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Monday, July 9, 2018

Emerald City Comic Con pics!

At the beginning of the year Katie and I (Sharon) went to ECCC. This was my first time in Seattle. What a wonderful city! We had a great time at the con too. I could only find these pics, but I know I have a ton more... Here is a quick photo tour of some of our weekend.

We saw the fish throwing men at the fish market. I have a video somewhere...
There are a lot of me in my cosplay. Kate preferred to stay behind the camera so... I am Lady Killer from the Dark Horse comic. I met all the Disney princesses and they said I could be one too!
 We met both Thors and RossPool.
Claire and Jamie where there! So much detail went into these cosplays.
It isn't a con without Batman. This is Batman of Seattle. He has a FB page I think. And this guy nailed Tony Stark. 
 More awesome cosplay. And a gender-bender Pennywise!
 There was another Lady Killer and we finally met. We both went over to the Dark Hose booth and had pictures made.

 The Funko booth was very popular.
Here are the top three winners from the costume contest. You can't see the detail in my horrible picture but OMG!
 We had fun, and yes, Katie's face did freeze like that. I told her to stop...
 Met Jim Butcher
  We spent an evening at the waterfront. Ate seafood. This is our rickshaw driver Ravi. We called him whenever we wanted a ride...he was so much fun.
If there is a carousel you are obligated to take a pic in front of it.

I am missing over half of my pics...lots with Baaart...if I find them I'll share. If I can't then I will cry cause there were so many cool things.
If you ever get a chance to go to a comic con, go!


  1. Listen, my face just makes that every time the camera is pointed my way! :P

  2. Glad you both enjoyed your time there. I guess you didn't make the Museum of Pop Culture: