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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Movie Review: Ian's Realm (Short film)

Ian's Realm
Director: Chris Love
Writer: Dianne Gardner (screenwriter)
15 minute short (Proof of Concept)
Based on the Ian's Realm Saga books by D.L. Gardner
Cast: Robert Miano, Jeff Stillwell, John Henry Whitaker, Bruce Weech, Manny Colin, Kandace Caine, Luke Carlson, Timothy Morgan, and Maddy McNelis.

Genres: Short | Adventure | Fantasy | History
When an unsuspecting teenager from Seattle and his father discover that they tapped into a portal to another world on their computer, the two venture in. A pristine countryside lures them further away from the portal but calamity strikes while exploring an eerie mountain. Their horses are stolen, and Ian's father vanishes. At the same time, Ian is attacked, taken to a small village by the sea, and made a slave by dragon worshipers. His desire to escape the cult escalates when he realizes his father is lost in the dragon's lair. But a young boy wielding a magic dagger, and a fiery dragon prohibit him from fleeing.
Best Adapted Screenplay. Los Angeles International Film festival Indie Short Fest.

Dianne Gardner is the author of the award-winning Ian's Realm Saga. There are currently 6 volumes in the series. The short film is based on the first three. I haven't read the young adult series, but it has dragons!

I got a chance to watch the short film based on the first three Ian's Realm books. The creators have entered 58 film festivals. You can check their website (and sign up for the newsletter) for screening dates and places.

Ian's Realm is a short concept film consisting of a series of scenes from the book. The core of the story is about the relationship between a teenage boy and his father. There are dragons in the book but none in the short film. I'm guessing they couldn't strike a deal with a dragon--they can be such divas--and a CGI dragon would have blown their whole budget.

I was impressed with the quality of the production. Especially the visuals. Based on what I saw, this would make a fun action and adventure movie.

If there are any film festivals coming to your area, check to see if Ian's Realm is playing.

It's hard to give a rating to a concept film. But this is a movie I would like to see made!


About the Writer:
Ian's Realm Saga is adapted from the novel, the first three books in a young adult fantasy series by D.L. Gardner. Diane has written the feature film. She won a trophy for her pilot Cassandra's Castle, won Best Screenplay at the European Cinematography Awards and L.A. Edge Film Festival and came in as a finalist in New York Cinematography Awards for her screenplay Dylan. She also won Best Adapted Screenplay for Ian's Realm Saga Concept film at the Los Angeles International Film Festival Indie Short Fest.

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