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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Interview: Comicbook Writer/Artist Mat Heagerty + giveaway

Sharon: Welcome to I Smell Sheep. It’s kind of obvious why I was curious about your comic book Just Another Sheep. So I wanted to ask a little about it. But most importantly we want to know what happened to the other “t” in your name? Mat?
Mat: Hehe, I dropped the extra “t” in early high school an attempt to set myself apart from the sea of other dudes named Matt, I guess. I just stuck with it.
Sharon: Poor T... Do you two keep in touch or did you make a clean break?
Mat: He still hangs out with my full name Matthew.

Sharon: What is the premise of Just Another Sheep? (how many issues will there be) And what were you trying to achieve in the issue #1?
Mat: Just Another Sheep is the story of Banning, a timid teen with some strange abilities, learning to think for himself in the late 60’s. It’s a 5 issue miniseries. In issue #1 I tried to introduce the key players and set up a really fun story.

Sharon: Why is the series called Just Another Sheep?
Mat: Banning our lead is a total follower. He’s so eager to fit in and be “normal” that he’ll listen to pretty much whoever has the loudest voice.

Sharon: Why is it set in the 60’s?
Mat: Now I certainly wasn’t alive during the 60’S, but as I see it, back then everyone and their mom was protesting or championing some cause. It seemed like a fun place to put an impressionable teenager. Also, I just love 60’s music and the visuals that come along with the era.

Sharon: When Banning ends up on a college campus, where he meets a group of students who are planning to attend a protest, he thinks: “Flapping around like a fish out of water, I was born in the wrong time.” why does Banning feel this way and what time does he think he belongs in?
Mat: Banning’s a loner bookworm obsessed with Beat poets. That movement ended in the early 50’s. Banning doesn’t know much about his father, but his mom told him when he was young his dad was a Beat. That’s something he’s really held onto.
Sharon: Oh, bookworm…*looks out at the flock and nods* We like bookworms, hopefully by the end of the series he’ll be more of a book lion!
Mat: He certainly grows a spine!

Sharon: Banning has a unique superpower of making others feel what he has felt before. In issue #1 he makes them feel some pretty bad stuff…can he make them feel good things too?
Mat: Yes, he can make people experience pleasure too! As long as he’s experienced it prior. And Banning is pretty darn inexperienced when we first meet him.
Sharon: *looks at the flock* Oh, we’re okay with that too. We have a dungeon… *coke can hits Sharon in the head* OUCH!
Katie: Don’t you dare finish that sentence! *whispers to Sharon* What is Mat going to think? He’ll never let Banning come visit *wink wink*
Sharon: Moving on Mat!

Sharon: You are a new dad! I saw the beautiful pic on your tumblr page. What important lesson have you learned since being a dad?
Mat: Thank you very much, I agree Ollie Right Heagerty is the most beautiful dudette of all time! Lessons? I’m not sure. But I am pretty sure that how much love I have for Ollie and my wife Blair is probably the meaning of life. Or at very least the meaning of my life.
Sharon: Lucky little girl ☺ make sure she’s a nerd because that’s cool.
Mat: It’s inevitable with my wife and I’s love of the geeky that some will rub off on her!

Sharon: Give a shout out to the artist of Just Another Sheep. How did you two end up working together?
Mat: JD Faith is a comic book treasure! Somehow his pages just kept getting better and better and better as the book progressed. He currently has a graphic novel he drew called Virgil coming out from Image real soon. He’s going to be a big name in comics for a long while. Seriously go add him on twitter @JDfaithcomics, follow him on tumblr
Sharon: OMG! He’s going to draw a comic called Junkyard Lambs!
Mat: I see a theme here...

Sharon: Banning has that whole nerdy sexy thing going on…what would a first date be like with him and does he kiss on the first date?
Mat: A first date with Banning would be so awkward, just painfully awkward. Does he kiss on the first date? If he wasn’t crippled by fear he would.

Sharon: Favorite cartoon as a kid? Now?
Mat: There are a ton, both as a kid and now, but if I had to say favorites as a kid it’d be Batman: The Animated Series, and X-Men. Nowadays I really like Regular Show, and Rick and Morty.

Rapid Fire:

Sharon: Coke or Pepsi?
Mat: Soda water?
Sharon: No can do with that answer. We have a friendly competition going on here and you have to choose…which can do you think is better?
Mat: Hehe, Well, Coke has won the soda wars I’m pretty sure.

Sharon: Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Captain James T Kirk?
Mat: Captain Mal!
Sharon: *high fives Mat* 10 coolness points for you!

Sharon: stub toe or poke eye?
Mat: Stub toe, of course.

Sharon: football or futbol?
Mat: Baseball.
Sharon: Who’s your team? We’re Braves in our house.
Mat: I grew up a Red Sox fan in Massachusetts, but now that I’ve lived in the bay area for so long I’m Giants all the way.

Sharon: Team Bucky or Team Satchel? 
Mat: I actually had to Google this. But without knowing “Get Fuzzy”, I’m going with Satchel. It’s more fun to say.
Sharon: You don’t know Get Fuzzy? *takes coolness points away*
Mat: Hehe, I think it launched too late for me and comic strips. I was more the Calvin Hobbes era.

Sharon: Alien or Predator? 
Mat: Alien.

Writer: Mat Heagerty
Artist Name: JD Faith
Colorist: Jon Cairns
Cover Artist: JD Faith
Variant Cover by: JD Faith
32 pgs./ Teen

In 1969 a timid teen sets out on a road trip. His goal? Find out the origins of his bizarre super human abilities. Always the follower, his trip is derailed when he befriends a group of extremist war protesters. Variant cover by series artist JD Faith (Virgil) limited to 1,500 copies!

About the Author:

Mat Heagerty is a Bay Area comic book writer (bartender), rad dad, happy husband, and all around chipper dude. He is the writer of Just Another Sheep (Action Lab Entertainment), and my god there’s a whole lot more brewing under the surface. He’s not made for the digital age, yet here he is.

That sounds great let’s do a twitter based one! We can make it 3 ecopies of #1 to 3 people.

Bonus free comic

Wrinkled is a supernatural mystery one shot. It’s about a rookie cop solving a murder mystery with the help of his grandpa’s Alzheimer’s induced visions.
Written by Mat Heagerty 
Art by Will Tempest
You can download a free PFD of Wrinkled
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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