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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Review: Casually Cursed (Southern Witch #5) by Kimberly Frost

Casually Cursed (Southern Witch #5)
by Kimberly Frost
Mass Market 352 pages
February 3rd 2015 by Berkley

From the national bestselling author of Slightly Spellboundcomes the latest Southern Witch novel featuring Tammy Jo Trask.

Tammy Jo rarely sets a toe outside Texas, but when she learns her mother is in trouble, Tammy is determined to save her—even if it means going to hell and back…

Fresh off her engagement to wizard Bryn Lyons, Tammy Jo is surprised to make another new family connection when she meets the twin sister she never knew she had. After being spirited away to the fae kingdom of Never as an infant, Kismet has finally escaped, and arrived in Duvall, Texas, with some terrible news: their mother, Marlee, is a prisoner of the Seelie fae.

Crossing the ocean to battle the fae isn’t Tammy Jo’s idea of a romantic getaway, but Bryn refuses to let her go alone—as do her aunt Edie and her ex-husband Zach. Unfortunately, their plot to free Marlee is foiled when they are caught by the fae queen. And the only chance the queen gives them to save Marlee’s life may be an impossible quest

"The Doublemint Twins on Steroids!"

It took a couple chapters for my interest in this book to emerge- possibly because I have not read the other four books in this series- but then WHAM! I felt be-spelled to continue reading as if I were eating a chocolate glazed donut, I just couldn't imagine putting it down halfway through!

Tammy Jo and Kismet (twin heroines) sparked my secret desire to have a sibling of my own to share thoughts, danger, adventures and affection. Being an only child may have fed into my enjoyment of their story but I found it very engaging. I also enjoyed the other cast of characters that accompanied Tammy on this mission...who wouldn't want an ocelot for a "pet", a layer wizard for a fiancé and a "ghostly" aunt from the roaring 20's to share in your adventure!

Even without a lot of background information I quickly became engrossed in the pattern of the "yin and yang" personalities of the twins. Their ability to call upon the strengths of each other to combat the evil "Fae" queen, rescue friends and family from not only the "Fae" underworld but the controlling witch Conclave promoted faith that there just may be a lot of good in the supernatural community, mixed heritage or not.

I found myself rooting for the relationship Tammy Jo had with her wizard fiancé. Even though Tammy was portrayed as a strong and strong willed character, I didn't see her as an overbearing female lead with annoying characteristics. I thought that very refreshing after reading many books that make you want to "throttle" the impudent lead character.

Danger, love, humanity and perseverance were the continuing theme throughout this book as Tammy Jo and Kismet take you on a wild ride to "Hell" and back!

Review ARC: Slightly Spellbound (Southern Witch #4) 

I give this book 4 sheep!

Jeanie G

About the Author:
Kimberly Frost is the national bestselling author of the humorous Southern Witch series, which includes Would-Be Witch, Barely Bewitched, and Halfway Hexed. She was the 2010 PEARL award winner for best new paranormal author, and her paranormal romantic suspense "Etherlin" series launched in November 2011 in the multi-author Christmas anthology, Tied With a Bow, followed by the January 2012 release of All That Bleeds (Etherlin Series, Book 1)


  1. I have only read the first book so far, but I do have the rest. I love her ghostly aunt!