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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Book Review: Skye of the Damned by Tamsin Silver

Skye of the Damned 
by Tamsin Silver
March 11, 2019
Pages: 214 

Based on the web series by Tamsin L. Silver —Skye MacKenna has been on the run most of her life. Different names. Different cities. Now she will face those who have hunted her by taking the battle to them, back to where it all began — New York City. Currently it is run by the Vampires, with the FAE nipping at their heels for control. Once on the inside of the political upheaval, can Skye discover who killed her family before they find and eliminate her? Explore more about the characters and see episodes of the Skye of the Damned Web Series by visiting

Skye MacKenna has lived in lots of places under lots of different names for reasons she hasn’t always understood. Skye wants to know who killed her family so against the advice of others she heads to New York to see what she can find out, but much to everyone’s dismay death and trouble seemed to be surrounding Skye and harming those around her.

I haven’t watched the web series that this book is based on so I can’t attest to whether it followed the series or made major changes, but the story was a good one. FAE isn’t your typical fae but stands for Fallen Angel Errant which my mind had trouble switching it over a time or two, but this was really the only downfall of the story for me. It had all the elements I look for in a good book; mystery, intrigue, unanswered questions and a touch of romance.

Links to the web series:

Getting 4 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Tamsin L. Silver is a writer of Urban Fantasy, YA Urban Fantasy, and Historical Fantasy. Originally from Michigan, Tamsin has lived in New York City for the past fourteen years, which technically makes her a New Yorker, or so she’s been told. She holds a BA in Theatre and Secondary Education (with a minor in Creative Writing and Shakespeare) from Winthrop University in South Carolina and has taught both middle and high school drama.

Like a lot of New Yorker artists...Tamsin has a day job, pays too much for rent, spends a lot of time on the train, has a gym membership, walks everwhere, and has pets as well as roommates (and roommates with pets!). She loves dogs, music, swimming, relaxing with a book or watching TV, has an addiction to Vitamin Water Zero (Orange), and loves to travel to New Mexico whenever she can.

You can find her on all the usual social media platforms if you wish to follow her (see buttons at bottom of page). But mostly you'll find her on Facebook.

For what she is working on and what is coming out next, see the next few pages!

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