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Monday, August 12, 2019

Book Review: Be Our Ghost Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney By the Frightening Floyds (Jacob and Jenny Floyd

Be Our Ghost
By the Frightening Floyds (Jacob and Jenny Floyd)
June 3, 2019
Publisher: Anubis Press
138 pages
ISBN: 9781733548243
The Frightening Floyds invite you to be our ghost as we take you on a tour of the happiest haunted place on Earth! In this book, you will read about much of the alleged paranormal activity as well as urban legends spanning the various Disney theme parks around the world. From the haunted dolls of It’s a Small World to the real ghosts of the Haunted Mansion, there are many spirits here to greet you. And make sure to say “Good morning” to George at Pirates of the Caribbean. Enjoy the spooky and fascinating tales in Be Our Ghost! And don’t worry, there are no hitchhiking ghosts ahead…or are there?

Jenny and Jacob Floyd love Disney and they enjoy ghost stories, and it shows in this book. Besides photos of them at Disney World over the years, they learned of ghost stories and legends connected to the parks from online, books, and through employees working there. 

I knew of Disney haunting the apartment over the fire department at Disneyland since that was the first park I went to at one-year-old. Then Disneyland opened and I went many other times as a pre teen and teenager and as an adult, until the last time with my husband. One thing didn’t know was the one about the feral cats there. Somehow, I never saw any of the cats, although my husband said he has. So, I learned something new. Plus many of the stories were interesting too. I won’t go on, but let readers buy the book and discover for themselves.

If you love Disney, visiting the parks, and enjoy true ghost stories and legends, this book is the one for you. The Floyds show their love for Disney and don’t say the stories they learned are true or not, as they hadn’t had experiences, but they don’t put the tales down either. Before you head on that Disney vacation, maybe you should pack this book and keep an eye out while on the rides, because maybe that quiet gentleman behind you in line might be something otherworldly.

I give Be Our Ghost 4 ghostly sheep.

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Authors:
Jacob and Jenny Floyd (also known as The Frightening Floyds) are paranormal authors, ghost hunters, and tour operators from Louisville, Kentucky. Jenny is a sensitive and an empath that has been around the paranormal for years. Jacob Floyd has been a writer and paranormal enthusiast for years and enjoys all things creepy and macabre. They recently began two tours in Kentucky—the Shepherdsville History and Haunts Tour and the NuLu History and Haunts Tour—and have been a part of numerous ghost hunts in graveyards, hotels, and other various buildings. They live in a home surrounded by pets and one possible ghost.

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