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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Guest Post: Claire Ashgrove: Inherited Damnation Series (book 2) BookTour + giveaway

Claire Ashgrove shares with us why she chose the Selgovae Celt tribe to write about and ponders what happened to them...

Why The Selgovae?
There are many different Celt tribes, some of which we’ve been able to learn a lot about through Archaeological records and historical accounts. Almost all of us have heard of the Brigantes, or Bodacai, and we’ve certainly been familiarized with the Picts. What we know of those tribes is fascinating and exciting, and using those would put, admittedly, another layer of relatability into the stories.

But the Selgovae intrigue me. They were mentioned once, and only once, in Ptolemy’s accounts. And most of what we know about the tribe is “educated speculation” based on what we know of the other tribes that have more accurate and documentable records. Which makes the Selgovae perfect for an author’s creativity. I can write, within bounds, anything I want to!

More than that though, the lack of documented history makes me question possibilities. Not just the paranormal ideas that are in Inherited Damnation, but more – what happened to these people? I created my own theory, which is actually supported by historical record, and as you read Inherited Damnation, you’ll find threads of fact written in. Like which tribe they joined with during the Roman invasions. What history is in Inherited Damnation, is accurate.

Which brings me to another question. Throughout all of history we find records of peoples who existed, but then… vanished. The Anasazi, the Maya, The Selgovae, (The Templars!), and Atlantis to name a few. What do you think happened to these advanced people, who seemingly fell off the face of the earth? Do you believe they were absorbed into other cultures, the occurrence of which not being important enough to document? Do you believe they were only here on earth…temporarily… and returned, somewhere else? Do you think they died out, their isolation leaving them with no one to record their last accounts? Let me know your thoughts! This subject fascinates me!

INHERITED DAMNATION is an 8 book paranormal romance series being released as one book every three weeks between January 27th and June 23rd, 2015.

Damned at birth, eight immortal children of a high priestess are compelled to kill the one that holds their heart. They can never fall in love. Driven by the need to finally destroy their evil sire and break the curse, each struggles to balance their desire for innocence against the dark needs of their conflicted souls.

The series contains mythos shared between the volumes, but each book stands on its own with a newly featured couple.

The first volume and second volumes, Cursed to Kill and Tormented by Darkness are available now!

Keep up with all things Inherited Damnation over on the

Tormented by Darkness
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Cursed by her incubus father centuries ago, the last thing Rhiannon McLaine wants is to fall in love.

The night she delivers flowers to detective Mick Farrell, however, everything changes. Deep-seated attraction flares into untamed passion. In the morning, Rhiannon awakens to find she’s lost her heart. Now, unless she can convince Mick of her secret past, she’s destined to take his life.

When Rhiannon asks Mick to go camping with her, instinct warns him to refuse. Though he hungers for her love and the goodness she represents, he’ll do anything to keep her from discovering the darkness within his soul. Yet a weekend in the woods is the perfect place to indulge in temporary desire…until he finds himself bound against his will.

Surrounded by ancient Celtic rites and magic, can Mick see beyond Rhiannon’s duplicity and recognize her love? Or will the revelation of her true demonic nature doom Rhiannon to a mortal life alone?

Check out our interview with Claire as well as information on book one: Cursed to Kill.

Book #3, Destined to Die, will be coming on 3/10/15. Keep your eye out…

About the Author:
Building on a background of fantasy game design, a fascination with history, and a lifetime love of books, Award-Winning Author Claire Ashgrove brings to life action-filled, passionate journeys of the heart. Her paranormal series, The Curse of the Templars, marries the history of the Knights Templar with the chilling aspirations of the most unholy--a must-read for speculative fiction fans. For romance fans, she also writes as the National Bestselling Author Tori St. Claire and historical romance as Sophia Garrett.

In her non-writing time, she owns and operates Finish The Story, a full-scale editing house co-founded with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. She lives in Missouri and enjoys cooking, studying ancient civilizations, and spending downtime with her two sons and too-many horses, cats, and dogs.

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  3. I love the reasons you chose this tribe to write about and have truly enjoyed reading about these siblings!

  4. These look really good. I love paranormal romance. Also, I'm a sucker for pretty covers.

  5. Thank you, Leah! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

  6. Thanks, Misha! Hope you'll check it out and good luck on the giveaway!

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  10. I share your fascination with history and cultures long lost and ponder who they were and where they went. Your series sounds amazing and they are going to the top of my Amazon wish list. I love finding new authors and new fun and interesting reads so I thank you very much.