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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: Master of Plagues (Nicolas Lenoir #2) by E.L. Tettensor

Master of Plagues (Nicolas Lenoir #2)
by E.L. Tettensor
February 3, 2015
Publisher: Roc
ISBN: 9780451419996 ASIN: B00LMGK434
Unraveling a deadly mystery takes time—and his is running out…

Having barely escaped the clutches of the Darkwalker, Inspector Nicolas Lenoir throws himself into his work with a determination he hasn’t known in years. But his legendary skills are about to be put to the test. A horrific disease is ravaging the city—and all signs point to it having been deliberately unleashed.

With a mass murderer on the loose, a rising body count, and every hound in the city on quarantine duty, the streets of Kennian are descending into mayhem, while Lenoir and his partner, Sergeant Bran Kody, are running out of time to catch a killer and find a cure.

Only one ray of hope exists: the nomadic Adali, famed for their arcane healing skills, claim to have a cure. But dark magic comes at a price, one even the dying may be unwilling to pay. All that’s left to Lenoir is a desperate gamble. And when the ashes settle, the city of Kennian will be changed forever...

Since Inspector Nicolas Lenoir’s adventure with the Darkwalker, he has been working, solving crimes in Kennian. Suddenly, in the Camp, a poor section of the city, people fall ill with bruises and bleeding noses and eyes, most dying. It has been determined that the plague was started on purpose, something that chills Lenoir and his partner, Sergeant Bran Kody. As more and more people fall ill, some of it spilling out of the Camp, even though all Hounds of the city police force have been brought in to enforced keeping people from escaping the confines. The only cure may come from an Adli witchdoctor, who uses medicine and exorcisms. But using dark magic has a price that the city can afford. But Lenoir and Kody try their hardest to solve who started the plague and hopefully get the cure to all before there may not be anyone left.

Dark and gritty as the plague-ridden city, this dark fantasy detective novel is a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, blended with a dash of disturbing supernatural.

Review: Darkwalker 

I give Master of Plagues: A Nicolas Lenoir Novel 4 1/2 sheep.

Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
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E.L. Tettensor likes her stories the way she likes her chocolate: dark, exotic, and with a hint of bitterness. She has visited fifty countries on five continents, and brought a little something back from each of them to press inside the pages of her books. She lives with her husband in Bujumbura, Burundi.

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