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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Review: Dream Casters Light (Dream Casters Series Book 1) by Adrienne Woods

Dream Casters Light (Dream Casters Series Book 1)
by Adrienne Woods
Fire Quill Publishers
May 25, 2015
Pages: 430
Mr. Sandman, send me a dream, ta da da da.....Seventeen year old Chastity Blake knows the Sandman is just a silly children's story parents tell their children to get them to sleep. At least she thought it was, until the day a mysterious, light golden sand appeared in her hands during a high school prank that went horribly wrong. A sand that has the power to send anyone it touches into a deep, sound sleep.

Fearing she had lost her mind, Chastity soon discovers the shocking truth of her heritage- she is a Dream Caster. Chastity was never supposed to be raised on the Domain, or what humans call Earth and she is forced to return to her true birth place, Revera – the world of Dreams.
However, in Revera there is no balance between good, the Light Casters, and darkness, the Shadow Casters, and Chastity is caught square in the middle. She soon learns that there is no place for anyone containing both the light and the darkness within them, and the shocking truth that if anyone in Revera ever discovered her shadow self, Chastity would be thrown into the Oblivion – the world of Nightmares.

Dreams are always more than they seem, and this time Chastity is going to discover just how different they can be.

Adrienne Woods has a few series out there and has her own publishing company as well. This was my first read by this South African author and I’m excited to say that I can’t wait until the next book in this series comes out.

Chasity is a typical teenager with friend problems and a step dad that hates her. She’d love to change how things are going for her but knows that you don’t always get what you want, right? One day on her way home from ballet class she had enough and fought back against her friends that were bullying her. Instantly she knows something isn’t quite right. Gold sand is coming out of her hands and everyone is falling asleep? How can that be?

This new series puts a new light on the dream world. It gives a picture on how good dreams and nightmares are created and that earth isn’t the only realm out there. Very imaginative story line and characters which made this such a quick and easy read even at 430 pages!

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
I reside in South Africa, East side of Johannesburg with my husband Heinrich and two beautiful little girls, Maddison and Jamie-Leigh. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I'm living the dream, being able to write every day while my babies are at school. My stories are plenty and it grows on a yearly basis so where I see myself in 10 years. An author with a lot of novels for readers like you.

I've recently started with my own Publishing company called Fire Quill Publishing here in South Africa. Authors do make the best publishers as they know what each and every author goes through, how they feel about the work and we do take it very seriously when trying to get you out there. We have an amazing team working at FQP and it grows, just like my novels, on a monthly basis.

So my life is filled with the things and people I love, and my advice to you is live your dream as any other life will be a life wasted.

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