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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Book Review: The Hidden (Shadowed Wings Book 1) by Ivy Asher

The Hidden (Shadowed Wings Book 1)
by Ivy Asher
September 1, 2019
222 pages
I am a latent wolf shifter.

Or so I thought.

Then life as I knew it changed in a flash—or more accurately, an electrocution.

I’ve woken up in a strange place, surrounded by strange people who hate me. They’re in the middle of a war, and I look like I belong on the wrong side of it.

If that’s not enough to qualify as a really bad day, I now have wings and a strange animal to figure out, because it turns out that there’s not a damn latent thing about me.

If I want to live, I have to prove that I’m not the spy I’m accused of being. Then I need to figure out how the fuck to get back home before all hell breaks loose. Too bad my animal has zero interest in working with me unless it has to do with the two hot assholes that lead this rebel group.

I’m on my own, in a place I’ve never even heard of, with threats I don’t know how to defeat. And lucky me, I might as well have a rotisserie chicken living inside of me for all the help my newly discovered gryphon is.

Perfect. Just fucking perfect.

Hmmm, mixed feelings on this book. It has taken me quite a few days to finish and for the most part it’s because I didn’t feel compelled to hurry back to the story. Not the worst plot but nothing too new or original. Oh yeah, you had better not be offended by foul language and strong sexual content because I really think that is the author’s main theme. I don’t know if this is normal for the author since I have not read any of her works.

A latent wolf shifter is propelled into a whole other universe and finds out that she’s NOT a wolf shifter but a gryphon shifter. A “high born” one at that.

Her alter ego (the gryphon) is also a closet nymphomaniac (or a least that was my takeaway) and she is being held in this new world by 2 really hunky gryphon shifters! May not make for many bad days for her new persona.

Honestly, I can’t tell you any other parts of the story because they weren’t developed and were apparently not memorable to me. And I JUST finished the book! I am not a prude but I like a little substance with my stories unless it is an X-rated read from the get go....know what I mean?

This is book 1, it’s hard to imagine what will follow but I doubt that I will be motivated to find out.

Getting 2.5 “little pigeons”

Jeanie G

About the Author:
Ivy Asher is addicted to chai, swearing, and laughing a lot (but not in a creepy, laughing alone kind of way). She loves the snow, books, and her family of two humans, and three fur-babies. She has worlds and characters just floating around in her head, and she's lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing people who support that kind of crazy.

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