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Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Review: Witches With the Enemy (Mist-Torn Witches Book 3) by Barb Hendee

Witches With the Enemy (The Mist-Torn Witches #3)
by Barb Hendee

Paperback, 336 pages
May 5th 2015 by Roc
The national bestselling author of The Mist-Torn Witchesreturns to a world of princes and power, magic and mystery, where two women have the ability to reveal the future and uncover the past…

When seers Céline and Amelie Fawe fled Shetâna under threat of death, they vowed never to return. Yet, less than a year later, they are summoned back—to aid the man who once tried to kill them.…

The cruel prince Damek is on the verge of closing marriage negotiations with the powerful family of a young noblewoman when his intended’s sister is murdered. To keep the engagement from falling through, Damek must expose the killer quickly—and he needs the seers’ powers to do so. Though the Fawes’ patron, Prince Anton, fears that bringing Céline and Amelie to Shetâna places them in grave danger, he is honor-bound to help his brother Damek.

Only none of them is prepared for the peril that awaits them at Castle Kimovesk—for someone in the court is determined to prevent the marriage from happening, no matter how deadly the cost.

Agatha Christie would be proud!

Barb Hendee delivers in this book! She takes us again with Celine and Amelie, sister "seers" in Prince Anton's court, on another murder mystery adventure. The author must be a lot like her main character Celine because she writes with a very insightful and empathetic pen. Her characters and events come to life before your eyes while guiding your mind to all the important information! have that storytelling ability!

We travel with the sister-seers (both future and past) and Prince Anton to his evil brother's castle to help solve a murder plot. Prince Damek has requested his brother's help to solve this mystery so he might get on with his wedding to an important Land Barron's daughter. He fears the unexpected deaths of two of the visiting royal family won't exactly put him in a very good light with the "in-laws and he so desperately wants to be looked upon favorably by his father. Of course only Anton and Celine now understand how "broken" and evil he is. (But does his bride-to-be understand? or care?....Hmmmm) There seem to be more than one "broken" mind in this story and all will be revealed in the end.

In the previous "Mist-Torn Witches" books we see the sisters travel with Prince Anton's Lieutenant Jaromir. In this edition, Prince Anton takes it upon himself to escort the "seers" and be their protection during this investigation. We are shown another side of the mild mannered benevolent Prince. He shows strength, strategy and vulnerability in this episode and I now see more reason to cast him as one of the main characters. He is portrayed as more of a leading man than a background character. Whoop-whoop! Perhaps we are getting closer to finding romance for Celine and Prince Anton.

We also see a little more of Amelie's personality and skill evolve as she becomes more of a partner to her sister with her ability to see "past" events. Her independent, impudent personality is endearing and frustrating at the same time but then.....she is young and just coming into her realization that there might be more to life than just wielding a dagger and a sword.

I see this series as more of a paranormal mystery than paranormal love story and that is perfectly fine. I even went back and read the prologue to see if I could glean a little insight into the killer and Yep....there was a little help with who that said killer may or may not be. Barb Hendee has a knack for spinning a tale of mystery with a little romance thrown in for good measure that the reader gets a little of everything. She leaves you wanting more....more....more!! I hope that the next book is soon to come as I am now totally invested in these characters.

I give this book 4 1/2 "snoopy" sheep!

Jeanie G.

About the author:
Like most writers, I've worked at many jobs in my life, including teaching pre-school until I completed my master's degree in Composition Theory. Between 1993 and 2006, I taught college English while writing fiction on the side, some independently and some with my husband and life-long partner J.C.

Over the years, we've lived in Washington State, Idaho, Colorado, and now moved just south of Portland, Oregon. I love the Northwest, and it's a great place to write.

We have a lovely and talented daughter, Jaclyn, who lives in Houston, Texas along with our wonderful and talented son-in-law, Paul.

J.C. and I sold Dhampir in 2001, which changed our lives considerably. It was published in January 2003, and we've published a book in the Noble Dead Saga every year since. In May of 2006, we were both able to quit our teaching jobs and move into full time writing.

In 2008, I sold the idea for the Vampire Memories series to our editor, Susan Allison, at Roc Books. I am so glad our books have found an audience because I love to write fiction more than anything else in the world... and I'm not really good at anything else

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  1. Great review Jeanie, adding this series to my wishlist!