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Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Fall Television Shows 2015

This fall is looking good. Add to these all the returning shows and I won't have time to do anything else!

This link will take you to a calendar of all fall shows:

The Bastard Executioner
(Tuesdays starting September 15th on FX)
The Bastard Executioner is supposed to be a medieval epic that deals with politics, divine intervention, secret identities, and — naturally — an executioner.

Minority Report
(Mondays starting September 21st on Fox)
Fox's Minority Report is a procedural crime drama that takes place years after the film wraps up. The show will follow a detective who teams up with a precog who still has the ability to see crimes before they occur. It's basically a typical crime series with a sci-fi twist. 

Scream Queens
(Tuesdays starting September 22nd on Fox)
Season one of Scream Queens is about a sorority that comes under attack from a masked murderer who seems to be interested in knocking all of them off. But it's an anthology show, so if this season plays well, it'll come back next year with all new characters, True Detective style.
(Tuesdays starting September 22nd on CBS)
Limitless is a crime drama and also going to be dealing with an overarching story that seems to involve government conspiracies and maybe a mob or shadow corporation or some sort of evil entity all revolving around these genius pills.

Heroes Reborn

(Thursdays starting September 24th on NBC)
A return to Tim Kring's world in which people wake up one day to discover they have superpowers (and are now on the run after being blamed by the government for a terrorist attack). New people are developing powers, while a number of heroes from the original series are returning including space-time manipulator Hiro Nakamura and mind-reader Matt Parkman.

(Mondays starting October 26th on CBS)

Marvel's Jessica Jones
(Friday, November 20th on Netflix)
Daredevil, Netflix's first series in the Marvel universe, was a surprisingly well-crafted (and exceptionally blood-splattered) take on the blind vigilante. Jessica Jones is the follow-up series and follows the titular character (played by Krysten Ritter) as she transitions from superhero to private investigator.

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