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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Interview: Llamageddon director Howie Dewin and editor Chet Steadman

Got a special treat for the flock today! We talk with two of the people behind Llamageddon. Here is the official trailer
(does have a naughty word in it)
Official Blurb: It's the best damn killer llama movie from outer space there is.
Directed by Howie Dewin
Written by Howie Dewin & Jacques M. Felin
Director of Photography - E. B. Buxxner
Film Editor - Chet Steadman
Original Score by Spxxkymvldxr

Mel - Pinki Brainweis
Floyd - Jacques M. Felin
Trent - Gooch Jesco III
Manda - Leona L. Dandee
Dan - Jon Selmy
Introducing Louie The Llama

Sharon: Hello Howie and Chet, welcome to the flock. We heard about your upcoming cinematic masterpiece when one of our flock members (waves to Dani Harper) posted the trailer in our FB group. The question that is on everyone’s mind…why llamas and not Alpacas?
Howie: We decided on llamas and Llamageddon for that matter because at the time we had access to a llama and not alpacas. That made it an easy decision but we are still holding strong to work with alpacas in the upcoming sequel Alpacalyspe!
*Sharon and Katie look at each other then back to Howie* 

Sharon: Seriously? Alpacalyspe…cause that's brilliant.
Howie: Yeah, seriously. IF llamageddon is succesful as we hope then you can expect to see Alpacalypse in the near future. And yes. The alpacas will have flying jet packs.
Sharon: sniff *wipes tear from eyes* I love you guys!

Sharon: Would you tell us a bit about the movie? What can we expect?
Howie: The film is about a killer llama from outer space who crash lands on Earth and begins reigning havoc on a group of unsuspecting college partiers. You can expect lots of death and destruction as well as nonstop laughs. We have a variety of Llama kills throughout the film, each more ridiculous than the last.
Chet: Expect complete insanity. The movie was a blast to make and hopefully it’s just as much fun to watch.
Sharon: Going for campy?
Chet: We’re going for fun, weird, over-the-top, and academy award winning all at the same time.
Howie: We are going for cult classic. This isn’t something you’ll easily forget.
Katie: What are llama’s like to work with onset? Do they act like divas?
Howie: Like most llamas Louie is a diva, he refused to even step one hoof on set without grain. Which naturally we obliged, once his needs were met he was as true a professional as Tom Hanks.

Sharon: What was your budget and how did you raise the money?
Howie: The budget was just under $3,000 which I received as a grant from a professor at my University. 
Sharon: Cool! What university? Are you a grad student?
Chet: Do to Howies extreme measures of reclusiveness he would rather not disclose that info. BUT he was in fact a grad student who managed to squeeze out every penny of that budget. We’ve got things in this film that no one expected us to pull off from explosions to helicopters and even animations. Things just kept coming together and escalating in the best/worst ways. It still surprises me what we were able to accomplish.
Katie: What was your biggest challenge as an editor/director in bringing killer llamas from outer space to the big screen
Howie: Every movie I make seems to have its own new set of problems as well as those that always occur (scheduling, budget, casting etc.) but with Llamageddon things just seemed to fall into place. Safety was the biggest issue, not only around Louie but during all of the explosion scenes (yes there are many). This was the first time I had used major practical effects in a film and blending them with visual effects was a challenge but it worked out great.
Chet: The biggest challenge editing was creating something obscure and completely out there in terms of content but also making it entertaining. We continue to laugh at it so I think we may have done something right.
Sharon: What was your biggest expense, other than your filming/editing equipment?
Howie: The largest expenses was in the Art Department, we built lots of props for Llamageddon. I don’t want to give away to many secrets but the fans will strongly appreciate the time, effort and money we put into the film
.Chet: Definitely Rum.
Sharon: Truth…is Louie a lush?
Howie: Lets just put it out there. Louie likes to have a good time. Not only does he follow in the footsteps of Jack Sparrow with his love for rum; he also like to puff the magic dragon.

Chet: There were many a nights when we couldn’t find half the crew because they were out late with louie getting crazy and hollerin at sheep.

