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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spotlight: Tillie's Tale (Magical Drool Mysteries book 2) by Mindy Mymudes

George the Basset Hound is back to solve another mystery!
by Mindy Mymudes
Who is the mysterious ghosty haunting puppygirl Tillie? And why? George, the magical basset hound familiar is on the trail. 

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Author Mindy Mymudes’ book ‘George Knows’ has won GOLD at the reputable International Readers Favorite Award for Children Books Grade 4th-6th.

George Knows (Magical Drool Mysteries book 1)
by Mindy Mymude
An egotistical magical basset hound named George believes it's his duty to train and protect his 12-year-old Girlpup, a greenwitch named Karly. He and his Girlpup, must solve a murder as well as save their park from being developed. George is the perfectly designed familiar for the job.

About George:
George's website
I am a four year old magical basset hound. My Peeps call me George, but my real name can only be pronounced by other dogs and familiars. Most of my time is taken by my Girlpup, Karly, a witch-in-training. When I’m not smelltasting important peemail or helping Karly and Auntie Heather, I can be found sunning on the porch thinking about important questions (like, where’s my supper?).

About the Author:
Mindy Mymudes runs with the Muddy Paws Pack in Milwaukee, WI. She insists she is alpha, even as the dogs walk all over her. She hunts, cleans the den and keeps them entertained. When she can escape the pack, she enjoys digging in dirt, listening to audiobooks, and weaving the antics of the pack into stories. The alpha male, Tall Dude, just shakes his head and stays out of the way.


  1. I'm not sure who you think the author is, she's my Secretary, but other than that, thank you for recognizing my work!