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Monday, October 7, 2019

Book Review: Primal Instinct (Prowlers #1) by Ally Parker

Primal Instinct (Prowlers #1)
by Ally Parker
September 16th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Freedom has been a pleasure denied to Mackenzie for the last five years. Forced to do the bidding of a crazed man to keep both her sister and her self alive, she is sent on a mission to infiltrate a group of people. Payment; their release. The only problem, no one mentioned they weren’t human. Or, that she would be drawn to a certain sexy, addictive male.

Which will she decide, her heart? Or her freedom?

In a world filled with despair, Jaxx’s only chance to save his humanity is tethered to a woman he hasn’t met. Finding her in an underground facility with his kidnapped protégé, was the last place he thought to find his savior. In a web of corruption, he will have to find the truth and convince his mate, she is his.

Before it’s too late.

Beta shifter Jaxx is running out of time. The sexy wolf shifter must find his fated mate before the clock runs out and his transformation to crazed rogue takes place. Mackenzie is also running out of time. Her sister, Ava, is hostage to a demented doctor. To secure her sister’s release, and end her tenure of servitude, Mackenzie is sent to monitor a mysterious group. Mackenzie, wholly human, is shocked to be thrust into a world of paranormal creatures and mortal danger. Amidst the chaos, Jaxx sets his sights on Mackenzie, convinced she’s his fated one. Mackenzie’s objective, however, is simply survival.

Primal Instinct is the premier installment in Ally Parker’s new shifter series Prowlers. It was an entertaining read with many trademarks of the genre. The shifter pack is populated with a cast of intriguing characters waiting to be explored in future stories. The plot is action packed and engaging. The romantic elements of the story were well-crafted and deliciously sensual. While there’s nothing overly unique here, the storytelling is well-executed. Fans of paranormal romance won’t be disappointed.

I look forward to future installments in the Prowlers series.
Four Sheep 

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
Paranormal romance author, Ally Parker brings you dark, dangerous, and deadly tortured heroes and the women strong enough to save them. Her action-packed writing will keep you turning the page until the very end.

When not writing her heart pumping paranormal romance, Ally is a nurse by day and a mother twenty-four seven. If she’s not working on her next book, you’ll find her practicing archery (in case of a zombie apocalypse), chasing her kids or storms to capture amazing lightning shots. In her downtime, she normally is reading a vampire or shifter book, hanging out with her family or feeding her social media addiction.

Smoldering hot shifters – Gotcha covered.
Tortured heroes – Gotcha covered.
More attraction you can poke a stick at – Gotcha covered.
Happily ever after – Guaranteed!


  1. Thank you for having me, it's been a blast :)

  2. That guy on the cover looks so intense it is frightening in a way LOL great cover and excerpt really got me excited to read.