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Friday, April 19, 2019

Excerpt: Staking Cinderella by Kate Morgan + giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Staking Cinderella blog tour! Today I have an exclusive excerpt for you, and a chance to win one of two digital copies of this very vampy book!

Staking Cinderella
by Kate Morgan
April 18th, 2019

Genre: Horror/ Vampire Romance
Gavin’s got a serious problem. A “praise Jee-sus” rich bitch caught him fanging—and banging—his Halloween date. Now she’s playing Holy Vampire Killer, and it’s ticking him off.

Since then, Gavin’s found someone better to occupy his mind and heart. Isolde—in bed, on the couch, in the shower. She has a thing for Disney princesses, but he’s willing to overlook it. Women like her only come around once or twice in five hundred years. He knows.

Then the Jesus-freak kidnaps Isolde to bait a deathtrap for Gavin. Abandoning Isolde is unthinkable, but rescuing her could mean death for both of them.

*Author describes this as a “steamy vampire mystery/ horror” Sounds good to me!


A quintessential cowboy parked his truck in the packed community college main lot. The complete Scooby-Doo Gang walked past on his left, the Bob’s Burgers cast on his right. He knew he should’ve eaten before coming to this Halloween party. Never go grocery shopping hungry. He was old enough to know better. A sexy nun and a sexier nurse followed the Scooby Gang. So much exposed neck. He closed his eyes and marshaled his forces. Half an hour to accomplish his objective and he could escape home and feed. Gavin Donne, historian, costume designer and drama instructor, exited and locked his truck. At the gym entrance he took a deep breath of night air and choked on cigarette smoke. “Fancy-boy actor’s lungs can’t take it.” Male laughter. “Don’t be an ass, Cal.” A pudgy girl patted Gavin’s back. “You okay, Mr. Donne?” Gavin spat into the barberry bushes lining the sidewalk. “Yes, thank you, Stella. I see your brother is still trying to prove his manhood."

About the Author:

Baker of brownies and tormenter of characters, Kate Morgan celebrates the day she jumped the wall with as much enthusiasm as her birthday. She grew up watching Hammer horror films and Scooby-Doo mysteries, which explains a whole lot. When she takes a break from inspiring nightmares, she writes ex-nun PI mysteries under her real name, Alice Loweecey. In her spare time she can be found growing vegetables in her garden and water lilies in her koi pond.

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    1. lol! Thanks. Every year we have someone make a banner for our birthday month :)