*I Smell Sheep does not condone animals puffing the magic dragon, underage animal drinking or sheep hollerin. Drugs are bad llamas, Mkay.*
update: Unless you are a dragon...*glares at Jake, walks away mumbling about pain in the ass dragons*

Sharon: When your movie gets picked up by a major movie studio which major celebrities would you want to star in the movie?
Howie: This is a hard one, there are so many talented people out there that I truly enjoy watching and can only imagine how great it would be to work with them. If I have to throw a few names out there I would love to work with Bruce Campbell and Bill Murray. Both are extremely talented and wonderful people.
Chet: I could see Daniel Day Lewis in an unforgettable role in a killer llama movie. Jennifer Anniston would be fun to. She may be a little out of our echelon but then again she was in Leprechaun.
Sharon: Were there any injuries on set? I can imagine working around llamas that can shoot lasers out of their eyes can be dangerous.
Howie: Fortunately for us there were no injuries on set, how that happened I’m still amazed. Pinki and myself both fell down a six foot cliff at two different times and neither of us had as much as a scratch.
Chet - I don’t recall any injuries either. Just a lot of sleep deprivation.
Dan, Mel, Floyd
Katie: Do you guys have any other projects down the pipeline?
Howie: We are filmmakers, so we always have other projects down the pipeline, at the moment I am unable to talk about any of them because we are still hashing things out with producers. As soon as I know more you will be the first to know.
Chet: As Howie said, we do have more projects but unfortunately we aren’t able to talk about them.
Sharon: Can you say whether or not they include livestock? I hear sheep are great to work with…just saying…
Howie: It would be hard to top the film Black Sheep so I will be avoiding them for a while. I can say that our next project will be a crime drama with a significantly larger budget.
Chet: Stay tuned.
Sharon: Black Sheep was awesome, I understand your hesitation.
Louie, Floyd, Mel
Sharon: Where can folks expect to find Llamageddon
Howie: We will be submitting the film into dozens of film festivals across the country. As well as taking it to various conventions in the area like HorrorHound. Then the movie will be sold independently online, we are working to get it on amazon as well as a video on demand/streaming site.
Chet: Until someone buys the film we plan to distribute it ourselves the good ol fashioned way. With a DVD burner and a lot of hustle but I think that type of start for a film like this only adds to its goofy charm. I like the idea of someone trying to sell this film out of the back of their van along with some other bootlegs. Builds character.

Sharon: You know we review movies as well as books and comics here at I Smell Sheep. Keep us in mind when you send out screeners!
Howie: We’d be happy to send it to you as long as you promise to play the built in drinking game with a minimum of ten people.
Chet: Can I come?
Sharon: Wouldn't have it any other way!

Rapid Fire

Sharon: Llama spit in the eye or in the mouth?
Howie: Having been spit on just about everywhere by a llama I’m gonna have to say eye, there’s no getting that taste out of your mouth. It still haunts me.
Chet: Mouth
Sharon: Chet…you need to talk to Howie about that.
Chet - I’m so lonely…
Sharon: I honestly choked on my cereal (Lucky Charms) at this response. You are my new hero.

Katie: Kentucky fried or California rolled?
Howie: Kentucky Fried!
Chet: Fried every time

Sharon: What’s your favorite fried food?
Howie : KFC’s Double Down. I don’t know how the world has gotten by so long without chicken for buns.
Chet: Im a fan of those little baby calimaris. It makes me feel like a giant eating a whole baby animal at one time.

*I Smell Sheep does not condone the eating of baby squids. Hail Cthulhu*
Sharon: Coke or Pepsi?
Howie: Coke but only if there is nothing else, including water.
Chet: Coke… with rum
Katie: Sweet! *high fives Chet and Howie*
Sharon: *hugs her Pepsi bottle* Don’t worry, they don’t know what they’re saying…
Howie : Baja Blast or nothing!
Chet: I could go dr. pepper but that’s the closest I get to Pepsi.
Sharon: *twitch, twitch*

Katie: Cookie dough or brownie dough?
Howie: Cookie dough
Chet : Both at the same time!

Sharon: snow cone or ice cream cone?
Howie: Snow cone- I’ve even got my own snow cone maker.
Chet: Snow Cone
Sharon: favorite flavor?
Howie: Snappleson. Jameson and Snapple tea.
Chet: Purple

Katie: The Black Pearl or The Love Boat?
Howie: The Black Pearl
Chet: Black Pearl

Sharon: New York City or L.A.?
Howie: Los Angeles- The city of Llamas
Chet: Neither, big cities freak me out.

Katie: Secret handshake or secret winky-nod thing?
Howie: Secret handshake
Chet: Secret Winky nod thing

Katie: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I know you guys have a llama and orchestrating the end of the world to get back to! If people want to keep up to date on all things Llamageddon where can they go?

Howie: Stay tuned for updates on the and twitters. Be sure to subscribe to our pages to get sneak previews and updates periodically. We’re hoping to live tweet updates during re-shoots so fans can join the action and see the madness unfold. Thanks for showing interest in our flick and interviewing us. You gals are awesome

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  1. Loved the interview! Wishing Chet and Howie every success in their new cult classic. May there be many more!

    (PS - You DO know that Llamageddon and Alpacalypse are natural precursors to SHEEPNAROK, don't you?)