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Thursday, August 29, 2019

New Movie Releases for September 2019

Gotta see IT! Not sure if I'll see Rambo...but I've seen the others. There just isn't much I want to see this month. The Bruce Willis movie looks good, but it might go straight to streaming so I'll catch it there.
What about you?

Sept 6

Sept 13

Limited releases

Sept 20

Limited releases

Sept 27

Limited release


  1. I've only seen snippets of the previous Rambo films, but the trailer for this one makes me want to give this one a go. Variety just had a review for Ad Astra, wasn't glowing. Only family member not to watch Downton Abbey on PBS, but I'm sure I'll be dragged along to watch the movie which sounds like it will stand alone just fine. I'm not too enthusiastic about most of them other than IT since I recently saw IT Chapter One.

    1. I don't watch Downton Abby either and there is no one to drag me to it . Ad Astra just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I do more Netflix/on-demsnd this month.