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Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: Creche (Dark Guardians Fantasy Series Book 2) by Karin Cox

Creche (Dark Guardians Fantasy Series Book 2)
By: Karin Cox
Pages: 216
Still grieving the loss of Joslyn and the Sphinx Sabine, and craving revenge upon Beltran, his vampire nemesis, Amedeo the Cruxim is destined to learn more about his past than even he thought possible in the riveting sequel to Karin Cox's critically acclaimed, gothic paranormal romance Cruxim.

When he meets a female of his own kind, Skylar, who takes him to the hidden stronghold of Silvenhall Creche to learn Cruxim lore, the secrets revealed in the holy book of the Cruximus, and the lies told to him by his own kind, force Ame to question who he really is, where his loyalties lie, and whether there is anything he desires more than vengeance—even love.

Creche is the second book in the Dark Guardians Fantasy series by Karin Cox. It follows Amedeo as he learns about his past and discovers many secrets about his kind and his family. Karin Cox really brings to life the Cruxims and the world in which most of them live.

The second book brought on a whole new story while still continuing with the original story line. It was unique and imaginative which held my attention through the whole book which is sometimes hard to do. A quote from the movie Up always come to mind “Squirrel!” A more in-depth look is done on the Cruxim which really brings to light some truths and deceptions. I’ve really come to love the characters and feel a part of the story so I can’t wait to read the final book and see what happens to the vampires, sphinx and angels.
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About the Author:
Karin Cox is an Australian author who edits and writes in her "spare time" while being a fulltime mum to a toddler and to a black cat with the improbable name of "Ping Pong."

She is the author of more than 35 trade-published natural history books, biographies, Australian social history books, children's picture storybooks, and travel guides, several of which have won awards. Karin has had poems and short stories published in anthologies worldwide and her ebooks CRUXIM, CRECHE, CREED, GROWTH, CAGE LIFE, CROWS AND OTHER BEASTS, HEY LITTLE SISTER and PANCAKES ON SUNDAY are available on Amazon. Her bestselling CRUXIM trilogy has topped Amazon's best-seller charts for gothic romance and dark fantasy.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it, but I am not really tempted to read this.