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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Comic Review: CYKO KO! #1 of 3 from Alterna Comics

CYKO KO! #1 of 3
(W/A) Rob Feldman
(L) Peter Simeti, Rob Feldman
Releasing July 25th, 2018
Genre: Superhero/Humor
$1.50, 32 pgs, Full Color, Newsprint Interior
Alterna Comics
SuperEarth's greatest hero is here! Cyko KO is the fourth-wall breakin', pinball-addicted, motorcycle-ridin' hero you've been waiting for! When Cuda Cano (Cyko's oldest rival) challenges Cyko to a "friendly" surf off, he just can't resist. But with a remote control giant squid at his disposal, Cuda's playing for keeps!

Like Saturday Morning in the 70’s

Surf’s up! I want to catch some killer waves! I have a need to hang out with the Surf City Surf King!
No, not that guy! Be serious! Who’d want to hang out with him! I said the Surf City Surf King!

Yeah! That’s the guy! Surfs up, Big Kahuna! This guy can surf like it’s nobody’s business! Of course, I’m talking about CYKO KO. Who else? This guy’s the Surf City Surf King, all around pinball playing champion, and the Super Earth Battle Defender! That’s right True Believer! I just read CYKO KO #1 in a three-issue mini-series! (What? Somebody had to do it!)
CYKO KO can be very fun to read, but one must approach the comic with the right frame of mind. In preparation for this comic, I suggest pajamas and a big bowl of sugar cereal, preferably the kind with marshmallows and a toy surprise. Throw away ideas of super powered entities locked in an epic battle with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance. This is not that kind of comic! Who needs that kind intensity? Give me something light and fun!

In this first installment of a three-part saga, CYKO is on vacation and is looking forward to the big Surf Off in Surf City. However, the dastardly Cuda Cano has taken over the Surf City Surf Off champion title since CYKO has been away. He’s not planning to give up the title anytime soon and he’s willing to take extreme and dishonest measures to keep it! Things get a little dangerous as crazy hijinks ensue! It’s great fun, but maybe not for every young comic reading whipper snapper.

So, who is the target audience? The comic looks and reads like a Saturday morning cartoon from the 1970s. It’s an extremely goofy story with the Saturday morning cartoon feel. The drawing style, the episodic plot, even the gags and pop culture references keep the time jump consistent. As a fifty-year-old nerd boy, I felt right at home. Thanks, Alterna Comics, for a fun comic geared for my generation!
“Grandpa, what’s the Fonz?”

“Well, Kiddo, it’s hard to explain. Those were Happy Days though…”

This goofy fun with the nostalgic feel gets three “Scooby Sheep” from me!

Jonathan Harvey
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