree Jane Yellowrock would have so she will be adding a signed set of her Jane Yellowrock series to my tree at the auction.

Merry Slaying!


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  2. You ROCK missy - Martha Stewart has nothing on you! Love It so fun and so very smart to get those goodies from Halloween :) Hope you have a bloody happy Christmas (yes there are time of the year when it is okay to pretend to be from England).

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  4. What a great tree! I can definitely see Jane Yellowrock having one like it :)

  5. That is awesome! What a creative idea.

  6. Crashing through the snow
    in order to vampire slay
    Over the fields we go
    Laughing all the way.
    hells fire begins to sting
    making spirits fight
    What fun it is to ride and sing
    A slaying song tonight.

  7. This is fun! Not something I would make myself, but I do love your creativity.