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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May The Year of the Sheep Giveaway!

Here we are again...time for more Year of the Sheep fun. Let's say Congratulations to our three April winners:
Prize Pack #1 Amy Livesay Hart
Prize Pack #2 Anne (acmo5)
Prize Pack #3 Viki S
Link to what they won

Time for the May Year of the Sheep giveaway
There are special entries for sheeples who go that extra mile to prove their love. You can sheepify a picture. If you are still confused about what or how to do this check out two of our followers ideas!
(Left) Sheeple Karene Smith mixed her poem with a picture
(Right) Sheeple and Fellow blogging buddy Stephanie Takes-Desbiens​ (

We had flock members write poems for the March giveaway:
Sheep peep,
do you hear the sheep peep,
sheep beep,
why do the sheep beep,
Sheep creep,
my sheep's a creep!

-Linda Romer

1. White and woolly
Lambs jumping in glee
I love to see it but
Prefer their meat for tea

2. Sheep are very woolly
Let’s shear them in the barn
I’ll crochet lots of blankets
Made from all that yarn

3. It’s the year of the sheep
And we celebrate in style
Because sheep are very useful
Plus they make us smile.
-ilona (ilona got industrious and wrote three!)

Special Thanks for May's giveaways!
Dawn Cavenee

Prize Pack #1 (US only)
*Jodi Vaughn donated both of her Rise of the Arkansas Werewolves books: By the Light of the Moon and Blood Lust Moon and a t-shirt. The logo is in red so it has a really cool look to it.
*I'll throw in some sheep and author swag
* Wolf Born-Linda Thomas-Sundstrom (print or ecopy)
*I Smell Sheep t-shirt donated by Dawn Cavenee

Prize Pack #2 (US only)
Books! Plus I'll throw in some sheep/author swag

Prize Pack #3 (US/International)
Sheep stuff!
*Author Linda Poitevin crocheted this adorable Baaath scrubby sheep. There is an opening in the back to insert a bar of soap!
*postcards, magnet, sheep poop bookmark, keychain light, I Smell Sheep ornament, candy, Kool-Aid, moon pie, beautiful Canadian Year of the Sheep stamp.
To enter:
1. fill out the rafflecopter
2. If you already made a sheep picture you can grab those entries again in the rafflecopter. If you want to make a sheep picture mail it to and then you can get those entries from here on out too!
3. Sheepify a game title! Ex. Sheepopoly and tell us your favorite board/card game.

THERE ARE TWO RAFFLEDUDES! Pay attention to what you enter. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Phase 10 sheep. LOL... not good, but all I could think of ;) thanks for sharing!

  2. Final Sheep, Mortal Sheep, R3sident Sheep... :3

  3. Eweno , I like card games a lot including Uno :)

  4. Cull Ewe - Old Maid
    Gin Rummy is my favorite game because I always played it with my grandmother.

  5. The Great Ram (or The Great Dalmuti card game

  6. My favourite board game is Scrabble but someone has beaten me to sheepifying it :(

    My favourite card game is actually Solitaire, not easy to sheepify that one.

    So my sheepify game is Survive: The Giant Sheep Expansion. (Survive: The Giant Squid Expansion given to my son for his birthday was the inspiration)

  7. I won April so I'm just going to Tweet this daily :).

    1. Thanks! I went to the post office today so keep an eye out :)

  8. Sheep Against Humaaaaaanity!

    My fave card game is (shocker) Cards Against Humanity!

  9. Sheepopoly. My favorite game is Monopoly.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Miles to go before I SHEEP
    Sheep Yahtzee

  12. Lord of the Sheep!

    Game? Dungeons & Sheep... or Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahtzee!

  13. Game huh? Go Sheep, or Crazy Sheep (Yeah so all I know is Go Fish and Crazy Eights lol) Fave board game? Monopoly
    Ashley A

  14. Guess Sheep, Battle of The Sheep, Sheep-O, Pac Sheep

  15. Oh, and fav card game is skip-bo, and rummy

  16. And my favorite card game is Solitaire! :)

  17. Sheepland (as opposed to Candyland)

  18. My favorite board game was Uncle Wiggily

  19. BattleSheep. Tagline: Ewe sank my BattleSheep.
    My favorite game is Uno.

  20. A Discovery of Sheep by Deborah Harkness
    Scraaaaable is my favorite board game.


  22. I have been playing a lot of Yahtzee

  23. My favorite game is Kismet, so either ewemet or sheepmet!

  24. Battlesheep =D
    Ewe Potter and the Half Blood Sheep LOL

  25. Guess the sheep? (Guess who has always been my favorite!)

    Carolina M on rafflecopter

  26. Sheeperation (Operation)
    Sheeps & Ladders
    My favorite game is Kismet

  27. Duck, Duck, Sheep!

    Favorite card game would be Euchre ;)

  28. Favorite card game - 40 Sheep (aka 40 Cents), favorite board (and card!) game - Sheep Racing (aka Horse Racing)